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Found 382 results

  1. A lot of the pairups are listed at random and you can re-arrange them any way you wish. Who would you imagine singing this in the '90s together?
  2. Both are Christina Perri's biggest hits - but which bop do you prefer? Jar of Hearts (Peak: #17, 5x platinum) A Thousand Years (Peak: #31, 8x platinum)
  3. popmusiccritic

    Unconditionally vs Do What U Want

    Both songs are the second singles from their 2013 albums. Better song?
  4. popmusiccritic

    Gaga's worst 2nd single?

    Which second single from the Mary Jane Holland singer is the most terrible?
  5. geddymonster

    Erotica vs. janet.

    Which early-90s sexual awakening album by a superstar female is superior? Track-by-Track for those who like using one: Erotica vs. That's the Way Love Goes Fever vs. You Want This Bye Bye Baby vs. If Deeper and Deeper vs. This Time Where Life Begins vs. Throb Bad Girl vs. What'll I Do Waiting vs. Funky Big Band Thief of Hearts vs. New Agenda Words vs. Because of Love Rain vs. Again Why's It So Hard vs. Where Are You Now In This Life vs. The Body That Loves You Did You Do It? vs. Any Time, Any Place Secret Garden vs. Whoops Now
  6. Safe&Sound

    Speak Now vs 25

    Both albums are the following of their first Grammy's AOTY win Taylor Swift released Speak Now, her third album, as the following of Fearless, which debuted over 1mil+ copies in US The album sound expands on the country pop style, with more rock sensibility, drawing influences from bluegrass, pop punk, pop rock and soft rock. The standard version was written entirely by Taylor herself and Adele released 25 which debuted over 3mil+ copies, which is the biggest debut album ever Its lyrical content features themes of Adele "yearning for her old self, her nostalgia", and "melancholia about the passage of time" The album's production incorporated the use of electronic elements and creative rhythmic patterns, with elements of 1980s R&B and organs Which album is the better one? Speak Now or 25
  7. fridayteenage

    Will Nicki get a #1 song as lead?

    Iggy. Cardi. Lizzo. Doja. Female rappers of late who are relevant enough to have led #1 hits. Will Nicki ever reach their level of success?
  8. naval23

    Poll: Let Go vs. Under My Skin

    Which is the superior Avril album? Let Go (2002): Complicated, Sk8er Boi, I'm With You, Losing Grip Under My Skin (2004): Don't Tell Me, My Happy Ending, Nobody's Home, Fall to Pieces
  9. Safe&Sound

    Girl on Fire vs Just Like Fire

    Both song peak around the same position Just Like Fire hit #10 Girl on Fire peaked at #11 (missed only 1 position to Top 10) Which cool mom's banger is better and bigger?
  10. SelenaTheWinner

    Which 3 Selena Gomez songs are better?

    3 completely different Selenas, which Im glad she is always giving us something different. <3 Which 3 sets of Selena songs she released, do you like better?
  11. SelenaTheWinner

    Bad Liar vs. Boyfriend vs Back To You vs Past Life

    Four songs I non stop listen to lately and kind of connect to each other. Which 2 songs do you like better?
  12. SelenaTheWinner

    Best Selena Gomez Bops?

    Selena literally serving with every album.... Which two album bops do you like the most?
  13. SelenaTheWinner

    Do you miss blonde Selena Gomez?

    Did you like Selena Gomez As A Blonde and would you like her to go Blonde again for a full on era? Blonde Selena/Blondelena is one of my favorites. <3 A blonde album cover & music videos for the next album/era is what I would LOVE! <3
  14. SelenaTheWinner

    Selena Gomez's Best single?

    Which Selena Gomez single/promo single/soundtrack do you like the best? Do you prefer Selena's solo material or her Disney/Scene music?
  15. The production The lyrics The video Snoop Dogg's part 6 weeks at #1 on the H100 during summer 2010
  16. SelenaTheWinner

    Best Selena Gomez line?

    I've been jamming to Selena's entire discography. These are some of my favorite lines from Selena's songs... <3 Which one is her signature? Which one is your favorite?
  17. SelenaTheWinner

    Selena Gomez & The Scene's Best single?

    Which SG&TS single/promo single/soundtrack do you like the best? And do you prefer Selena's Disney music or her current solo material?
  18. DemiLovato

    Best Demi era?

    2008 - Don't Forget: Get Back La La Land Don't Forget 2009 - Here We Go Again: Here We Go Again: Remember December: 2011 - Unbroken: Skyscraper: Give Your Heart a Break: 2013 - Demi: Heart Attack: Made In The USA: Neon Lights: 2015 - Confident: Cool For The Summer: Confident: Stone Cold: 2017 - Tell Me You Love Me: Sorry Not Sorry: Tell Me You Love Me:
  19. All 3 of these female singer/songwriter/performers debuted in different decades and are known for their elaborate and high budget videos... But which one has the strongest videography overall?
  20. Safe&Sound

    Best Lover's MV?

  21. Scotland

    Circus vs. CHROMATICA: Bigger Era?

    Both eras had a #1 and a top 5 single.
  22. MingYouToo

    Overexposed: An ATRL myth or real?

    Personally I think its a myth. People who say Gaga was a victim of this are conflating her lack of artistic juice, the breakdown of her creativity, how she showed all her tricks all at once and how she misread the direction of the market + her over the top pretentiousness as 'oversaturation' (I'm referring to her 2013-onwards pre-ASIB decline) katy shouldve been over in 2012 if oversaturation were real but PRISM was still a smash era. she just failed to deliver growth and a new concept. taylor swift is the biggest offender of this concept if ever its true, and yet she enters 2020 as one of the 5 biggest artists on the planet atm still. drake too, mf releases a single every 2 months or so and smashes in the top 10 again and again and again. i just dont think its real and people misconstrue it for other errors artists make.
  23. Safe&Sound

    Who is the best performer among the new MPG?

    We all knew from 2000s, it will be hands down Beyonce But how about the girls debuting in 2010s. who is the best performer among them?
  24. SelenaTheWinner

    Why was Bad Liar/Fetish Selena so underappreciated?

    Its been 3 Years since Selena Gomez released Fetish & Bad Liar! She created something so beautiful And put a start to the vertical videos trend. Why was Bad Liar/Fetish Selena so underappreciated? ... When she released those songs she was so hated here on ATRL & on Twitter. And it wasnt really a commercial success as well. Radios also didnt support. Didnt even play Fetish. She was bashed on ATRL & Twitter for her "bad" music and her "bad" looks back then. Everyone compared with Revival/Good For You/Hands To Myself/It Aint Me and hated this new Selena. And NOW everyone cities Bad Liar/Fetish singles/videos as her BEST and her artistic peak. And how she should go back to that. Bad Liar also become her most acclaimed song till Lose You To Love Me came out. Both deserve/deserved Grammy nominations. So did The Heart, Fetish & It Aint Me. Do you like this Selena better than Rare Selena and Revival Selena? And should she go back to that sound/look?