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Found 9 results

  1. Welcome to ATRL's first Valentine's Day event! (I think?) This event revolves solely around Valentine's day themed avatars. The avies voted into the top 10 will win ATRL+. Perfect chance for newbies and anyone who doesn't have it! If anyone who already has it wins, they can choose a member to give it to. Post any avie you think is great in this thread along with a username and we'll tally them all up at the end. Starting this Wednesday @ 12 AM EST. Ends at @ 11 PM the same day. Get your avatars ready! Be creative and show us your best! Sign ups: 1. 2. 3. 4.
  2. Despite less than ideal circumstances, we want to thank everyone who participated in the Best of 2017 forum this year. Activity was higher than we anticipated and we're glad this annual tradition continues to thrive. As promised, we have chosen ten threads that we feel excelled in some way. Their creators will be upgraded to ATRL+ status. Congratulations to: @AlexisNeiers @artangel @Delta @Dom @Green @prézli @shelven @Tom Vercetti @TRF. @Tsareena The forum will remain open one more day, so if you wish you can leave your final comments there as well.
  3. Welcome to ATRL's Best of 2017! It's the most wonderful time of the year, and it's time for you to give us your best. You are invited to share all of the music, entertainment, and moments that defined your year. Guidelines for Best of 2017: 1. It's your show You get one thread per year to share your stuff. No one else gets to vote on your lists and countdowns, your thread is all about you. 2. Start with an intro Use your first post to tell us what you're going to do. Will you list your top songs, singles, videos, albums, artists, concerts, TV shows, movies, video games, whatever? It's all up to you. Let us know first, and get into the actual list later. 3. Don't post all at once You want to post your countdown(s) in installments. For example, if you have one list of 50 songs, post it in daily blocks of 5 or so. The suspense makes things interesting. 4. Use words, pictures Your thread will be more fun to follow if you put some effort into it. Describe every item on your list with at least a full sentence. If you add pictures and graphics, that's even better. 5. Actively participate We encourage you to support each other. Reply with your comments to let them know you're reading. If someone is taking the time to read your thread, try and return the favor. Be supportive and have fun. 6. Limited time only This year, the Best of 2017 forum will be open until January 14, 2018. Finish up before then! 7. Prizes The moderators will choose the ten best threads and highlight them in the last week. Winners will also receive ATRL+ status for themselves, or for a friend if they already have it. Now, it's your turn. Start posting!
  4. Due to a persistent issue with warnings not expiring when they should, we will now start reversing them manually. If you have 10 or more active warning points (the number displayed in your profile), send a help request with subject "WP cleanup". Your actual warning point total must be 4 or less (add up the warnings that have not expired). If you don't meet these requirements, your request will be ignored. Apologies for the inconvenience. The admins are committed to getting the forum back in working order. Note: If you're reading this while banned, you have to be logged in to be able to send a help request. If you were not eligible for a cleanup at the time of the ban, then you will stay banned.
  5. To ring in the new year we're making a slight change to the Nickname rule. It is now allowed to use descriptive or positive nicknames in Fan Base threads for the respective celebrity. This includes large continuous discussion threads that act as Fan Base threads, such as the K-Pop discussion thread. Nicknames are still forbidden in the rest of the Base section, and outside of Base.
  6. They've been doing the job undercover for quite some time already but today we officially announce our new moderators: @Cantaloupe. (aka Devil) @Hug (aka Hugamari) @ManDown We also say goodbye to our dear friend @Era who can no longer combine his busy life with moderating the forum. Thanks to everyone else who applied!
  7. Any new changes made will be posted here. Please note: Most changes will now be made off-site and brought in as an official update to avoid any issues working on a live site. Conversion Changes Only a limited amount of data was brought in with the upgrade, and some are not compatible with this forum. Please see below: BB Code - Any that exist within your signatures and PMs may not work. There's BBCode support that we're in the process of testing out, but it won't be as complex as what we had before. Post counts were initially transferred but have been automatically recounted by the software. There's no way for us to get it back at this point other than to do the transfer all over again.
  8. Are you excited about the new ATRL and the future of this community? Do you want to contribute to its growth and help steer it in the right direction? We would love to hear from you. Anyone is allowed to apply, except members who joined us in 2017. If you've applied before, you're welcome to do so again. In order to apply, all you have to do is send a PM to ATRL Apps, briefly introducing yourself and explaining why you would be a great moderator. Don't use more than 400 words. If we're interested to hear more from you, we'll let you know. You can take your time to apply. As of now, there is no deadline, nor have we set a date for when any new mods will be added.
  9. With the launch of the new forum, we've also taken the time to update our rules and guidelines. You can read them here. The biggest change is that you will now be banned for two weeks at 5 points, and for two months at 10 points. On top of that, warnings for vulgar and insensitive posts will now take longer to expire. Warnings for file sharing and file share requests are now permanent. Blogs are back, but the general rules apply to those as well. Don't use them to fight with other members, to drag celebrities, or to post vulgar content. We realize many of you won't be happy with these changes, but we feel it is a necessary step if we want to take ATRL to the next level. To compensate, everyone is starting with a clean slate. Permanent and temporary points were all wiped. Send a help request if you were somehow missed. NOTE: Temporary and permanent bans were not lifted. Temporary ones should expire normally, except the ones that should have expired during the downtime. If you are locked out for that reason, send a help request.