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Found 2,437 results

  1. So, this beautiful and incredibly talented colombian woman, has put out a total of 11 studio albums throughout her career. Nonethenless, considering only her last 9 albums (the only important ones in my opinion), which ones do you think are the best, and which one do you like most?
  2. Perched for the rihsults!
  3. Did it end the careers of all the popgurls not named Taylor Swift?
  4. Ariana Demi Miley Selena
  5. Both have released 3 studio albums this decade Lady Gaga with Born This Way, Artpop, and Joanne Pink with The Greatest Hit So Far, The Truth About Love, and Beautifuk Trauma Which act is bigger this decade alone?
  6. She already has two and "Gorgeous" will easily be the third. If she releases another countdown single and included IDWLF on the album she'd be at 5. Even if the extra countdown/IDWLF didn't happen, could she still get 7 top 10s on the Hot 100 from reputation? I'm going with yes
  7. Shhh (Break It Down) is a song originally recorded by Tevin Campbell on his 2nd album at age 16. It was written by Prince. Prince covered the song himself later on, on a later album from a live performance. Which version is superior? Discuss
  8. Which song is the most remembered out of these? Discuss
  9. Inspired by the "The best and your favorite Shakira albums?" thread, here's the thread for the best Shakira WW hits (including english and spanish hits). Vote for your favorite Shakira albums here!
  10. Zayn Malik's debut album Mind Of Mine did 112,000 in pure sales, 157,000 including streaming, in it's first week. Will Niall's upcoming debut album, Flicker, outdo Zayn's first week sales?
  11. Multiple choice if you‘re undecided. Let‘s see which song wins. Who may pull a JGMAR?
  12. How close is JT, who is crowned the Prince of Pop & President Of Pop close to Michael Jackson's Fortress of pop royalty? Discuss
  13. Which pop girl is the bigger touring force?
  14. Would you be here for Kesha delivering us R&B/Soul on her next record? The multi-genre chanteuse gave us country folk on her last album, but had never done any R&B/Soul. I doubt she would ever do the mainstream R&B like Post Malone or Kehlani, but I’d be here for her singing over some pianos and finger snaps tbh!
  15. Two songs, second and third single of Katy's 4th studio album "Witness" but which is bigger, both are not big, but which is at least bigger?
  16. Which do you prefer and why?
  17. Is your fave singing like Jennifer Hudson or Selena Gomez? Discuss
  18. Katy's era has been devastatingly bad so far. After CTTR everything seemed to go downhill. I have never been a lover of Katy's personality but like the whole world, I loved her Teenage Dream era. As much as Witness was wildly average and she can be annoying as hell, it seems like a really unwarranted fall from the top. The media turned on her and she can't seem to catch a break. I feel sorry for her, she seems to only have good intentions. How about you ATRL?
  19. What are your favorite albums and songs that have won in the major categories this decade?
  20. Well..?
  21. Vocal Analysis Tevin - Light lyric Tenor Has a smaller voice than Usher, can be overpowered by simply a resonant belt by Usher's Lyric voice. Displays many runs and riffs inspired by Whitney Houston, and perhaps Aretha Franklin. Tevin's voice often is very resonant in his belting range. Tevin has enough to support to sing a 4 octave note 10 seconds with vibrato Weaknesses - His lower register lacks warmth & resonance. Tends to be pitchy or nasal a lot. Usher - Lyric Tenor Has a bigger voice than Tevin. Has an advantage. His chest voice is generally well supported and Usher is comfortable within this range. Runs & riffs are good, and uses vibrato whenever necessary. Weaknesses - Has problems mixing live at times and can't transition to belting range because of lack of breath support. Also nasal at times @Keith