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  1. Lead single from their new album No Tourists, out November 2nd. The fact that this song & video is so faithful to their style.
  2. You got cakes I got icing
  3. In case anyone may be interested...
  4. Forgive me if it's already been posted, but I couldn't find it: All the looks are on-point, but (1) Why didn't Brady get a part?, (2) Where's all the choreo from the live performances (they showed like one second at the end), (3) The song takes place completely during the day (TONIGHT??) This could be their first song to chart on the Hot 100 if promoted properly. I saw it four straight days in the iTunes 100 and the video already has more views that it's two preceding singles in just a few days.
  6. my babies look so good
  7. Mamamoo dropped their new single "Egotistic" accompanied by some of the hottest visuals in KPop. Honestly shook by the video and the song! They did THAT!
  8. Download / Stream / Listen
  10. who is she how she got a daddy yankee collab