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Found 540 results

  1. Chemist

    All RBD discog is now on Spotify
  2. JoAddams

    14th anniversary of B'Day!

    14 years ago B'Day was released to coincide with Beyoncé twenty-fifth birthday on September 4! Iconic record topped charts in Canada, USA & Worldwide, sold 14 million copies in world & including smash bops Déjà Vu (#1 UK), Irreaplaceable (10 weeks #1 in USA and song of 2007) and Beautiful liar (#1 in 32 countries). With deluxe Edition, Queen released Anthology Video Album (her 1st visual album ):
  3. LCTV

    JP Saxe - " A Little Bit Yours "
  4. JoAddams

    20th anniversary of Independent Women!

    20 years ago Independent Women Part I was released as Charlie's Angels soundtrack / lead single from Survivor album! Iconic hit topped charts in Europe, New Zealand, UK & USA, included in Guinness Book of World for most longest #1 by girl group (11 weels). Song won Billboard Music Awards for Soundtrack Single of the Year and was nominated on Grammy Awards (Best Song Written for Visual Media) & MTV Video Music Awards (Best Video from a Film / Viewer's Choice):
  5. nooniebao

    New Bryson Tiller album out this Fall

    Teaser at the end of his new music video for “Inhale.”
  6. They sent a text out to fans saying a remix is coming on Friday.
  7. rihannabiggestfan

    DEV - "Bom Dia"

    Releasing on a Tuesday is pretty unconventional, right? Lol. And I don't love the song, but at least it's something new, I guess. Queen of blurring the lines between singing, talking, and rapping
  8. Confirmed by Zara in an interview
  9. MusicandSoul

    Monica - Trenches (ft. Lil Baby)

    Monica releases her brand new single ‘TRENCHES’ ahead of the Brandy vs Monica versuz battle! iTunes: http://TRENCHES - Single by Monica & Lil Baby Apple Music: TIDAL : It’s a cute lil bop..I’m here for it! Come thru Mo! Produced by The Neptunes
  10. JonathanLGardner


    SERVING DANCEHALL, CARNIVAL BOP The Truth Is...The Queen is back Amazon Apple Music/iTunes Google Play Spotify TIDAL
  11. GardenPanty

    The Blessed Madonna showcases her DJ skills

    someone please make a gif of this
  12. First of all, I would like to say this is not confirmed and everything is a fan conspiracy but it makes sense so I brought it here. The title is thought to be either "it's OK" or "It's ok not to be ok" and it should be dropping on September 10 (Thursday), day of suicide prevention, or some day that week. The clues are posted in this twitter thread: Demi hinted that she had already said the title of her new single in a video (video screenshot on the right): A few days ago, a radio host posted this (and deleted it). From this we can guess that it's a really meaningful song. And today Demi posted this (IT'S OK NOT TO BE OK): The single could be about SUICIDE PREVENTION SB office manager follows their account The lyrics say something like "everything's gonna be ok"