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Found 4 results

  1. ATRL Administration

    ATRL HQ | Read OP Before Posting

    Here you can: – Discuss and ask questions about ATRL's rules – Discuss changes to ATRL or suggest new changes – Request threads to be closed, merged or opened – Request other minor things that only the moderators can do for you – Ask questions about ATRL in general – Discuss other things that are happening on ATRL While there are usually moderators around to answer, other members are also free to help you out. You're not guaranteed an official answer by posting in ATRL HQ. If you need one, send a help request. However, it may take several days for help requests to be answered. Be reminded, however, that moderators are also not obligated to reply to help requests. Always be respectful to staff and to other members. A hostile or disruptive attitude will result in a thread ban and a permanent warning point. The following can only be done by help request: – Complain about warning points that you've received – Bring up rule-breaking posts that were left unwarned – Bring up avatars/signatures that you find vulgar or offensive – Request dupe checks – Request thread bans – Complain about harassment Do not: – Use the thread to report threads or posts – Talk negatively about other members or fan bases – Celebrate or protest when a member gets banned – Start or encourage fights or arguments – Argue with moderators after being given an answer – Post or discuss PMs you have received from other members – Post a query or complaint more than once (send a help request if you need an answer) – Repeatedly ask when your HR will be replied to or demand an answer – Tag moderators or members. While this is a fairly casual thread, it’s not meant for excessive general banter that you may find in Random Thoughts.
  2. ATRL Administration

    Zero Tolerance Policy 2020

    The Zero Tolerance Policy (ZTP) covers all forms of explicit hateful and discriminatory speech that make other users feel unsafe and uncomfortable. This includes but is not limited to racist, homophobic, or transphobic posts, as well as discrimination or offensive comments based on sexuality, gender or an individual's choice to be defined as something else altogether. When we launched the original ZTP in 2019, it was reserved for explicit instances of offensive behavior. Unfortunately, this inadvertently allowed for instances of subtle or hinted comments (such as "veiled" racism) to continue to be posted, which would be captured by an "Offensive" or "Insensitive" warning point. On the other hand, many users were being permanently banned for being ignorant rather than malicious, and were not given the chance to return to the forum if they realized the error of their ways and who took responsibility for their post(s). To prevent the above from happening, we are adjusting the policy to be able to capture all forms of offensive behavior on the forum, while giving members who were only ignorant and not malicious the chance to continue being a member of ATRL. The new policy, enacted and in force from 16 June 2020, reads as below. Zero Tolerance Policy 2020 An Offensive warning will include a three month ban from the forum, alongside the 2 warning points with an expiry of one year. If you accrue three Offensive warnings from the date of this policy being in force, a permanent ban from the forum will be issued. However, in exceptional circumstances, the ATRL staff reserve the right to issue a permanent ban at their discretion before reaching your third offense. Please note that this policy will not be applied retroactively to previous permanent bans under the original ZTP.
  3. Lee!!

    ATRL welcomes 5 new moderators

    ATRL welcomes 5 new moderators: @Bloo @Oxygen @Tsareena @Weed @eaucitronnée
  4. Lee!!

    The TRL Archive is back!

    The TRL Archive is back! With Classic ATRL still being worked on, I've managed to rescue most of the TRL Archive and host in here. I know many of you have been asking for it to come back, and I'm glad to say it is back! Check it out, and revisit the history of TRL which helped craft ATRL into the site it is today! The quick link located at the bottom of the site under Helpful Links for easy access has been updated to reflect the new page.