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Found 66 results

  1. With Drunk Groove
  2. 900,000,000 streams. One of the most successful singles by a girl-group in history.
  3. http://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=315730 digital sales being stomped out this quickly ngl i would welcome back CD singles just for the kii.
  4. Now the song has 100M+ streams on both youtube and Spotify platforms
  5. dangerousbutera

    BUWYG,IB Hits 200M Streams On Spotify

    200,473,247 streams in just over a month. It's her 17th song to do so & she becomes the first female to have 17 lead songs achieve this. Go stream the third single from the #1 album thank u, next
  6. Only the queen of reggaeton.
  7. smgupdated

    Taylor posts to Instagram

    (can this be moved to Celebria?)
  8. Orion should be joining his 100 million views club in a few weeks too
  9. The Academy Awards Winner Queen of Pop and The GRAMMY Winner Princess of Pop are slaying in top 2 most streamed Spotify last week.
  10. eaucitronnée

    RIAA: Streaming 75% of music industry

    Revenues from streaming grew 30% to 7.4bil USD Streaming accounts for 75% of the US music industry, digital sales 11%, physicals 12%, synchronisation 3% There are now 50.2mil streaming subscriptions in the US, up 42% Digital albums dropped 25% to 500mil USD, digital songs down 28% to 490mil USD CD fell 34% to 698mil USD, vinyl up 8% to 419mil USD http://www.riaa.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/RIAA-2018-Year-End-Music-Industry-Revenue-Report.pdf
  11. okgo

    KREAM goes Gold!

    its v nice of Island to certify it since shes no longer a part of their roster ! now if only Deaf Jam would do the rest this song / video did deserve recognition, the project was solid and it did feel like the single was a bit mishandled by the label and had real potential for big commercial success but at least for the first time in ages felt like people in general were low key rocking with Iggy as a music artist again and she seemed to genuinely appreciate that moment. she loves to make music so ofc she deserves it too herself especially after everything.
  12. Phoenixstar

    ASIB sold 4M WW

    Congratulations Gaga and Bradley
  13. https://ifpi.at/auszeichnungen?fwp_interpret=Lady Gaga %26 Bradley Cooper https://ifpi.at/auszeichnungen?fwp_titel=A Star Is Born + Ariana’s thank u, next & Halsey’s Without Me go Gold https://ifpi.at/auszeichnungen Congrats to all of them
  14. We still got robbed of that Grammy performance though
  15. "women-only" - only songs that feature a woman as a lead vocal.
  16. Only three women have topped the Arist 100, BB 200 and Hot 100 in a single week...Taylor in 2014 (Shake It Off and 1989), Adele in 2015 (Hello and 25) and Ariana in 2019 (7 rings and thank u next) chart forces
  17. KingB®

    "Halo" hits 800M Views

    800.015.130 views It also reached a new monthly peak this January with 22M views (wtf)
  18. Mattyboy

    Ariana Grande on-par with 2013 Popgirls

    Those knocking Ariana Grande for doing 270k-300k, she’s right on pair with 2013’s popstars, even though she’s has more #1’s pre-album (Dark Horse went #1 after PRISM was released). Why hating? 💀 Katy Perry - PRISM - 286k (#1 lead single) Miley Cyrus - Bangerz - 270k (#2 lead single, #1 2nd single) Lady Gaga - ARTPOP - 258k (#4 lead single)