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Found 449 results

  1. BoyAlmighty

    Best debut album post-group?

    Who released the best debut album after being in a group?
  2. winterwidow

    Best song that references James Dean?

    James Dean is undeniably a huge cultural icon despite a tragic death at the age of 24. His legacy has lived on and he is often referenced in the world of movies and music till this day. Which pop girl song with a reference to this beautiful man is your fave? I came up with the options off the top of my head so just comment with any other song I might've missed.
  3. Jimi

    Next Queen single?

    Which song should Queen release next off Queen?
  4. Hector

    ATRL's favorite Emma?

    All successful Emmas, which is your favorite?
  5. Future Lover

    Selena's best 2nd single?

    Which one is it?
  6. kelly-clarkson

    Rank Little Mix albums!

  7. Jimi

    Katy's fall because of hair cut?

    Single peaks: #1 I Kissed A Girl #3 Hot N Cold #29 Thinking Of You #9 Waking Up In Vegas #1 California Gurls #1 Teenage Dream #1 Firework #1 ET #1 Last Friday Night #3 The One That Got Away #1 Part Of Me #2 Wide Awake #1 Roar #14 Unconditionally #1 Dark Horse #17 Birthday #24 This Is How We Do #11 Rise #4 Chained To The Rhythm *HAIRCUT* #59 Bon Appétit #46 Swish Swish Thots?
  8. Future Lover

    Worst "Best Pop Vocal Album" female nominee?

    Which female album nominated for "Best Pop Vocal Album" is your least favorite one?
  9. cherrychapstick

    Which fifth album is the best?

    Madonna - Erotica Janet Jackson - janet. Mariah Carey - Daydream Celine Dion - Let's Talk About Love Britney Spears - Blackout Rihanna - Loud Beyonce - Beyonce Taylor Swift - 1989 Lady Gaga - Joanne
  10. tajin

    Which Rainbow heals you?

    Mariah's legendary album featuring smashes like Heartbreaker and Thank God I Found You Kesha's comeback featuring Grammy contender ballad Praying Which album made you see the Rainbow girls?
  11. Achilles.

    Gaga: Grammys or BAFTAs?

    The upcoming Grammys and BAFTAs take place on the same day. Lady Gaga (and Bradley Cooper) will be nominated for major accolades at each ceremony. Which will they attend? The BAFTAs. Gaga is almost certain to lose Lead Actress, but she’ll be able to gladhand British Oscar voters and possibly make connections to bolster her future film career. The Grammys. Gaga is almost certain to win at least one trophy, and will be one of the most heavily-promoted attendees should she opt to honor them with her presence. What will she do? Will she prioritize BAFTA and her film career, or will she attend the Grammys in case she wins her first general field trophy?
  12. fridayteenage

    Who should win AOTY Grammy?

    My choice is Cardi B's Invasion of Privacy. It would satisfy the most criticisms of how outdated the voters are, and on top of that it has both huge acclaim and huge commercial success. Followed by Kendrick Lamar's Black Panther for similar reasons. But it still feels weird to give aoty to a soundtrack these days, and Cardi wins in both acclaim and overall success.
  13. Bencharmer

    Better song: NTLTC vs TU,N

    Which smashing lead single by Mrs Grande is the best? The melancholic disco anthem NTLTC? or the grateful urban-chic #1 hit song TU,N?
  14. Wildcat

    Ariana vs. Gaga: Bigger this decade?

    Gay-friendly, Asia-approved, italian-american major pop girls with four successful studio albums released this decade. Grande is a social-media queen and a streaming juggernaut. Gaga is an album seller and a touring force. Who's the biggest 2010s pop girl in your opinion, ATRL? #2 Problem #3 Bang Bang #3 No Tears Left To Cry #4 Side To Side #4 Break Free #7 Love Me Harder #7 Focus #8 Dangerous Woman #9 The Way #11 God Is A Woman #13 One Last Time #13 Into You #1 Yours Truly (Platinum) #1 My Everything (2x Platinum) #2 Dangerous Woman (Platinum) #1 Sweetener (TBA) #1 Born This Way #3 The Edge Of Glory #3 Telephone #4 Applause #4 Million Reasons #5 Alejandro #6 You And I #8 Dope #10 Judas #12 Hair #13 Do What U Want #15 Perfect Illusion #1 Born This Way (2x Platinum) #1 ARTPOP (Platinum) #1 Cheek To Cheek (Gold) #1 Joanne (Platinum)
  15. Mr. Adele

    Bigger Grammy Darling: Adele or Taylor?

    Both won AOTY two times, so who do you think is the bigger Grammy darling? Let me compare the nominations and wins from their last eras to start ADELE 25 Album of the Year - nomination and win Song of the Year - nomination and win Record of the Year - nomination and win Pop Vocal Album - nomination and win Pop Performance - nomination and win TAYLOR REPUTATION Album of the Year - no nomination Song of the Year - no nomination Record of the Year - no nomination Pop Vocal Album - nomination and to be decided if will win or lose Pop Performance - no nomination and now lets compare their total nominations and wins, and the win/lose ratio ADELE - 15 wins, 18 nominations = 3 loses TAYLOR - 10 wins, 32 nominations = 22 loses So what do you think ATRL? Who is the ultimate pop girl Grammy darling?
  16. Britney became lazy 10+ years into her career BLACKPINK jennie became lazy 2 years into her career Who is lazier and more unmotivated now?
  17. Mr. Loco

    Who will win 2019?

    Who will it be? EDIT: This is comercially, not critically... and just about who will in music, not in film