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Found 567 results

  1. Ichinaru19

    Sara Bareilles - "Little Voice"

    "I wrote LITTLE VOICE when I was 24 years old and it has been sitting as a “demo” ever since. I’m so proud to see it as the theme to a new show about finding your voice! Made with love " - Sara Bareilles
  2. FlyPirate

    M.I.A. previewed 6th studio album

    It was on her last ig live. She was in a car heading to the studio and while discussing protests amongst other topics she played the album. Unfortunately I don’t have the recording but it’s likely to surface cause probably someone recorded it. If yall want to delete the thread it’s ok lol i’m just gonna describe what i’ve heard. So she played like 6 tracks. Judging by those, the album is a mix between MATANGI and AIM. One of them reminded me of Only 1 U, very noisy with autotuned vocals. Another one (maybe called ‘Time Traveler’ or that’s something she repeated in the song) was also very Matangi-esque, lot of drums, noisy, a bop. From the snippets we already have, these tracks are on it: Not sure if these were played cause sometimes the volume was very low: She played one with a male feature, don’t know who though. Oh, ‘OHMNI W2020’ is also on the album, reworked, with a new verse. Don’t worry, doesn’t sound too different. She better drop soon.
  3. Maluma posted this on his insta! The song started to chart in many Latin American countries so I guess her team decided to launch it there officially ! Her Truth Hurts is coming!
  4. britkneepopboi

    Kiiara teases Album

    in response to her website being updated showing something "COMING SOON"
  5. This song goes f*cking HARD!!!!
  6. Ampersand13

    MIley Cyrus - Night Crawling

    It's out there
  7. P!NK2LOVE

    LÉON - ‘Who You Lovin’ Queen her voice is SO good. A BOP!
  8. Snippet of the bridge. Song is apparently 4:48
  9. get into this Apocalyptic bop
  10. Jasey6

    Carly Rae Jepsen - Disco Sweat

    Apparently, a leaker has gotten a hold of the full album and is looking for the highest bidder.
  11. My friend dmed her and asked for 2 songs and she said she can sell them for 200$ POOR sis looking for quick cash EDIT: Round 2 here we go
  12. ATRL Debuts Curated Playlists September 11, 2018 – ATRL will be launching a series of curated playlists for Spotify effective immediately. These playlists will feature music selections as chosen by ATRL users, staff and special guests spanning various genres. Music is the core of what drives this community – without it, there would be no reason for ATRL. Our members make up thousands of the passionate, opinionated and diverse fandoms who support these artists. We’re obsessed with pop culture for a reason, after all. In the coming months, we will tie in content from rates and YTT, in addition to new bi-weekly and monthly polls voted on by members that will determine which songs make it into the playlists, and each playlist will be pushed on social media with a corresponding hashtag. Some of our feature ideas include things like: · ATRL Critic: Highlighting the albums with the best ATRL Critic scores. · ATRL Select: Five members select five songs to be spotlighted. Their selections will be published in a pinned thread with a direct link to the playlist. · ATRL’s Artist of the Month: An artist will be spotlighted in a playlist of the best their discography has to offer. Members will vote on their favorite singles and b-sides with the top 25 making the playlist selection. · ATRL Songs of Summer ’18: Members select their favorite songs of the summer to be included in this playlist. · Genre threads such as “Indie Heauxs” and the “KTRL” will have their featured playlists featuring their recommendations and winners of the quarterly rates. The first selection for artist of the month (launching in October) is the one and only Lady Gaga. In celebration of her critically acclaimed film "A Star is Born" and her multitude of accolades and accomplishments to the music business, it was only fitting that Lady Gaga would be our first choice. The first two playlists are the "The Official ATRL Playlist" and "The Official ATRL Moderating Team Playlist," with more to be added in the coming weeks. We hope you will participate in the creation of these playlists and we look forward to hearing from you! Follow ATRL on Twitter @ATRL
  13. World Eater

    Upcoming Releases | Miley Cyrus, Bad Bunny

    Upcoming Releases Thread • Studio albums, mixtapes, EPs and noteworthy reissues (of which 25% of the tracklisting is previously unreleased material excluding live versions and remixes, as per music section rules) are being posted in this thread. • Releases are sorted in alphabetical order by artist name. • Genres can be found in parenthesis. • A hyperlink to an album thread (if one exists) will be linked over the title. • Archive of previous weeks' releases (up until the fourth week after their release dates) is kept in the OP. • Albums won't be listed unless the title and release date are known. • If there's something missing, just comment and I'll add it. Four weeks ago Three weeks ago Two weeks ago Last week This week November 27 AJ Tracey - 'Secure the Bag! 2' (uk hip hop) Bad Bunny - 'EL ÚLTIMO TOUR DEL MUNDO' (trap, pop rap) FLOHIO - 'No Panic No Pain' (hip hop) Foogiano - 'Gutta Baby' (trap) Gary Barlow - 'Music Played by Humans' (boomer pop) Jordin Sparks - 'Cider & Hennessy' (christmas music) Juicy J - 'The Hustle Continues' (hip hop) Miley Cyrus - 'Plastic Hearts' (pop rock, synthpop) Sabrina Claudio - 'Christmas Blues' (christmas music) Smashing Pumpkins - 'CYR' (alternative rock) Steps - 'What the Future Holds' (pop) Stevie Mackey - 'The Most Wonderful Time' (christmas music) December 1 BoA - 'Better' (k-pop) Poppy - 'A Very Poppy Christmas EP' (christmas music) December 2 Ichiko Aoba - 'Adan no Kaze' (singer/songwriter) December 3 LAUREL - 'Petrol Bloom EP' (synthpop) TINI - 'TINI TINI TINI' (latin pop)