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Found 3 results

  1. ATRL Administration

    Extortion and Blackmail Are Crimes...

    Some of you aren’t going to be happy until you’re sitting in a jail cell. Threatening to extort or blackmail ANY member, let alone a member of the ATRL staff, with nude photos is tragic, pathetic, unstable behavior and illegal. Over a pop culture message board? Because your online friend was banned from the forum? Disgusting. Seek mental help, We will be cooperating with local law enforcement to file criminal complaints, including asking the district attorneys to subpoena all social networks where such blackmail/extortion was discussed, planned and plotted.
  2. Earlier today, there was an incident involving the posting of another member’s personal information. We want to state that under no circumstances will this be allowed. Doxxing is grounds for a permanent ban, and should a member opt to press charges, ATRL will fully cooperate with their local law enforcement. Don't let anything take you to the point of doing something like that. Even as a "joke". Just don't.
  3. Hello, At ATRL we welcome healthy discussion and criticism of any country or world power is acceptable. However, we have seen an increase of rhetoric that is disconcerting to our team and we want to put a stop to it. Conflation of Israel and Jewish people as a whole is considered Anti-Semitic and against our ZTP, as is conflating Muslims and Palestinians with terrorism. Any posts assuming a Jewish individual is acting behind the scenes to support Israel or that Jewish people control the media, finances, etc will be warned appropriately. Thank you.
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