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Found 3,794 results

  1. Get ready for her “Perfect Illusion“.
  2. The debut album from (IMHO) the most exciting Australian band in a long time. April 13th, 2018. 1. Try Your Luck 2. Don't You Know I'm In a Band 3. Boyfriend 4. C.O.O.L Party 5. Out the Window 6. Catch My Breath 7. Bubblegum 8. Better Sit Down Boy 9. Sail Boat Vacation 10. All the Way 11. Fascination
  3. Out of order. Songs were added to PPL: Differently Don't Do It Don't Miss You Go Quietly No Hesitation Sideways Subtle Thing Wish You Would All Night Long (feat. Steve Davit) Listening (feat. Steve Davit)
  4. Bonus: Update: It now holds the second most-consecutive weeks at #1 in the (last 20 years), breaking their tie with Ed. Next week, it’ll tie Adele.
  5. And it’s really good. Listen to it here:
  6. First test pressing of Neon Nights spinning chez moi. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻Celebrating 15 years since Neon Nights was released. #Danniiversary edition will be available soon on CD and digitally, and for the first time ever you’ll also be able to spin it on vinyl!!!! #PutTheNeedleOnIt 📱 🎧 💿 🎤
  7. Starts alittle slow but phew it gets flawless
  8. Hot new single from Lovele$$ and Lil Yatchy!!!
  9. For anyone that doesn't know Brandon, Normani's manager was the mentee of Jay Brown. The same Jay Brown, manager of Rihanna who made her career what it is.
  10. Tinashe & multiple news outlets have confirmed April as the release month already, but Amazon is now specifically listing April 13th.
  11. The time has appeared next to it, so it's coming Friday as the next promo single
  12. She mentions it here, reputation tour starts May 8th
  13. Love Don't Let Me Go is finally coming I never thought this day will come The demo:
  14. We aren’t ready!!
  15. A full version of Wavy please