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Found 370 results

  1. Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky unseats incumbent in Ukraine’s presidential election, exit poll shows "Ukraine is about to elect a Donald Trump — that's the simplest way of putting it," Wynnyckyj told CBC News in an interview. Wynnyckyj said voters appear poised to take a leap of faith on someone whose politics they know very little about, based only on his fame from being on TV. "We have an equivalent to the phrase, 'Lock her up,' " a slogan Trump used repeatedly during his successful 2016 campaign against Hillary Clinton for the U.S. presidency, he said. "It's called 'Lock them up' because he's supposedly fighting corruption, but at the end of the day he's not made it clear at all how he plans to do that," said Wynnyckyj. НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ ЕКЗИТ-ПОЛ`2019 Зеленський Володимир 73.20% Порошенко Петро 25.30% https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/as-ukraine-votes-in-presidential-runoff-a-comedian-looks-to-unseat-the-incumbent/2019/04/21/b7d69a38-603f-11e9-bf24-db4b9fb62aa2_story.html
  2. umich

    Woman attacks package thief.

    Shirah Booker saw the woman going through her mailbox on her Ring doorbell camera. Booker confronted the suspect and kicked her off her property. The suspected porch pirate didn't take anything. Booker says she got everything back, even the stamp from her envelope. She posted on social media, "You may wanna think twice about stealing from my house. Just FYI -- I see everything!" https://abc7news.com/video-socal-homeowner-chases-off-suspected-porch-pirate/5261831/
  3. Brexit Votes and Buffoonery: Key Votes: Meaningful Vote 1 (15 January 2019): 202-432 PM should amend NI backstop (29 January 2019): 317-301 Against No Deal (29 January 2019): 318-310 Meaningful Vote 2 (12 March 2019): 242-391 Against No Deal in any circumstance (13 March 2019): 321-278 Extending Article 50 (14 March 2019): 412-202 For Indicative Votes (25 March 2019): 329-302 Against all Brexit options (27 March 2019) Meaningful Vote 2.5 (29 March 2019): 344-286 Against all Brexit options (1 April 2019) Against further Indicative Votes (3 April 2019): 310-310 (speaker voted against) Extending Article 50 (3 April 2019): 313-312 Meaningful Vote 4: possibly not allowed?
  4. One of Northern Ireland's "most promising" journalists has been shot dead during rioting that police are treating as a terrorist incident. Dissident republicans are being blamed for killing 29-year-old Lyra McKee after violence broke out during police searches in Londonderry on Thursday. Police said a group known as the New IRA "are likely to be the ones" responsible for her murder. Ms McKee's partner said she had been left without "the love of my life". Sara Canning, speaking at a vigil in Derry, said the journalist's dreams had been "snuffed out by a single barbaric act". https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-47985469 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-47987807 News article about Lyra's activism and being LGBT in Northern Ireland Lyra's Tedx Talk in Stormont two years ago, she talks about the struggles about being LGBT and talks about the tragic Pulse shooting in Orlando, (she also takes a few digs at Trump too). RIP Lyra, you were a shining beacon for LGBT people in Northern Ireland, my prayers go to your family and friends
  5. A right-wing militia group operating in southern New Mexico has begun stopping groups of migrant families and detaining them at gunpoint before handing them over to Border Patrol agents, raising tension over the tactics of armed vigilantes along the border between the United States and Mexico. Members of the group, which calls itself the United Constitutional Patriots, filmed several of their actions in recent days, including the detention this week of a group of about 200 migrants who had recently crossed the border near Sunland Park, N.M., with the intention of seeking asylum. They uploaded videos to social media of exhausted looking migrant families, blinking in the darkness in the glare of what appeared to be the militia’s spotlights. -- Actual demons
  6. FULL STORY: https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-asia-47947117?__twitter_impression=true Nusrat Jahan Rafi was doused with kerosene and set on fire at her school in Bangladesh. Less than two weeks earlier, she had filed a sexual harassment complaint against her headmaster. Her courage in speaking out against sexual assault, her death five days after being set alight and everything that happened in-between has gripped Bangladesh and brought attention to the vulnerability of sexual harassment victims in this conservative South Asian country. Nusrat, who was 19, was from Feni, a small town 100 miles (160km) south of Dhaka. She was studying at a madrassa, or Islamic school. On 27 March, she said the headmaster called her into his office and repeatedly touched her in an inappropriate manner. Before things could go any further she ran out. On 27 March, after she went to the police, they arrested the headmaster. Things then got worse for Nusrat. A group of people gathered in the streets demanding his release. The protest had been arranged by two male students and local politicians were allegedly in attendance. People began to blame Nusrat. Her family say they started to worry about her safety. Nevertheless, on 6 April, 11 days after the alleged sexual assault, Nusrat went to her school to sit her final exams. According to a statement given by Nusrat, a fellow female student took her to the roof of the school, saying one of her friends was being beaten up. When Nusrat reached the rooftop four or five people, wearing burqas, surrounded her and allegedly pressured her to withdraw the case against the headmaster. When she refused, they set her on fire.
  7. See most recents posts for updates For detailed, live page-by-page analysis, go here Read the report here / searchable PDF here Initial observations: buckle up!
  8. Police in St Petersburg arrested 11 LGBTI activists during the annual Day of Silence protest. The activists then began to walk in the direction of the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. They sealed their mouths with red tap but otherwise held no symbols. Police made more arrests – taking 11 people into custody in total. According to the organizers, 40-50 people participated in total. Maksimenjo told OVD-Info: ‘The police are going to detain everyone who walked with their mouths sealed. I heard what commands they gave.’ He also blames a right-wing activists for calling the police. Some of the demonstrators were minors Authorities held the demonstrators on a police bus before taking them to the 28th Police station. Solidarity of St Petersburg reported that there were four minors detained. All were released to their parents. Taking place every year, the Day of Silence is a global student-led event to highlight the silencing and erasure of LGBTI people. Heterosexuals and LGBT Alliance for Equality organized the protest in the Russian city. They are an organization who ‘unite to say “NO!” to the discrimination and harassment of our fellow citizens, friends and relatives’, according to their Facebook. Aleksei Sergeev from Heterosexuals and LGBT Alliance for Equality told Gay Star News: ‘Our goal was to attract the attention of our society to the problems of LGBT [people] in Russia. Unfortunately, the situation with freedom of assemblies in Russia is bad for LGBT. ‘After the federal “anti-gay propaganda” law, a space for public discussion about LGBT is poor, and LGBT public action and the internet are our only opportunities.’ They released a statement onto their Facebook page: ‘We are proud for all who came out today at Nevsky Avenue of St Petersburg. Yes, it’s about 40 people. Who did not sleep, was not afraid, aware of all the risks. ‘The Day of Silence has been hit by many Russian and foreign media. And hope for the future is connected with you.’ The police say the group violated the rules of the rally (part 8 of Article 20.2 of the Administrative Code). However, the demonstrators claim the arrests are illegal. This is because they were engaged in single picket protest, which doesn’t need government permission to exist. So-called gay propaganda law Russia currently has a ‘gay propaganda’ law. Adopted in 2013, it currently bans the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality to people under the age of 18. The European Court of Human Rights ruled the law is discriminatory and encourages homophobia. https://ovdinfo.org/express-news/2019/04/17/v-peterburge-na-akcii-den-molchaniya-policiya-zaderzhivaet-lgbt-aktivistov?utm_source=tw&utm_medium=social
  9. https://9to5mac.com/2019/04/18/instagram-hide-likes-feature/
  10. we are blurring the line between life and death. Exciting but scary
  11. VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/100028629609472/posts/193375884960064?sfns=mo Police have opened a hate crime probe after a transgender woman was violently attacked by several people in Dallas, Texas. Footage that went viral over the weekend allegedly shows a mob violently attacking 23-year-old Muhlaysia Booker following a traffic incident on Friday (12 April). The video shows Booker being repeatedly punched and kicked by several men. She is later dragged along the floor. The video ends with three other women helping Booker up. Booker’s relatives told NBC she was beaten unconscious. She also suffered facial fractures and a broken arm. A police department spokesperson said they were ‘investigating this offense and reviewing all available evidence to determine if it will be classified as a hate crime’. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings denounced the attack. ‘I am extremely angry about what appears to be mob violence against this woman’ he said. ‘Those who did this do not represent how Dallasites feel about our thriving LGBTQ community. We will not stand for this kind of behavior’. Booker took to Facebook to thank people for their support: ‘Thank you so much its a blessing being lucky enough to witness the love and respect im getting and thank you to all my genuine friends that been with me through this journey and knowing the real me knowing nobody deserves that’ she wrote. https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/local/police-man-arrested-for-beating-transgender-woman-assault-captured-on-video-in-east-oak-cliff/287-659e4c62-c5ba-4abc-826e-87ef1fa6d66f
  12. those affected would include military veterans with PTSD
  13. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/15/us/hit-man-lynching.html?smid=tw-nytimes&smtyp=cur
  14. https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/a-man-was-driven-to-despair-after-colleagues-allegedly-made-fun-of-his-small-penis/news-story/543cd65670050f1d3e7839372b225b32
  15. Read more: https://www.fatherly.com/news/amazon-selling-pedophile-baby-clothing/
  16. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6921097/Pictured-Student-22-fell-Fordham-Universitys-bell-tower-4am.html
  17. WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump’s campaign raked in $30 million in the first quarter of 2019 and had more than $40 million cash on hand, amassing a record war chest and far outpacing the field of Democratic candidates heading into the 2020 race, according to the campaign. Combined with $46 million raised by the Republican National Committee, the full Trump re-election effort is expected to have a grand total of $82 million in the bank, with the campaign doubling what it had at the end of last year. Trump's total is more than the top two Democratic candidates combined — Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who pulled in $18.2 million for the quarter and California Sen. Kamala Harris, who took in $12 million. In all, the eight Democratic campaigns that have reported their totals ahead of Monday's filing deadline have raised a combined $65.8 million, although none of those candidates started raising money as early as the Trump campaign. ... Now, with the full support and resources of the RNC, the president’s campaign is planning to launch a “bundling” program for super-donors to help bring in more money from wealthy supporters in their circles. Trump’s entire 2016 campaign brought in $333 million. At this pace, their second attempt will easily outraise that. Campaign manager Brad Parscale believes they may spend $1 billion this time around, which would be three times more than what it cost last cycle. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/trump-campaign-raises-30-million-first-quarter-n993581?cid=sm_npd_ms_tw_ma
  18. Judge blasts fantasist, 27, for failing to show any remorse for falsely accusing 15 men of rape and sexual assault as she LOSES appeal against conviction and 10-year jail sentence Jemma Beale was jailed in 2017 for making false sex attack claims against men She has brought her case back to court, claiming she was wrongly convicted Her lawyers claim the judge failed to warn jurors about 'myths' about fake claims But judges dismissed the case and expressed anger at Beale's lack of remorse https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6860231/Fantasist-jailed-falsely-accusing-15-men-rape-sexual-assault-appeals-conviction.html