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Found 1,200 results

  1. Both of my faves underperformed tremendously with their latest singles, Iggy sold 18k with Mo Bounce Katy is expected to sell 17k with Bon Appetit which one is the most surprising/shocking?
  2. Which sister takes the win?
  3. Well? Its only a matter of time, and it happens to the best of them.
  4. Which Madonna photographer has been able to capture the best of the Queen of Pop? Herb Ritts Steven Meisel Mario Testino Steven Klein Patrick Demarchelier Mert & Marcus Tom Munro Luigi & Iango
  5. Well? Its only a matter of time, and it happens to the best of them.
  6. Which Lady Gaga "Cure" do you prefer? The Cure or MANiCURE?
  7. Madonna's album recently turned 9 (Released April 19, 2008 in Mexico and April 29th, 2008 in the US). A few questions to answer and vote in the poll: What is your favorite song from the album? What song do you wish was a single? Which song was your favorite single? Tracklisting: 4 Minutes Candy Shop Heartbeat Beat Goes On Give It 2 Me Incredible Miles Away She's Not Me Spanish Lesson Dance 2night Devil Wouldn't Recognize You Voices Ring My Bell
  8. Released after lead singles (CTTR and Darlin'), which song do you prefer?
  9. I seriously can't pick one. Can you?
  10. Which song is better? Personally, I think that At My Best is the better song, but both are decent.
  11. Which albums will sell more during the first week WW?
  12. Which second single from Katy Perry do you prefer? (not counting Wide Awake, even though it's from Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection, "Teenage Dream" was the second single from the Teenage Dream era as a whole)
  13. which song is better
  14. In your opinion, what is Britney's best third single from her albums?
  15. These era's singles have been super successful so far. I'm just shocked at how many hits she's had in Latin America. I sincerely don't think I've gone one day without hearing her in Puerto Rico's radio stations. Bicicleta, Chantaje (and hopefully Me Enamoré) are some of the biggest hits in recent memory. Is this album going to break records for Latin Music + more?
  16. Who is the better singer between these 3 lovely ladies of the 21st century. Take into account studio vocals and live performances.
  17. Lady Gaga's career in the US has been on the rise lately, snagging a week in the top 10 after performing at the Superbowl, and showing consistent sales with her album Joanne. However, she's been having a rough time in Oceania, particularly within Australia where her last hit was in 2011 with the Edge of Glory. She got close with Applause which peaked at #11, and Perfect Illusion which lodged a week in the top 20 at #14, while her most recent single "Million Reasons reached #34 and was recently certified Gold. With this being said, do you think this former pop titan can make a comeback and deliver a top 10 smash in Australia?
  18. I cant believe how catchy this is And this has strong summer vibe (Although it will be the highlight of male domination on chart)
  19. Is your fave relevant enough in 2017 to top iTunes or no?
  20. Im gauging for a class. No need for inflammatory discussions. I'm just looking for raw data. So keep it cute. Feel free to be honest. It's an anonymous poll and no one will ever know. This is a judgment free zone.
  21. Which one do you prefer?
  22. Which Meghan single do you prefer?
  23. Biggest Pop Girl Flop?
  24. Which rapper collab bop with a little bit dark touch is better?