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Found 807 results

  1. Just won the voice UK with a cover of I’ll never love again!
  2. Another hit record for Cardi. Sigh, it never ends!
  3. MARINA for Vogue - https://www.vogue.com/article/marina-diamondis-love-and-fear-interview/amp
  4. Someone hire this guy to produce Taylor’s next album
  5. https://twitter.com/teamofrihanna/status/1114082982216777728?s=21
  6. MadMax12

    Is Katy going through her Erotica phase?

    Like Katy, Madonna had an underperforming era after consistent success with Erotica. But then she returned with one of her most successful albums “Ray of Light”. Can Katy make a simillar comeback after underperforming?
  7. This bop is premiering in a few hours. Sampling Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams"
  8. New song is out! It’s so good
  9. kelly-clarkson

    Hilary Duff - 'Metamorphosis' (Vinyl Release)

    Tracklisting: Side A 1. So Yesterday 2. Come Clean 3. Workin' it Out 4. Little Voice 5. Where Did I Go Right? 6. Anywhere But Here Side B 1. The Math 2. Love Just Is 3. Sweet Sixteen 4. Party Up 5. Metamorphosis 6. Inner Strength 7. Why Not https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/hilary-duff-metamorphosis-limited-lp
  10. World Eater

    New HAIM Q2/Q3

  11. Starkboy

    Guava Island dropping next week?

    He also has Coachella next week so :d
  12. Kylie Jenner

    Lorde - “Black Sky”

  13. According to a Dutch Music News website Beyoncé is set to release a Docu-Series on Netflix that chronicles the preperations for her Coachella set and a "Best Of" style compilation album with a few new songs. https://www.nu.nl/muziek/5826240/beyonce-komt-met-nieuwe-muziek-en-eigen-netflix-documentaire.html Google translate: Beyoncé is supposed to be working on a number of new songs and will also be publishing its own documentary on Netflix, sources report Thursday to Us Magazine. The 37-year-old singer is expected to work on several new albums, which should appear on a 'deluxe album'. That album would also be supplemented with old hits. Beyoncé would also be working on a Netflix documentary around her performance at the Coachella festival in 2018. There, the American wrote history last April as the first female headliner with a dark skin color. Only Lady Gaga and Björk preceded her as female headliners.
  14. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bv2U5UIBmWX/
  15. Inspired by this thread. I noticed that Faithful from the album 'Views' is nowhere to be found on the the 95 songs with 100m streams & I'm honestly shocked. The song is lowkey a top 5 drizzy song of all time. Do you agree? listen below if you've never heard this masterpiece. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/faithful-feat-pimp-c-dvsn/1108737195?i=1108737303
  16. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bv1s0y9ARfJ/