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  1. Always looks the same(since 2014), same style, same music. No great videos... even demi, Selena switch it up/eras are not the same, and Miley always changes with every album. Even miss dua(25) served a concept for her last era. Ariana is like a long continued era since she first came up. Heck even Justin has tried different ish. it’s clearly working since she’s perched at The top with every release but should she take more risks? Will she ever do it? She’ll be 28 soon and has never served anything memorable imo. Popstars around her age At 27-28 blackout/ci
  2. ReverseWarholian

    Best to Worst: Radiohead Albums

    Rank all nine of Radiohead's albums from best to worst in the thread. I've excluded reissues, B-side collections, deluxe editions or any of that stuff. Also, vote for your favorite and least favorites in the poll! Try not to exceed 3 choices per question.
  3. I honestly can't predict who will win the Best Actress Oscar (minus Vanessa Kirby). Who do you think it will be?
  4. Love her or hate her, when she doesn't want to put you to sleep w a piano lullaby, she is the master of sensual & lush midtempos. Which fan favourite do you prefer?
  5. HabbGaga

    One Tree Hill VS The O.C.

    I've watched all of the o.c. and loved it, I watched season 1 of OTH and thought it was pretty ridiculous and found none of the characters likeable but I'm interested to see which early 2000s teen drama people thought was better?
  6. Latin-Grammys excluded, which of these records has better chances to be nominated at the 2022 Grammys?
  7. Fastlane

    Was Gwen really that huge?

    I love Gwen Stefani with all the depth of my heart. I liked her about No Doubt, I liked her solo songs and even her fashion line. She's cool herself. I remember that people often say that Gwen, Nelly Furtado and Fergie were just an unstoppable force in 2006-2008. Hit on hit, huge sales. After the release of "Slow Clap" - Gwen's new hit, I decided to watch the peaks in the leading music markets, certifications and views on YouTube at my leisure and, to be honest, was shocked that she turns out to be not such a huge artist as we imagined her. It would be more logical to rep
  8. queenoftheclouds

    Better Business Woman: Bey or Tay?

    Who is the better business woman?
  9. Scotland

    Katy vs. GaGa: More Remembered Hits?

    14 of their biggest hits. Which lady has more remembered hits? Katy: I Kissed a Girl Hot N Cold Waking Up In Vegas California Gurls Teenage Dream E.T. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) The One That Got Away Part of Me Wide Awake Roar Dark Horse Chained to the Rhythm Never Really Over GaGa: Just Dance Poker Face Paparazzi Bad Romance Telephone Alejandro Born This Way Judas The Edge of Glory Applause Million Reasons Shallow Stupi
  10. Michael196

    folk&ever vs NFR&COTCC vs PH&Melodrama

    Thoughts? * Please no fighting in here! We can all agree that we’re discussing SIX MASTERPIECES here! And three Incredible artists!
  11. 14 of their biggest hits. Which lady has more remembered hits? Britney: ...Baby One More Time (You Drive Me) Crazy - The Stop! Remix Oops! I Did It Again Stronger I'm a Slave 4 U Toxic Everytime Gimme More Womanizer Circus 3 Hold It Against Me Till the World Ends Work Bitch GaGa: Just Dance Poker Face Paparazzi Bad Romance Telephone Alejandro Born This Way Judas The Edge of Glory Applause Million Reasons Shallow Stupid Love
  12. Future Lover

    Pop Girls lead singles blocked from #1

    Which pop girl lead single that peaked at #2 is your favorite and least favorite?
  13. Both released and no one cares? After massive prev eras with huge smashes? Why?
  14. CaptainMusic

    Are Monsters the most racist fanbase?

    Seems to me like 80% of the time a racist atrl member is also a Gaga Stan. Are monsters the most racist fanbase?
  15. ttsmu

    Best 21st Century Madonna's Tour

    Which one do you consider the best Madonna's tour in the 21st Century.
  16. ttsmu

    Best album by Madonna last decade?

    Which one is the best?
  17. Which of the top 3 female albums released in 2020 will end up being the biggest WW?
  18. crf13

    Forbidden Love vs Forbidden Love

    Which Madonna deep cut by the same name is better? IMO, I would choose the Confessions version
  19. These were the #1 ranked summer songs of each year: 2006 - Promiscuous (Nelly Furtado f. Timbaland) 2007 - Umbrella (Rihanna) 2008 - I Kissed a Girl (Katy Perry) 2009 - I Gotta Feeling (Black Eyed Peas) 2010 - California Gurls (Katy Perry) But which one is your fav?
  20. justin464

    Demi's best closing song?

    Excluding bonus tracks, etc. I think mine would have to be FTLOAD, with Good Place in second
  21. Stepfon

    Frank: Pyramids vs. Nights

    Which sound shifting centerpiece Frank Ocean song do you prefer?
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