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Found 805 results

  1. So far we have these options: 1) Oblivia 2) REBORN 3) Distortion 4) Goddess (She keeps referencing this word a lot in her posts/snippets) 5) 1984 6) POPLITICS ( Pop + politics) 7) Make Pop Music Great Again (Her using Trumps original slogan as a pun for her music would be interesting & original) 8) Witness
  2. Which ballad has stood the test of time?
  3. Christina has been around for a long time now. She's sold over 50 million albums worldwide and garnered 11 top 10 hits in the US. Is she a certified legend?
  4. OMG. Say what you want about their never ending collaborations, but i just can't get enough. I like most of them, and i'm currently obsessed with Sexy Body What are your faves? And sorry in advance, but i just ain't embedding 9 videos.
  5. Just A Little More Love Love Don't Let Me Go Just For One Day Love Is Gone When Love Takes Over Commander Sexy Bitch One Love Memories Gettin' Over You Club Can't Handle Me Who's That Chick? Sweat Where Them Girls At Little Bad Girl Without You Titanium Turn Me On She Wolf Play Hard LaserLight Shot Me Down Lovers On The Sun Dangerous Hey Mama Bang My Head This One's For You Would I Lie To You? I think it is Just A Little More Love or Love Don't Let Me Go.
  6. Currently the biggest Colombian artists (Along with Shakira) in the world, these two men are ruling the world of reggaeton, the question is: Who's better?
  7. Two american favorites, who do you prefer?
  8. I'm still skeptical but I'm starting to get that feeling I usually get when someone is going to take off. It could go either way but it might be worth putting money on her.
  9. Joanne vs. Rebel Heart ... Which album have you played more?
  10. Do you think Mariah could have been successful with Chantaje in the USA? She has performed in Spanish before (Heroe, #Hermoso), and she had EDM hits with Obsessed and Touch My Body. Keep in mind that she is half-Venezuelan, and that her original name would have been María Nuñez.
  11. Just two weeks ago Nicki released three new singles and while she was braggadocios about their initial success, that success didn't last long at all. All three songs have plummeted at record speeds. No Frauds, despite featuring Drake, is out of the top 100 on iTunes and out of the top 50 on Spotify.The other two songs are performing far worse. Considering Nicki is notoriously obsessed with chart positions, do you think she will stand by her work and feature these songs on her album or will all three of them be scrapped?
  12. Which Selena songs do you like better? Good For You Same Old Love Hands To Myself or I Want You To Know We Don't Talk Anymore It Aint Me
  13. Which one of these two pop music veterans is the bigger celebrity in your opinion?
  14. 1984: Madonna: Debut/LAV, Prince: Purple Rain, MJ: Late Thriller, Cyndi: SSU, Tina: Private Dancer, Culture Club: Colour By Numbers, Bruce: BITUSA, 1987: Whitney: Whitney era, Michael: Bad era, Madonna: True Blue/Who's That Girl era, Janet: Control era, Prince: Sign o the Times era, George Michael: Faith era, Jody Watley: debut era, Cyndi Lauper: True Colors era 1989: Madonna: LAP era, Janet: RN1814 era, Paula: FYG era, Bobby Brown: Don't Be Cruel/Ghostbusters II era, Milli Vanilli: GYKIT era (eek), Jody: Larger Than Life era, Prince: Batman era, 1993: Whitney: Bodyguard era, Mariah: Music Box era, Madonna: Erotica era, Janet: janet. era, Prince: Symbol era, Michael: late Dangerous era, SWV: It's About Time era 1999: Britney: BOMT era, Christina: Debut era, Destiny's Child: WOTW era, BSB: Millenium era, J. Lo: On the 6 era, Whitney: My Love Is Your Love era, Cher: Believe era, Mariah: Rainbow era, Lauryn Hill: Miseducation era 2007: Beyoncé: B'Day era, Fergie: The Dutchess era, Nelly Furtado: Loose era, Rihanna: GGGB era, Gwen: Sweet Escape era, Justin Timberlake: FS/LS era, Pussycat Dolls: PCD era, Britney: Blackout era 2009: Gaga: The Fame era, Beyoncé: IASF era, Taylor: Fearless era, BEP: END era (sorry), Miley: HMM/TOOL eras, Britney: Circus era, Rihanna: RR era, Katy: OOTB era (late), Drake: SFG era 2011: Adele: 21, Gaga: BTW, Britney: FF, Katy: Teenage Dream, Rihanna: Loud/TTT, Bruno: DW&H, Drake: Take Care, Beyoncé: 4, Taylor: Speak Now, Nicki: Pink Friday, Pink: GHSF, Kesha: Cannibal Anything later than that would be too hard to judge.
  15. Better song?
  16. Which girl group debut single was the best for you? Was it "Miss Movin On" by hit-making girl group Fifth Harmony?: Was it "Cannonball" by album selling legends Little Mix?: Or was it the most iconic pop-up ad of all time "We Are The Party" by The Ex-Girlfriends?:
  17. Toxic by Britney Spears & Beautiful by Christina Aguilera Which one is more remembered now?
  18. Ariana has hits, sales, streaming, stage presence and impact, she has everything SB performer should have. Are you here for her and her friends do the Super Bowl? Potential tracklist: 1. Problem (feat. Iggy Azalea) 2. Break Free (feat. Zedd) 3. Dangerous woman 4 Everyday (feat. Future) (if it becomes a hit) 5. Love me harder (feat. The Weeknd) 6. Bang Bang (feat. Jessie J and Nicki Minaj) 7. Side to side (feat. Nicki Minaj) 8. The Way (feat. Mac Miller)
  19. Toxic by Britney Spears & Beautiful by Christina Aguilera Which one is more remembered now?
  20. Predict color of Sia's next wig. Will it be yellow, blue or maybe pink? Other color?