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Found 3,821 results

  1. Ally says "let's say goodbye to Alex and Drew" which are the names of the Chainsmokers! (Credit to Shelven for noticing this)
  2. Gaga`s entire catalog was just released in 24 bit quality audio to celebrate her Superbowl this weekend! The Fame, Artpop, Born This Way and The Fame Monster all in studio quality! On if you use the code Superbowl51 you get a 15% discount! Empty your pockets sis!
  3. Columbia Records has scrapped Shout Out To My Ex as the current Little Mix US single and is now releasing "Touch" according to their latest newspaper email.
  4. Fifth official single and final from her debut studio album BASTET
  5. February 9, 2017: second teaser February 6, 2017 February 3, 2017 Teaser
  6. On top of this, you’ve been working on your new album. How is it coming along? How far along are you? It’s always hard to pinpoint that. When you think you’re lost in the dark with it, you could actually be making the most movement with it. I’m actually in Sweden in Stockholm in the studio. I’m just really enjoying being in the thick of it. I’d say there’s a lot of work left to do, but I’m definitely finding some new sounds for me, which is always the goal: to challenge what you did last time, to break some rules, and to discover new places where you want to go musically. I categorize myself as a bit of an over-writer. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it definitely has become part of my process. I can’t quite seem to just write eight or nine songs and call it a record. I think on this record alone I’m up to at least 42 songs. I’m like, “Okay, narrowing it down!” but I’m still continuing [to write and record]. I know that by the time I’m finished I’ll have a whole little catalog—the secret ones that nobody hears, and the ones that I feel are really special and put out there. You’ve said before that you were channeling the ’70s with this record, citing ABBA and the Bee Gees as influences. Are you still exploring those sounds? I would say more Donna Summer than the Bee Bees. That would be the disco inspiration that’s leading the pack at the moment. That said, some of the songs that have surprised me have not been in the disco realm as much. I can’t really put my finger on what it is, but that’s exciting too. There’s so much music out there right now and so much quality stuff, so I’m trying to find out what I have to offer that’s different. A new song of yours, “Cut to the Feeling,” was featured in the movieBallerina, which came out in Europe in 2016 and is getting a U.S. release later this year with a new title, Leap!. Is that song indicative of your new sound, or is that leftover from E·MO·TION? That was definitely from the era of E·MO·TION. That was actually a contender for the b-sides [E·MO·TION: Side B] and, originally, the first album. It was almost too cinematic and theatrical. I was like, “If I had my way with it, this would be great for a musical or movie!” So when Ballerina came along, I met with people as I was doing the voiceover for [the character Odette] and they were showing me a couple scenes. There was one in particular where they were like, “We’re looking for the right song for this, do you have anything?” and I was like, “Actually, this has been in my back pocket. I’ve been saving it for the b-sides, but if this works for you guys, I’d be stoked to share it.” While you’re in Sweden, are you working with the same Swedish hitmakers you worked with on E·MO·TION, like Mattman & Robin andRami Yacoub? Or all new people? A bit of both. The people that you just mentioned, Mattman & Robin and Rami, we actually have already done some sessions together on the new album. But it’s also been fun to explore some new directions. I was really into the Robyn material, and that’s what led me to [“Dancing on My Own” producer] Patrik Berger, who is one of the main writers I’m working with here along with Pontus Winnberg [of Bloodshy & Avant and Miike Snow]. We’ve gotten on this really good flow right now. We’re all reaching for the same thing, and when that happens you’ve got to stay in that pool until you figure out where you’re going. I’m here for 13 days, wrapping up. This is my fourth trip to Sweden so far for this album alone. I’m really excited to show you what we’ve been working on. Source
  7. Maybe it's a song for the Cars 3 soundtrack?
  8. So... is it?
  10. The dance music superstar is putting the finishing touches on his seventh studio album. As David Guetta puts the finishing touches on his seventh studio album, the dance music superstar has signed with Scooter Braun's SB Projects, Billboard Dance has confirmed. While the producer and artist still works day-to-day with his original business manager Jean-Charles Carre and live manager Jean-Guillaume Charvet, Guetta recently joined the SB Projects music roster, which includes Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Usher, Ariana Grande and other superstar artists. Guetta is also represented by Paradigm Talent Agency, which in January announced that its partners -- the indie-heavy Windish Agency and the electronic-dance music focused AM Only -- will now operate under the Paradigm banner. He is signed to Big Beat/Atlantic Records and Parlophone via Warner Music Group. His next single is confirmed to include vocals from three-time collaborator Nicki Minaj and a first-time feature from Lil Wayne. Stay tuned to Billboard Dance to hear more about Guetta's 2017 plans.
  11. Just posted on Twitter She's releasing discoballs throughout the world that play 90sec snippets of the song
  13. girly has soothing, soft vocals, but she really can't sing for s**t Do you agree ? If not, why ? Hands To Myself is THAT bop tho !
  14. Toby Gad is a Los Angeles-based German music producer/songwriter, best known for co-writing John Legend's biggest hit "All of Me" and for co-writing and producing "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie and "If I Were a Boy" by Beyoncé.
  15. Written by Sia, Max Martin and Perry. I was just told. The song was SO GOOD.
  16. I just saw this on my iTunes (I changed location to US). JOHN WAYNE is on Hot Tracks! Does it mean it's the 3rd Single???
  17. Bloodpop of course produced Sorry as well as Joanne. Raye is from the massive UK hit You Don't Know Me.
  18. He's coming