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  1. Blue.

    LALI - N5

    Argentinian Beyoncé serving dance music for the last three singles, truly a trend setter
  2. Sam posted their seasonal letters assuring fans new music is coming. ABOUT GIVE US ANOTHER Promises/DWAS/HDYS? Punch!
  3. Gagaqueen

    Kate bush Vs Beyoncè

    Why running Up that hill outsold every songs released in 2022 and Huge Beyoncè comeback ? ???? surprised ???
  4. Thoughts? The song isn’t that bad and I’ve seen more topics on it in the last hour than I have on their favs
  5. Break my soul seems a demo , but its good or not ? after 2 hours on global ITunes BREAK MY SOUL iTunes: #5 United States #10 Mexico #43 Italy #45 United Kingdom
  6. syrus

    Shelea - “Final Say”

    New music from one of David Foster’s protégés.
  7. It seems that Ellie is getting ready for a new era perhaps?? I've heard some rumors about a June 17th date. Does anyone have any news about EG5? The old thread was lost to the archive.
  8. Generation Braindead

    MØ - "True Romance"

    She just posted the full on SoundCloud. Possibly others coming like “Goodbye” from Motordrome B-Sides.
  9. Source: https://variety.com/2022/music/news/beyonces-renaissance-album-dance-country-1235296574/
  10. Generation Braindead

    Ryn Weaver tweets tracklist, then deletes

    A few caught a screenshot Ryn tweeted the other night of a list of song titles. Then she quickly deleted. Presumable for a new album? Rush Hour On Odin Street Alexei Secret XIII Rorschach Baby // Godmaker MAMAN Regina The Orchard Night Vision Back on March 25th she replied to a fan asking “On Odin Street or The Orchard first?”
  11. Supervillain

    Tove Lo performs new songs on tour

    2 Die 4 True Romance
  12. https://www.billboard.com/pro/raye-record-deal-album-release-human-re-sources-signing/
  13. She typically registers the songs that made the album right before she releases. One of them features the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and seems to sample Butterfly by Crazy Town.
  14. I have been listening to this song non-stop since I discovered Running up that Hill. It’s giving me Florence’s Lungs/Ceremonials vibes. I’m ******* obsessed
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