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  2. She just retweeted this tweet from December 7th, 2017 () after this and Sony Music's tweet, I think it's a safe bet that "Real Friends" could be the 3rd single from Camila!
  3. She signed a deal with BMG last year
  4. So, Pedro Damian (creator of the Mexican pop supergroup RBD) is back with a new telenovela and new group. Today they have released their first single, which is a mid tempo reggaeton-esque Latin pop song, in which Pedro Damian's daughter attempts rapping. It is definitely an experience
  6. Recently, Drake's new album that is heavily streamed on Spotify & Apple Music has allowed him to occupy 7/10 of the Top 10 of Billboard Hot 100 during his album release week. I was having this thing that has been troubling me about how the Billboard charts work. Why is it that when a song is being stream, helps contribute to both the song's position on Hot 100 as well as Billboard 200 in terms of SPS. In some sense, artists who are stronger in selling singles tends to have the advantage of being able to chart on both Hot 100 and Billboard 200 eg. Drake. However, comparing to huge album sellers like Adele and Taylor, despite being way well known in terms of pure sales, tends to be at disadvantage. Eg during their album release week, many fans went to purchase both artists album but the Singles eg. Hello, Shake It Off seems to have suffer in their position in the Hot 100. Overall, don't you think it is unfair to artists who are strong in their pure sales compared to their streaming counterparts. If singles on Billboard hot 100 can influence the parent album on Billboard top 200, shouldn't the purchase of a album helps contribute to a single's position on Hot 100 as well (After all, buying an album means you have purchase the single inclusively as well).
  7. If I’m Still In Love: Noah Cyrus, Justin Stanley, Nate Cryphert, Jamie Lidell Good Cry: Noah Cyrus, Tushar Apte, East
  9. Are y’all ready for Asian Doll?
  10. "I got a song coming out with Justin Bieber and some more of my great friends on the record," Khaled said. "I want it to be a surprise, but it's going to be one of the biggest anthems."
  11. Despite recently releasing a new album, Jessie J is already recording and previewing new music
  13. while Dont Matter To Me was removed for adds