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  1. Beyonnaise

    Heaven & Hell vs. Smile

    Two pure pop albums released over the past month. Both had lead singles that peaked on the charts in 2019. Which is superior, and why?
  2. Scotland

    Ariana vs. GaGa: Bigger Overall Talent

    Ariana Grande is known as the Millennial Mariah for her vocal talent, and she's also exhibited acting talent in her youth. Lady has exhibited great song-writing skills which won her an Oscar, and she's also dabbled in acting.
  3. SelenaTheWinner

    Selena Gomez & The Scene's Best single?

    Which SG&TS single/promo single/soundtrack do you like the best? And do you prefer Selena's Disney music or her current solo material?
  4. SelenaTheWinner

    It Aint Me vs. Wolves

    2 of Selena Gomez's biggest smashes... which one is better in the end?
  5. naval23

    Poll: Anti vs. Rated R

    Both are regarded as two of Rihanna's most critically acclaimed albums. But which one do you prefer?
  6. 2 huge eras from 2001,sold about the same, Breakthrough eras from 2 of the biggest Pop icons ever. Pretty difficult for me. Album sales are about the same ( 12M ). WW was bigger than any Missundaztood singles but the latter had 4 consecutive hits whereas Laundry Service singles after WW had lukewarm reception. Which one was bigger according to ATRL?
  7. Both singles incorporated “R&B” elements, which one of these releases is the better single? Ariana Grande - positions Or Justin Bieber - Yummy Which one is the better single?
  8. Scotland

    Enya vs. Beyoncé: Bigger Career

    Which legend has had the bigger career? @iC0NIC
  9. biblicalmonster

    More popular in 2020: Dirrty vs I'm a Slave 4 U

    Which controversial single is more popular in 2020? Here are some stats. Spotify Dirrty - 120,342,329 I'm a Slave 4 U - 83,292,366 YouTube I'm a Slave 4 U - 132,672,432 Dirrty - 126,635,254
  10. Mystic Boy

    Bigger Era : Funhouse VS Circus

    Both released around the same time ,both solidified their status as Pop Icons. Which era did better?
  11. Armani👑

    Best Neyo top 10 hit?

    Which song that reached top 10 on Hot 100 is Neyo's best?
  12. Who is more relevant and more known to the younger generation?
  13. Which is the superior trio of Nelly hits? Nelly F's hits bigger in the USA 1. Promiscuous - #1 2. I'm Like a Bird - #9 3. Turn Off the Light - #5 Nelly F's hits bigger in Europe 1. Maneater (9th biggest European song of 2009) 2. Say It Right (4th biggest European song of 2007) 3. All Good Things Come to an End (2nd biggest European song of 2007)
  14. Both albums have 1-2-3-4-5 punches Chromatica has Rain on Me - Free Woman - Fun Tonight - Chromatica II - 911 folklore has exile - my tears ricochet - mirrorball - seven - august Which album has better 1-2-3-4-5 punch? and please keep it Cute
  15. Which acoustic, folk-y "lead" single is better?
  16. Prisoner

    folklore vs Head Above Water

    Two albums with similar aesthetics and both of which peaked at #8 and #3 on the Japan hot albums charts respectively. Which do you prefer?
  17. naval23

    Poll: Tik Tok vs. I Kissed a Girl

    Both were massive debut singles that introduced us to Katy Perry & Kesha But which one is better and more iconic?
  18. naval23

    Poll: California Gurls vs. Roar

    Both were the lead singles of Katy's 2nd & 3rd studio albums "Teenage Dream" and "Prism" But which one is better?
  19. Angelo

    The 1 vs. 1+1

    Two heartwarming album openers about 1 from great songwriters Beyonce and Taylor but which is better?
  20. Two MPGs who debuted around the same time and has 8 studio albums. Who has the better discography?
  21. josesuxx

    Best Taylor lead single?

    Let's vote it's cardigan for me
  22. peterstyles13

    Best song from Folklore?

    ATRL decides
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