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Found 540 results

  1. Scarface

    Billie teases new song & music video

    I don’t know if it’s a new song or not. Maybe No Time To Die music video?
  2. And he isn’t open to any negotiations with Universal.
  3. Enema

    Hande Yener "Carpe Diem"

    the legendary queen of groundbreaking electro pop and what she termed bakkal music for mediocre corporate music is celebrating her 20th year in music....with an album that seems to harken back to her edgy dance diva days with a sprinkle of world weariness..... out october 2
  4. Aparently she might have a IGGY collab that she has been hiding since 2017. She posted a weird cut on her story of her watching Black Widow which is also Iggy's song which might be her hinting.
  5. Digitalism

    My fave should get better at ....?

    complete the sentence
  6. NOW

    Galimatias – 'Renaissance Boy'

    Gifted producer, who is responsible for Alina Baraz's breakthrough EP Urban Flora, released his debut album a few weeks ago.
  7. GustavoBardusco

    Pabllo teasing Little Mix collab?

    Translation: On a interview with @drikbarbosa, Pabllo Vittar confirmed that the 4 angels scene on the 'Rajadão' MV is a teaser for an upcoming collaboration which comes out this year. The girls are teasing this collab for a while
  8. SinterFold_

    Young Thug ft Rihanna incoming?

    They were spotted filming a shoot in LA last night!
  9. kelly-clarkson

    Kelly Clarkson new album on 2021

    This year she's dropping a B-sides of Christmas songs so we probably won't get a new single until next year. And also she scrapped the first direction she was recording for the album.
  10. PiperHalliwell

    Miley Cyrus recorded a cover of "Gimme More"

  11. Zerocoke

    Sara del Valle - Isaac

    Isaac, the first single from Sara del Valle’s debut album is now available!
  12. TalkThatRihanna

    Rita’s Debut Album FINALLY released in the US

    Her 2012 album is out on Spotify, available legally for the first time ever.
  13. Her 'Witness' is coming Stream her new single: