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Found 570 results

  1. I'm In Love With a Monster iTunes: #241 United States #260 Canada #302 United Kingdom #417 Mexico
  2. BlackoutZone

    34+35 originally featured Doja Cat?

    Or perhaps a remix is coming?
  3. T.O.A.D.S.

    Positions tracklist

    1. shut up (02:37) 2. 34+35 (02:53) 3. motive ft. Doja Cat (02:47) 4. just like magic (02:29) 5. off the table ft. The Wknd (03:59) 6. six thirty (03:03) 7. safety net ft. Ty Dolla (03:28) 8. my hair (02:38) 9. nasty (03:20) 10. west side (02:12) 11. love language (02:59) 12. positions 13. obvious (02:26) 14. pov (03:21)
  4. Electric Youth

    Nelly Furtado back to the studio The way we WON, @TKO @Dark Miracles @naval23 @karma police @AvrilLaQueen
  5. MusicandSoul

    Monica - Trenches (ft. Lil Baby)

    Monica releases her brand new single ‘TRENCHES’ ahead of the Brandy vs Monica versuz battle! iTunes: http://TRENCHES - Single by Monica & Lil Baby Apple Music: TIDAL : It’s a cute lil bop..I’m here for it! Come thru Mo! Produced by The Neptunes
  6. NotAvaMax

    Gabbie Hanna - 'Shut Me Up'

    The 2nd single off her debut album "This Time Next Year". Out on October 29th, video on the 30th.
  7. TalkThatRihanna

    Adele confirms no 2020 release

  8. More Than A Melody

    Harry’s Fine Line back at #1 in Apple Music worldwide

    Following the release of his new single Golden, in its 333rd day since release The album was also one of the most streamed in the world on Spotify yesterday (second or third) with 10,017,876 total streams (12 tracks) Sorry, this was meant to go on charts. Can someone move it?
  9. JayRockafella

    Lil Uzi samples Nicki mixtape bars one of the biggest male hip hop artists rn referencing a mixtape bar Nicki is too legendary her mixtapes and random remixes being used in new tracks already (cardi, drake, city girls)
  10. Breathe On Moi

    City Girls/Lil Baby- Flewed Out |video out now!|

    Video is out at 6pm, Best choice for the next single tbh
  11. 20th Anniversary Edition OUT 23rd October 2020 previous OP:
  12. SHE'S COMING her US television debut performance
  13. Topaz

    ALL TUN album tracks hit 100m +

    With Make Up finally hitting 100m ALL Tracks from Thank You Next have now hit 100m + Streams! thank u, next 7 rings 1,278,588,921 1,276,530 thank u, next NASA 214,503,037 214,158 thank u, next bad idea 170,713,502 170,439 thank u, next bloodline 177,064,286 176,779 thank u, next break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored 613,145,718 612,158 thank u, next fake smile 146,657,238 146,421 thank u, next ghostin 141,037,520 140,810 thank u, next imagine 292,299,297 291,829 thank u, next in my head 134,517,473 134,301 thank u, next make up 100,005,901 99,659 thank u, next needy 207,835,269 207,501 thank u, next thank u, next 1,191,419,014 1,189,500 thank u, next 4,667,601,082 4,660,085
  14. ariananext

    Ariana's MUA confirms Mariah x Ariana x JH

    he posted this story and then deleted.. a dream come true