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  1. Hector

    Ava Vs. Bebe's last 2 singles

    Both Albanian girls keep on serving bop after bop. Pick your favorite from either.
  2. Wildcat

    Does Madonna have global classics?

    Madonna. Queen Of Pop. Best selling / highest-grossing female artist. Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame inductee. Blah blah blah. But does she have remembered global CLASSICS, though? According to some members, Ms. Ciccone doesn’t quite meet the criteria. So what's the deal, ATRL? Does Madonna have remembered classics in your country? Have ever heard ANY of these songs in public? Please share your experiences and let's solve this mystery.
  3. me thinks so thinking how FAR Red TV is, she has time to actually roll out singles. unlike how poorly managed Mr. Perfectly God was RIP.
  4. Which of these MPGs has the least amount of classics WW? Bey Rih Gaga Katy Taylor Adele Britney I only included MPGs who debuted before the 2010s, I thought it wouldn't be fair otherwise to some newer girls.
  5. Pink Matter

    Doja vs. Kali vs. SZA: Better viral hit?

    All three talented ladies managed to snag themselves a viral streaming hit off the strength of Tik Tok/social media this year. All roughly having the same level of success on the charts. Which one is your favorite? Peaked at #16 on the H100 Current peak is #33 on the H100 Peaked at #9 on the H100
  6. naval23

    Poll: Sk8er Boi vs. Girlfriend

    Both of these are upbeat pop bops from Avril. But which one is more iconic and which one do you prefer? Some stats: Sk8er Boi - 283M (Spotify), 201M (YouTube) Girlfriend - 217M (Spotify), 558M (YouTube)
  7. Brando

    Best "Mr./Mrs" songs?

    Here are the 10 best Mr/Mrs songs that I know. Choose wisely.
  8. naval23

    Poll: Solar Power vs. Malibu

    Both are summery breezy lead singles by ex MPGs - but which one do you prefer?
  9. wehavetostan

    Best Summer Single: Solar Power or Pasadena?

    Both of these songs are centered around living in the moment and enjoying the summer. They are lead singles from Lorde's and Tinashe's upcoming albums. Stream the songs above ^^ Which do you prefer and why?
  10. private radio

    did Solar Power grow on you?

    i liked it since release, but it's even better now. a summer vibe if you ask me.
  11. Two songs you could easily mistake for one another if you were to hear them randomly somewhere based on their openings. Which do you prefer?
  12. Four songs that kind of followed the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" formula by having similar sounds as the massive hits before them. Which is the best song? Similar to We Belong Together. Similar to On The Floor. Similar to Poker Face. Similar to Crazy In Love. For me: Dance Again > LoveGame > Don't Forget About Us > Deja Vu
  13. Guy Next Door

    Favorite Rak-Su Song?

    From their most popular songs, which one you like the best? Not so popular (based on views), but songs that I love by them and worth to mention
  14. Both of these peaked at #2 but are some of the most iconic 2000s female #2 peaking singles. Which one is more remembered/iconic and which do you prefer? Some stats: Since U Been Gone - 99M (YouTube), 379M (Spotify) Complicated - 441M (YouTube), 422M (Spotify)
  15. naval23

    Poll: Hung Up vs. Gimme More

    The club COLLAPSES whenever these songs get played - but which one do you prefer and which is more iconic?
  16. Da Barbie

    Starships vs Kiss Me More

    Both of these summer hits debuted in the Top 10 on the Hot 100 and peaked at #5 Which do you like more
  17. Future Lover

    Need To Know vs Thot ****

    Which sister did it better?
  18. Which of these 2000s global #1 classics do you prefer? Which is more iconic?
  19. dangerousalex

    Solar Power vs. Pasadena vs. Orange Trees

    Which song is the superior chill, laid-back summer anthem?
  20. BtDecember

    More iconic: Millennials or Gen Zs?

    Now that Gen Zs hit puberty and Millennials hit poverty, which do you think will go down as the more iconic generation a few decades from now?
  21. dangerousalex

    Solar Power vs. Pasadena vs. Orange Trees

    Which song is the superior chill, laid-back summer anthem?
  22. ...or release another song and secure 5 top 10 from a same album (Traitor already got the top 10 position but it's the most popular track album right now)?
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