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Found 770 results

  1. There's no official thread for this so here it goes: Announced yesterday and sold out in 30 minutes! Is going to be at the Play Station Theater in NYC at 7:00 PM. It will also be live-streamed on TWITCH.
  2. Airhead

    Katie Got Bandz - Who Run It

    Katie have been dropping songs for the past few months, she is getting ready to drop "Drillary Clinton 4"
  3. Pitchfork's Top 10...TUN, #8; Nobody, #9; duck duck goose, #10... Thoughts? https://pitchfork.com/features/lists-and-guides/the-100-best-songs-of-2018/?page=5
  4. jakedavis1994

    LP - 'Heart to Mouth'

    5th studio album from singer/songwriter, LP, released this past Friday. If you haven't already, you definitely need to check her out! She's written songs for Cher, Rihanna, Leona Lewis & Christina Aguilera 😍
  5. GustavoBardusco

    Guetta teases Rita collab

  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/BardiUpdates/status/1071859842967629828 Announced in IG live.
  7. JohnGray

    Cardi B filming a new MV

    Today. She just confirmed it on her live. She also said that she’s releasing a “very different” song early next year. Probably the one with Jake Bugg.
  8. Departure

    Brett Young - Chapters (ft. Gavin DeGraw)

    Amazing callob. I enjoyed his debut album, with "In Case You Didn't Know," and Ticket to L.A. exceeds expectations. It's a great album that came out yesterday (12/7). This is probably the best song on the album and deserves single treatment.
  9. paradisedarkness

    Alice Merton Holes is coming on her second album

    Alice is answering on questions on her instastories. Holes will be released on her second album, because she's not happy with the production and singing.
  10. Kim Kardashian

    Solange delays album until 2019?

    In October she teased a new album coming 'this fall'. Now her IG bio says: "prolly next year".
  11. Released on 14th December to round off a great year the Christmas Collector’s Edition cassette will be the final special format from the Golden campaign. This limited edition silver glitter C60 cassette is presented in a silver cruciform outer folder printed on mirror board, wrapped in a card slipcase, all completed with a black and silver foil sticker seal. The cassette also contains a AAA pass which, using Shazam, will give you access to an exclusive Christmas video message from Kylie, and the single version of ‘Music’s Too Sad Without You’ with Jack Savoretti as a bonus track. SIDE A 1. Dancing 2. Stop Me from Falling 3. Golden 4. Lifetime to Repair 5. Sincerely Yours 6. One Last Kiss SIDE B 7. Live a Little 8. Shelby 68 9. Radio On 10. L.O.V.E 11. Raining Glitter 12. Music's Too Sad Without You BONUS TRACK Music's Too Sad Without You (with Jack Savoretti) – SINGLE VERSION https://kylie.tmstor.es/cart/product.php?id=41075
  12. TalkThatRihanna

    BeBe Rexha - “Lonely Hearts”

    New single coming sometime next year https://twitter.com/beberexha/status/1070812977560018947?s=21
  13. Goofy

    Update: Avril deletes album cover

    01 Head Above Water 02 Birdie 03 I Fell In Love With The Devil 04 Tell Me It's Over 05 Dumb Blonde 06 It Was In Me 07 Souvenir 08 Crush 09 Goddess 10 Bigger Wow 11 Love Me Insane 12 Warrior Source: Twitter - avrilchinacn out February
  14. dangerousalex

    Bebe turns in new single, 2019 release

    #LH seems to be title, probably stands for “Lonely Hearts”
  15. Josh


    got the info wrong. delete please