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Found 124 results

  1. Alien.

    Kim Petras announcing album?

    https://twitter.com/kimpetras/status/1042111472812163072 Her socials are black
  2. They just announced it, they're gonna premiere their new single during a show on October 10th More announcement will be added before that date ! The single will follow their biggest success Bad Vibe which sold over 500 000 copies in UK this year !
  3. Black Jesus

    Lil Wayne - Carter V

    Trending on Twitter right now, rumored to be dropping tonight after like 8 years
  4. We will need tons of superglue for our wigs
  5. TaylenaStan

    Lil Peep & XXXTentacion - ''Falling Down''

    Drops tomorrow at 9am EST The next #1? OUT:
  6. CosTaSsSs

    Jennifer Lopez working with Sia

    She posted this story on her IG. The paper below shows the title of the record "Limitless" it's probably for Second Act's soundtrack.
  7. TayDine1989

    Fake Love - Kyline Alcantara

    It's a bop! The sound is so fresh. Give it a try guys ❤️
  8. PhoebeBuffay

    AL6 confirmed for Q4 release

    Full thing here.
  9. Rated

    Mariah's "With You" preview

    Lyrics: I'm just work here I'm too blessed To be stressed With you I feel Like I'm myself Sorry for my self-love Cuz you're my BFFS With you I feel Like I'm myself (Loving God Lormy people Shaming it) It blows that I need you in my life (Oh yes honey) You know that I can't say no [Chorus] Source: 2nd account of GTFO director. It followed by Kim Petras, cuz Sarah shot a new video for her.
  10. New album out!!! It is so good
  11. GustavoBardusco

    Clean Bandit ft. Cher happening + album details

    Very reliable source on Clean Bandit posted this: The album tracklist so far: Tears ft. Louisa Rockabye ft. Anne-Marie & Sean Paul Symphony ft. Zara Larsson Disconnect ft. Marina I Miss You ft. Julia Michaels Solo. ft. Demi Lovato Should've Known Better ft. Anne-Marie Piece of You TBA ft. Elton John TBA ft. Cher TBA ft. Anitta
  12. Release a smash and milk DWTS queen
  13. paradisedarkness

    Alice Merton - MINT Tracklist

    https://itunes.apple.com/nz/album/mint/1436504395 I cant... Where is Holes and Hit the Ground Running?!
  14. joniwasright

    Shura's new album details

    Just my speculations but she registered some new songs recently and one of them is "You My Blood" - this may be her album's title bc she also has a new interlude (registered as well too) called "(ii) Blood Intro". You My Blood Do You Remember? Too Late How Can I Not Be? I Wanna Know (registered on PPL since 2016!!!) Tyrant With Someone (ii) Blood Intro I guess it's coming 2019 or later this year
  15. This is America Tour http://player.vimeo.com/video/286817094 http://childishgambino.com/ https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/8473619/childish-gambino-two-unreleased-songs-fans-who-buy-tour-tickets
  16. Boris

    Head Above Water video snippet

  17. https://youtu.be/OXUlLpXYvbM
  18. Just look at all the tweets he liked the past hours ! I feel like he's dropping something tonight ! A single and then the album in October ! This is the comeback I'm anticipating the most this year !
  19. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/WPCR-18127?s_ssid=e339825ba28a209869