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Found 577 results

  1. eaucitronnée

    Angèle - 'Balance ton quoi'

    this song and the music video are gorgeous y'all need to give it a stream!
  2. shookgrande

    Lil Dicky - "Earth"

  3. the continuation of her first two songs (crush and bad ideas) from this era. she has released bops so far. so get into her yall and her aesthetic is also pleasing

    Björk - 'Tabula Rasa'

    official video and visual used for Cornucopia
  5. Elvenpath

    J Mena - La Cobra

    Shakira + JLo = J Mena https://youtu.be/DJ5KvvdTR-0

    Maluma x GIMS - Hola Señorita

    OH WOW This is sooo good
  7. Kim Kardashian

    Ciara - "Beauty Marks"

  8. It's a nice video and Alvaro looks cute as always, but his partying theme in his videos is really starting to bore me, I wish he would do something else for a change.
  9. bestfiction

    Mylene Farmer - Des Larmes

  10. Kim Kardashian

    Aly & AJ - "Don't Go Changing

  11. unreliablecynic

    Iggy Azalea - 'Started'

  12. Soobin

    WayV - "Take Off"

  13. Junlin

    Jolin Tsai - Karma

  14. Ang3lus

    LAYA - "On Sight"