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Found 437 results

  2. Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  3. Putin meets French far-right candidate Le Pen Putin: 'We don't want to influence in any way the events going on [in France], but reserve our right to communicate with all representatives of the country's political powers' X
  4. - Car struck people on bridge - Attacker then stabbed people near parliament - 4 dead, 20 injured - Declared a terror incident X
  5. Trump supporter’s husband getting deported X
  6. Former Breitbart editor won just 533 of the 8,210 student votes to become Glasgow University’s rector Milo Yiannopoulos just can’t catch a break lately. The former Breitbart editor lost a student election to become the University of Glasgow’s rector in a landslide defeat to Pakistani-Scottish human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar. The alt-right journalist took just 533 of the 8,210 student votes, according to the Glasgow Guardian. Yiannopoulos, 32, had been campaigning for the honorary role that represents the entire student body and was up against 12 other nominees, including Scottish judge Lady Hazel Cosgrove. Anwar will now take over as rector from intelligence whistleblower Edward Snowden, who has served three years in the role, the BBC reported. Earlier this month, a petition was launched against Yiannopoulos demanding that he be removed from the ballot for spreading a message of “hate and violence.” “Glasgow, both University and city, has never condoned fascism and hate against women and minorities. This is not us,” one protester wrote. The defeat tops off a rough few months for the polarizing Yiannopoulos, who resigned from his position at Breitbart and lost a $250,000 Simon & Schuster book deal after making comments about both Muslims and child abuse. Born in Kent, England, Yiannopoulos attended the University of Manchester and Cambridge University’s Wolfson College, but he dropped out of both before earning a degree.
  7. Erdogan: I'll keep up 'Nazi' taunts if I'm called 'dictator' The strained relations between Turkey and Europe continue as President Erdogan vows to continue his "Nazi" taunts - unless European leaders stop calling him a dictator. X
  8. •Trump has selected Woody Johnson, the billionaire owner of the New York Jets American football team, to serve as his ambassador to the UK. •Speaking at a Washington luncheon, the President-elect introduced a guest as "sitting next to the ambassador Woody Johnson, going to Saint James." Donald Trump selects Woody Johnson, billionaire New York Jets owner, as UK ambassador Welp, we're ****ed.
  9. Trump starts publishing weekly list of ‘crimes by immigrants’ Donald Trump’s administration has published its first list of alleged crimes committed by immigrants. X
  12. Can't believe he's still trying with this
  13. North Korea will launch another nuclear test in next few days, officials say X
  14. Americans chant ‘Build the wall’ while on vacation in Cancun, Mexico X
  16. North Korea blasts Trump for being too much like Obama X
  17. 21-year-old student in jail after his ‘No’ video goes viral ahead of prez referendum X
  18. When I say, not even jokingly, that I would skip the graduation and have them mail me my degree... My understanding is that a bunch of Liberty students HATE Trump, even though the president adores him. I hope he gets booed.
  19. Officials: Trump associates may have coordinated with Russians X
  20. China is warning the U.S. to stay "coolheaded" on North Korea. X
  21. Red more here! OMG SO SCARY
  22. FBI Reportedly Looking At Breitbart, InfoWars As Part Of Russia Probe X
  23. North Korea says it is 'ready for war' with Donald Trump's United States X