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Found 88 results

  1. ddddynamite

    I Want It That Way hits 400M on Spotify

    It achieved this in May but I didn't have enough post to thread. One of the biggest song from 1990s on Spotify.
  2. TaylenaStan

    Sunflower hits 800M on Spotify

    800M and still gaining 2.6M+/day Its his 6th song to hit 800M+ streams (and all of those 6 songs are still in the global top 200 spotify charts so he'll basically have 6 1B stream songs soon
  3. Despite being called a flop by some pressed people, Taylor Swift’s "reputation" is eligible for a 4x Platinum certificate becoming her 6th album out of 6 to move at least 4M units in the United States
  4. 3/4 from a billion one more quarter and she'll reach that milestone as well
  5. 1. Taylor Swift - 6,759,000 2. Avril Lavigne - 4,289,000 3. Adele - 2,166,000 4. Rihanna - 2,077,000 5. Lady Gaga - 1,982,000 6. Katy Perry - 1,199,000 7. Carly Rae Jepsen - 1,088,000 8. Ariana Grande - 1,075,000 9. Kelly Clarkson - 981,000 10. Sia - 968,000 Honorable mention: Britney Spears at #11 with 965,000 followers Info: QQ Music is by far the biggest music platform in China, kinda like the iTunes/Spotify/AM of the Middle Kingdom. Did your fave make it on the list?
  6. chosensparkles

    "ME!" eligible for Platinum in the United States

    released three weeks ago, ME! is now eligible for a platinum certification in the United States let’s hope she can get a 3x plat out of it
  7. TaylenaStan

    SOLO hits 300M views on YT

    A classic
  8. FanOfPop

    US Highest Certified Males

    This is the list based only on certifications by RIAA! So if your favorite is lower than you expected than it's not my fault that he's undercertified. I'm pretty sure I forget some males so feel free to post them and I'll add them to the list.
  9. TaylenaStan

    I Fall Apart hits 800M streams on Spotify

    A CLASSIC Still gaining 700k daily
  10. Here's 2019's Biggest Streaming Earners So Far billboard.com/articles/streaming/biggest-streaming-earners-2019 1. ARIANA GRANDE Total label streaming revenue YTD: $12.08M Total audio and video on-demand streams YTD: 2.83B 2. DRAKE Total label streaming revenue YTD: $11.29M Total audio and video on-demand streams YTD: 2.58B 3. POST MALONE Total label streaming revenue YTD: $10.90M Total audio and video on-demand streams YTD: 2.63B 4. JUICE WRLD Total label streaming revenue YTD: $8.38M Total audio and video on-demand streams YTD: 1.92B 5. BILLIE EILISH Total label streaming revenue YTD: $7.93M Total audio and video on-demand streams YTD: 1.89B
  11. Thanks @Yelero and the rest for giving us the updates. Edit: 01/31/2019 Top 20: 1. Rihanna: 1,410M 2. Ariana Grande: 1,371M 3. Taylor Swit: 1,163M 4. Adele: 1,132M 5. Beyoncè: 754k 6. Anitta: 695k 7. Billie Eilish: 653k 8. Shakira: 631k 9. Sia: 607k 10. Marilia Mendonça: 588k 11. Little Mix: 568k 12. Katy Perry: 566k 13. Lady Gaga: 526k 14. Amy Whinehouse: 506k 15. Lana Del Rey: 513k 16. Dua Lipa: 484k 17. Selena Gomez: 454k 18. P!nk: 375k 19. Cardi B: 321k 20. Britney Spears: 319k Others: Mon Laferte: 312k Nicki Minaj: 300k Ha*Ash: 294k Camila Cabello: 293k Lorde: 289k Simone & Simaria: 281k Demi Lovato: 273k Halsey: 273k Fifth Harmony: 269k TWICE: 253k ANAVITORIA: 245k Jennifer Lopez: 232k Madonna: 226k Aretha Franklin: 206k Celine Dion: 201k Maiara & Maraisa: 185k Becky G: 178k Avril Lavigne: 172k Red Velvet: 168k Selena: 162k Bebe Rexha: 154k Carla Morrison: 149k Whitney Houston: 145k Thalia: 137k Zara Larsson: 136k Ivete Sangalo: 133k Anne-Marie: 131k Mariah Carey: 129k Jorja Smith: 124k Lauren Daigle: 123k Miley Cyrus: 120k Jenni Rivera: 118k Alicia Keys: 114k Spice Girls: 111k IU: 111k Enya: 110k Meghan Trainor: 104k Rita Ora: 92k Laura Puisini: 91k Cher: 90k Christina Aguilera: 89k Melanie Martinez: 84k Kehlani: 84k Alessia Cara: 82k Tina Turner: 81k Girls Generation: 78k SZA: 77k Julieta Venegas: 77k Kelly Clarkson: 76k Zaz: 74k Ellie Goulding: 71k Shania Twain: 69k Natti Natasha: 69k Sezen Aksu: 61k Jess Glynn: 60k Alanis Morissette: 58k Tove Lo: 58k Jessie J: 56k Rocio Durcal: 56k Barbra Streisand: 52k Ms Lauryn Hill: 47k Dolly Parton: 43k Janet Jackson: 42k IZA: 41k Kylie Minogue: 38k Kesha: 38k BLACKPINK: 33k First update:
  12. Source: https://www.fimi.it/top-of-the-music/certification-form.kl#/certificationform/9634 Her certifications for this era so far: I’ll Never Love Again - 1x Gold (25,000) Always Remember Us This Way - 1x Gold (25,000) A Star is Born - 1x Platinum (50,000) Shallow - 2x Platinum (100,000) Total: 200,000
  13. Inverted

    Con Calma passes 300 million on Spotify

    Make sure to stream the original and remix with Katy Perry.
  14. Only the modern classic by THE Kylie, which has been #1 in more than 40 countries
  15. A true modern classic 200m streams on Spotify
  16. TaylenaStan

    Sunflower hits 500M views on YT

    A SMASH And still gaining 2.6M+/day also 674M on spotify and still gaining 3M/day Could become the biggest hit on the BB YE Chart
  17. since there were some doubts about the original source yesterday...
  18. eaucitronnée

    Blackpink sets YT Premiere record

    https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/k-town/8505959/blackpinks-kill-this-love-video-sets-record-for-biggest-youtube youtube premiere refers to when artists do those live premieres of music videos kill these stats
  19. In just 2 days, 14 Hours, and 13 minutes, they set an all-time record of the fastest MV to hit 100M on YouTube
  20. Biggest 24 hours update for: K-Pop artist (BTS - Fake Love, 2,247,037 streams), Asian artist (BTS) Girl Group - (Fifth Harmony - Work From Home, 3,464,320 streams)
  21. With Drunk Groove
  22. 900,000,000 streams. One of the most successful singles by a girl-group in history.