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  1. ATRL Feedback

    ATRL HQ | Read the OP Before Posting

    Here you can: – Discuss and ask questions about ATRL's rules – Discuss changes to ATRL or suggest new changes – Request threads to be closed, merged or opened – Request other minor things that only the moderators can do for you – Ask questions about ATRL in general – Discuss other things that are happening on ATRL While there are usually moderators around to answer, other members are also free to help you out. You're not guaranteed an official answer by posting in ATRL HQ. If you need one, send a help request. However, it may take several days for help requests to be answered. Always be respectful to staff and to other members. A hostile or disruptive attitude will result in a thread ban and a permanent warning point. The following can only be done by help request: – Complain about warning points that you've received – Bring up rule-breaking posts that were left unwarned – Bring up avatars/signatures that you find vulgar or offensive – Request dupe checks – Request thread bans – Complain about harassment Do not: – Use the thread to report threads or posts – Talk negatively about other members or fan bases – Celebrate or protest when a member gets banned – Start or encourage fights or arguments – Argue with moderators after being given an answer – Post or discuss PMs you have received from other members – Post a query or complaint more than once (send a help request if you need an answer) – Repeatedly ask when your HR will be replied to or demand an answer While this is a fairly casual thread, it’s not meant for excessive general banter that you may find in Random Thoughts.
  2. Welcome to ATRL's Best of 2018! It's the most wonderful time of the year, and it's time for you to give us your best. You are invited to share all of the music, entertainment, and moments that defined your year. Guidelines for Best of 2018: 1. It's your show You get one thread per year to share your stuff. No one else gets to vote on your lists and countdowns, your thread is all about you. 2. Start with an intro Use your first post to tell us what you're going to do. Will you list your top songs, singles, videos, albums, artists, concerts, TV shows, movies, video games, whatever? It's all up to you. Let us know first, and get into the actual list later. 3. Don't post all at once You want to post your countdown(s) in installments. For example, if you have one list of 50 songs, post it in daily blocks of 5 or so. The suspense makes things interesting. 4. Use words and pictures Your thread will be more fun to follow if you put some effort into it. Describe every item on your list with at least a full sentence. If you add pictures and graphics, that's even better. 5. Actively participate We encourage you to support each other. Reply with your comments to let them know you're reading. If someone is taking the time to read your thread, try and return the favor. Be supportive and have fun. 6. Limited time only This year, the Best of 2018 forum will be open until January 21st, 2019. Finish up before then! If you need inspiration, take a look at ATRL's Best of 2017!