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Found 3,804 results

  1. Album title?
  2. ...or March
  3. if you combine the single covers, it comes up with 'Lost In My Pain' maybe that's why the text is spaced out weirdly on each artwork.
  4. His Horror album is coming!
  5. Omg stylist Destiny Bleu revealed in an interview with Paper Magazine that Becky G has already shot her album cover is her album finally coming?!
  6. Coming out on friday march 23, 3 days before her follow up spanish single “indecente”. Queen is not taking her heel off our necks!
  7. Tracklist:1. «Walk On Water»2. «Dangerous Night»3. «Rescue Me»4. «One Track Mind» (feat. A$AP Rocky)5. «Monolith»6. «Love Is Madness» (feat. Halsey)7. «Great Wide Open»8. «Hail To The Victor»9. «Dawn Will Rise»10. «Remedy»11. «Live Like A Dream»12. «Rider» April 6
  8. Ye isn't only EP, but he also actually PRODUCED the entire project and she said it is Ralph Lauren Collar Popped Ye. I AM READY. Seems like the original plan of having the single out after the first episode has been slightly delayed, but seems like we will be getting the first taste as early as next month. - Three more songs to do - Chris Brown is featured - Ye wanted music out in March for the new TV show, but it may be coming in April - Music will definitely be out before Summer
  9. In January, he liked this tweet: Today this happened:
  10. this account has been very reliable to so many things so far
  12. It is in genius under #SM3 so i think is confirmed Demo for people who doubt it existence
  13. 'honey' emoji
  14. First test pressing of Neon Nights spinning chez moi. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻Celebrating 15 years since Neon Nights was released. #Danniiversary edition will be available soon on CD and digitally, and for the first time ever you’ll also be able to spin it on vinyl!!!! #PutTheNeedleOnIt 📱 🎧 💿 🎤
  15. wish we were getting an album but this will do
  16. Fashion Icon Rita Ora aka the Next Madonna is ready for ha new album release???
  17. According to his instagram story he is writing with KIN & Sam Merrifield!
  18. I’ve been following this amazing artist for the past few months since her incredible rise to fame. Let me tell, what you saw on the The Four is only half of what this girl can do. Her dad is an R&B singer and her mom was a former metal singer, so she’s been surrounded by music basically her entire life. For the past few years she’s been developing her songwriting and vocal ability at the prestigious school for artists like her and her manager is the owner of that school (OC Hit Factory). Before you judge her, she’s one of the most humble and sweetest person there is. However, when it comes music she can be very fierce. For the past few months I’ve been practically stalking her since her lost. I’ve gathered so much TEA on what’s about to go down in the next few months. - An announcement that she is signing with "the biggest record label in the world" is imminent. (RCA) - Her first tour is set for May and June. She'll hit eight cities in the U.S., including Los Angeles. -She's already had a writing session with record producer Rahki and BeBe Rhexar. -She’s working with @tankGod who did rockstar by Post Malone - She’s working with @Sir.dylan who worked on A Seat at The Table and Starboy -She’s working with Alexa Hope who worked on Blue Neighborhood and Blue Lips -She’s very controlling when it comes to writing her music -She’s been working on her debut album since last year and it’s almost done -she plays guitar and piano That’s all the tea I can give you so far and any negativity will be reported.