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Found 1,011 results

  1. BlackoutZone

    Tove Lo - 'Sunshine Kitty'

    New album coming out this year, lead single this month
  2. JuanXito

    Thalía - "Sube, Sube"

    New single of "Valiente" ..
  3. According to a fan who talked to Carly during the listening party event of Dedicated, she confirmed that Dedicated will most likely have a Side B release, just like E•MO•TION.
  4. I thought it was already posted, but I just realized it never was A week ago Madison posted silent video on her Instagram Story with this caption. "We can't live in black and white" is a line from Marina's There's Nothing Wrong With You produced by Big Taste who was also tagged in the video. Here you can listen to the snippet of Marina's version:
  5. 19SLAYty9

    TS7: Over 20 Songs, Album Tea

    Revealed in the entertainment issue... Red had 19 songs not including the demos and what not on the deluxe ... so 20+ songs... if she’s including the deluxe songs than 23 songs at least. she says she recorded this album in 3 months... her fastest since 1989 which was made in 5 months. However, she started writing in 2018. she also says all the buttons she’s wearing on the cover are hints to the album. So there’s most likely collabs with Drake, Troye Sivan, and the Dixie Chicks. she also says the album has a more vast emotional spectrum than any of her previous album. There’s joyous songs, uptempo Bops, ballads, and sad songs. she posted the 7 palm trees photo the day she finished the album The albums more of a singer-songwriter album than rep. half of the album was done with collaborators she’s worked with before , and half is new people https://ew.com/music/2019/05/09/taylor-swift-cover-story/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  6. Joyride

    Cyn - “Holy Roller”

  7. The Unforgiving

    Evanescence to release an album in 2020

    I know that every year Amy promises that she'll release a studio album, but maybe this time she'll actually do it
  8. Sam Smith's next single is "unlike anything thing he's ever done", that's according to the song's co-writer Ryan Tedder. We sat down with the OneRepublic frontman this week to talk about his recent songwriting work (Pink's Can We Pretend, Jonas Brothers' Sucker), and he revealed that he has a song with Sam in the pipeline, which is coming "very quickly". The upcoming track marks the first time Sam and Ryan have worked together. Ryan told us: "I did a song with Sam Smith. It's unlike anything he's ever done! It's bonkers... it's up-tempo and absolutely bonkers."
  9. Harranger

    f(x) comes back?

    f(x) only, no brackets no specific members announced like SNSD I remember exactly that the SMTOWN in Chile poster had "f(x) (Amber and Luna)".. God heard my whispers? God made SM give us an f(10th) comeback this September?
  10. Mine was recently rereleased by the Warner owned label. Update: it's a 2 song licensing deal.
  11. Kylie Jenner

    Pabllo Vittar - ‘111’

  12. Pinter

    Camila's announcement NEXT WEEK!

  13. Paula Abdul

    Katy Perry - "Mental Health Minute"

    "Monday morning".