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Found 190 results

  1. jdmc218

    Hero vs Again?

    Both ballads by these two legends have had their 25th anniversary by now. Both songs jointly ended 1993 reaching #1, with Hero replacing Again. Which one reigns supreme? Sequel to previous thread.
  2. Future Lover

    Sweetener vs The Sweet Escape

    Both albums with Pharrell-productions and "sweet" in its title. Which one is better?
  3. Safe&Sound

    Ariana's best second single?

    Baby I Break Free Into You God is A Woman Which one is the best, and the most successful second single?
  4. Something Bad

    Bigger comeback: ASIB or Circus?

    10 years into Gaga’s career ASIB is being hailed as a comeback and “redemption”. Circus was also a decade into Britney’s career and a return to prime form . The question is .. which comeback is bigger? The Oscar darling lady Gaga. Or the pop terminator Britney Spears?
  5. Scotland

    Jolene vs. Joanne

    Two country songs about a woman with a J name. Which is better?
  6. The group is on the decline so it won't be long till they go their separate ways.
  7. RihannaLoverrr

    Does Katy have it in her to make a comeback?

    We witnessed Katy Perry have one of the biggest declines of all the pop girls with her last release. Considering how massive and inescapable she was with Teenage Dream it’s hard to believe despite multiple attempts to remain a talking points that the public just don’t seem interested anymore. Will she be able to get back to the level she was on in her Teenage Dream days?
  8. Future Lover

    Worst Avril album

    Which one is it?
  9. Supervillain

    Electricity vs Kiss and Make Up

    Better new Dua song?
  10. BoyAlmighty

    Best and worst song on Born This Way?

    Was listening to Born This Way in full for the first time this week, and I was wondering what ATRL thought the best and worst songs on the album were.
  11. Future Lover

    Worst Rihanna album from this decade

    Which one is it?
  12. Future Lover

    Do you like Beyonce?

    Simple question
  13. mokitsu

    breathin vs. Consequences (orchestra)

    Which of the third single from these MPG's latest albums is better in your opinion: The anxiety anthem from Ariana or the risky ballad from Camila?
  14. Scotland

    MDNA vs. Witness

    Two albums that pioneered the tour bundle movement.
  15. Scotland

    Camila vs. Nicki Minaj: More Talent

    Which lady possesses more talent?
  16. Future Lover

    Worst Taylor album from this decade

    Which one is it?
  17. Future Lover

    Worst Ariana album

    Which one is it?
  18. Ventitonic

    What is Mariah saying in "The Distance"?

    Genius says: For life, for life, la di da Said we couldn't go the distance For life, for life, la di da Look at us, we're going the distance The distance, oh to me it sounds like in some parts she's saying "for laughs, for laughs" in certain parts and "for life, for life" in others. I'm not sure though, so what do y'all think?
  19. youmustbeupgraded

    Is 'Best Mistake' in Ariana's top 5?

    what a MASTERPIECE
  20. They say it repeteadly in every Beyonce-VS-Shakira / Someone-VS-Shakira / Shakira-related thread. Do they really believe that nonsense, or? Some Examples: Germany Albums: Certified Units Shakira - 1,900,000 Beyonce - 750,000 Singles: Certified Units Shakira - 3,000,000 Beyonce - 1,250,000 [Source] Switzerland Albums: Certified Units Shakira - 355,000 Beyonce - 100,000 Singles: Certified Units Shakira - 485,000 Beyonce - 75,000 [Source] France Albums: Certified Units Shakira - 1,750,000 Beyonce - 400,000 Singles: Certified Units Shakira - 2,275,000 Beyonce - 0 [Source]