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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cfj5Oq_JJdC/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Like 3rd/4th Slide Over. not my IG account gworl I cackled at her label going bankrupt . That opening was not my cup of tea at all, it’s 10 years too late to be dragging RCA .
  2. Underdogs

    P!nk teases new album

    Her guitarist confirmed they're planning a tour for next year. Are we ready to erase H2BH from memory?
  3. remember? wow what a weird time
  4. A snippet of the original version with him is out there. His full verse will likely be out within a day or so.
  5. Queen coming to dominate the charts
  6. hallucinate

    Selena teases new music!

    give us another stars dance queen
  7. the new partnership between the delivery food company and miss Katy Perry
  8. This new single of his is a banger! A little different from his usual work, as it has more trance elements, but still great! Check it out!
  9. Into The Void

    Charlie Puth - 'Charlie'

    Since there is no official release date putting this under music news It is supposed to come out end of summer which is the latest Charlie stated. It is rumored to be August 12 This is not the cover Official Tracks Light Switch - 1st single That's Hilarious - 2nd single Left & Right Loser* First Time for Everything* Smells Like Me* Tik-tok Teasers Marks on My Neck Feeling Yourself Tears on my Piano Her When Your Sad, I'm Sad Reply 2 This Make Something Up Thats Not How This Works Holding Me Back Stay Away Best Friend Me & You *These were specifically mentioned in an interview Striked out tracks are ones teased during 2020 and its been reported they are scrapped
  10. Gagaqueen

    Why Carolina flopped hard ?

    Carolina iTunes: #4 Hong Kong #6 Macau #6 United States #8 Armenia #9 Australia #14 Cayman Islands #19 Ireland #19 Philippines #19 Vietnam #22 Canada #23 New Zealand #36 South Africa #42 Mexico #47 United Kingdom #58 Germany #66 Armenia #67 Netherlands #90 Brazil Spotify: #122 Canada #127 United States #146 Saudi Arabia #156 Vietnam #161 Philippines #167 United Arab Emirates #177 Worldwide #200 New Zealand New Taylor song sound like Lana del rey but it flopped so hard Why ?? a) Unknown movie b) song is bad c) Taylor is offkey d) no promo e) haters f ) The end
  11. Alex

    Brooke Candy - "Fish"

    new song she performed live a few days ago
  12. Soon after it crossed 1m streams, 'Flatline' vanished from streaming platforms but today, everything is right with the world. 'Flatline' is now officially a Sugababes single! Its return also happens to fall 9 years to the day that the song was first announced by the girls. Apple Music should be following soon.
  13. Rick

    Mariah Carey "Runway"

    Get into it hunties!
  14. Recently shared by both Adam and Maluma.
  15. gingguu

    Jessie Reyez - Fraud

    https://presave.umusic.com/jessiereyez-fraud First single from her upcoming sophomore album
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