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Found 3,824 results

  1. So far: - "I'd like to the release the album before the Summer" Radio interview in Japan / September 2017 - "New music is coming" Instagram Stories / December 2017 - Instagram Bio changed in January to "When you move it’s like a disco darling - all my dreams come true" / January 2018 - New graphics for the website / March 2018 - New Spotify picture / March 2018 - Grammy Festival in Beijing / April 30th 2018 - Riverfest in Ontario / August 18th 2018
  2. 8:05
  3. She's coming, I can feel it
  4. In January, he liked this tweet: Today this happened:
  5. Her rumoured next single that is coming next month
  6. might be incomplete tho but I highly doubt that And before you say anything, let me remind you that I've spilled the tea numerous time before, including posting track titles from Sam Smith's, St. Vincent's and recently Twin Shadow's albums. Anyway, there it is: 1. Joyride Intro 2. Joyride 3. No Drama (feat. Offset) 4. He Don't Want It 5. Oh La La 6. Me So Bad (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & French Montana) 7. Ain't Good for Ya 8. Stuck with Me 9. Salt 10. Faded Love (feat. Future) 11. No Contest 12. Stay the Night
  8. Ye isn't only EP, but he also actually PRODUCED the entire project and she said it is Ralph Lauren Collar Popped Ye. I AM READY. Seems like the original plan of having the single out after the first episode has been slightly delayed, but seems like we will be getting the first taste as early as next month. - Three more songs to do - Chris Brown is featured - Ye wanted music out in March for the new TV show, but it may be coming in April - Music will definitely be out before Summer
  10. New album out April 13. Dunno if anyone else on here would be interested in discussing their music, but it's worth a shot! 'Ember' Release: April 13, 2018 Track list: 1. Lyra 2. Feed the Wolf 3. Red Cold River 4. Torniquet 5. Psycho 6. The Dark of You 7. Down 8. Torn in Two 9. Blood 10. Save Yourself 11. Close Your Eyes 12. Vega
  11. New single from Tinashe's upcoming 2nd album ''Joyride'' (out April 13). French is actually featured first.
  12. She posted this Instagram Story wishing Mike Will a happy birthday and said this: Is new music coming?
  13. Released: June 29, 2018 1. “Whitewater”2. “Hot Pink”3. “It’s Not Just Me”4. “Falling Into Me”5. “Snakes & Ladders”6. “Missed Call (1)”7. “I Will Be Waiting”8. “The Cat’s Pyjamas”9. “Cool & Collected”10. “Ava”11. “Donnie Darko” Hot Pink and It's Not Just Me produced by SOPHIE
  14. Things are on the up and up for Avril Lavigne. Now more than two years after the pop rock singer went public with her Lyme disease diagnosis, a source tells E! News exclusively her health, music career and personal life is taking a turn for the better. "Avril is in a really good place right now," our insider shares. "Her recovery has been going well and she's been getting stronger and stronger. She has more energy and has even been exercising." The chronic condition left Lavigne, 32, bedridden for five months and sidelined her professional endeavors up until last December when she announced her sixth studio album. And good news, Avril fans! It appears new music from the "Complicated" singer (who recently moved into a new Los Angeles home) is closer than ever. "She should be releasing new music by the end of the year," the source reveals. "It's been a slow process." So what can music lovers expect from Lavigne now that her "Sk8r Boi" days are over? We're told the Canadian star drew inspiration from personal experiences related to Lyme disease and her 2015 divorce from Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger. "She writes her own material and she's been through a lot with her marriage and her illness," the source explains. "She has a lot to say." There's also a new man in Avril's life, who E! News has learned is music producer J.R. Rotem. The Israeli-American insider and Lavigne were photographed holding hands while out in Los Angeles Monday evening, and according to our source, things are moving toward a romantic relationship. "J.R. is a producer she's been working with," the source says, describing the Israeli-American music man as successful and sober. "He's respected in the industry. Lately, they've started hanging out socially and there's definitely chemistry there. They're both so passionate about music." The insider says of the friends, "They've been out a few times now and things seem to be headed in a romantic direction." Lavigne was last linked to Ryan Cabreraafter the pair was spotted getting cozy on a dinner date and it was revealed that the singer-songwriter was living with her following a separate breakup.
  15. They have only liked 100 posts and that's one of them, it's from today
  16. Inside The Chainsmokers' Plan to Rethink the Album Cycle After The Chainsmokers presented their 2018 release strategy to their record label last fall, the plan was so complicated that Columbia Records vp sales Joe Gallo had to buy a new dry-erase board. Columbia’s team spent three weeks scribbling out the idea -- a single will come out every month on Spotify, Apple Music and the rest, atop a new EP containing each previous single. “We wrote out a road map,” recalls Gallo. “We wanted to create what we’re calling a ‘waterfall.’ As we go with the second and third tracks, the waterfall keeps getting larger and larger.” In January, The Chainsmokers put out “Sick Boy” as what appeared to be a standard single release; in February, “You Owe Me” arrived as a two-song bundle on ­streaming ­services with “Sick Boy” in the second slot; since the third single, “Everybody Hates Me,” dropped March 16, it has topped the three-song bundle. This ­cascading process will repeat until a 12-song album drops in December. Adam Alpert, CEO of the band’s longtime label, Columbia partner Disruptor Records, came up with what he calls the “building the album” strategy. “Every song will get a new boost in ­consumption,” he says. The Chainsmokers’ plan is an elaborate case in an ­industry-wide lab ­experiment on how best to rethink the standard single-single-album release playbook of the CD era. In recent years, pop stars have taken a range of new approaches, from Beyoncé's surprise self-titled album to Kanye West’s edit-as-you-go The Life of Pabloto Drake’s “playlist” album More Life. In 2017, Ed Sheeran, Camila Cabello and others put out two singles at the same time, and 21 Savage re-ordered his Issa Album for streaming services with the hit “Bank Account” at the top. Bebe Rexhaflooded streaming services with singles and EPs throughout 2017 without ­releasing an album at all, while two of the biggest singles of the past year -- Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" and Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee's "Despacito" -- still do not have an album home. It’s a sea change for the major labels, which were once so furious about Tom Petty releasing a free MP3 they made him remove it from the web.