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Found 623 results

  1. SevenFootSounds

    Jason Derulo - "Coño" f/ Puri, Jhorrmountain

    Ha! The power of TikTok... Turning a Dutch hit song from 2017 into an international hit. Let's see! New version: The original:
  2. New Edition

    CupcakKe - "Discounts"

  3. Edibles.

    SZA and JoJo collab incoming?

    SZA posted this on her IG story
  4. Supervillain

    Bebe’s album to have 17 songs

    She tweeted this screenshot and deleted immediately after
  5. Out in NZ
  6. No idea why the other thread was closed. @Stifler's Mom Sorry mods but can we have a conversation for interesting topics like music for once instead of Instagram posts? Anyways... He tweeted "Welcome to the jungle" back in Feb 2019 with hashtag #B10 Fans are also relating this Britney post (from Aug 2019) with title "Marilyn Monroe."
  7. Superbitch

    So CL.... where is she?

    I was listening to her buzz tracks from 2015-16 and they were giving me life. She actually had some buzz back then. Everyone said Yg was the reason but her contract expired in late 2019 what’s going on now? Does she still have a chance? also whew these bops Also this >>> beibers ugh the potential I know she releases some ep or whatever but I’m talking about a proper comeback. Is she done?
  8. KatysPrism

    Daisies (acoustic)

    she changed it a bit and it sounds much better like this so good
  9. Da Barbie

    Nicki teases Pink Friday 2

    she also teased the name of a lead single: she liked + unliked tweets from barbz speculating that it was the name of the lead
  10. Yusuf Utku Sezgin

    Zedd teases new single

    fans thinking its katy or halsey
  11. World Eater

    Upcoming Releases | Jessie Ware, HAIM, Arca

    Upcoming Releases Thread • Studio albums, mixtapes, EPs and noteworthy reissues (of which 25% of the tracklisting is previously unreleased material excluding live versions and remixes, as per music section rules) are being posted in this thread. • Releases are sorted in alphabetical order by artist name. • Genres can be found in parenthesis. • A hyperlink to an album thread (if one exists) will be linked over the title. • Archive of previous weeks' releases (up until the fourth week after their release dates) is kept in the OP. • Albums won't be listed unless the title and release date are known. • If there's something missing, just comment and I'll add it. Four weeks ago Three weeks ago Two weeks ago Last week This week Editor's picks of the week Arca - 'KiCk i' (deconstructed club) HAIM - 'Women in Music Pt. III' (indie pop, ) Jessie Ware - 'What's Your Pleasure?' (nu-disco, dance-pop) June 26 Arca - 'KiCk i' (deconstructed club) Buju Banton - 'Upside Down 2020' (dancehall) CeeLo Green - 'CeeLo Green Is Thomas Callaway' (pop soul) Dirty Projectors - 'Flight Tower EP' (indie pop) G-Eazy - 'Everything's Strange' (alternative r&b) Georgia Ku - 'REAL EP' (electropop) Gordi - 'Our Two Skins' (indie pop) Grace Davies - 'Friends with the Tragic EP' (electropop) Grey Daze - 'Amends' (alternative rock, ) HAIM - 'Women in Music Pt. III' (indie pop, ) iamamiwhoami, ionnalee, Barbelle - 'KRONOLOGI' (art pop) Jessie Ware - 'What's Your Pleasure?' (nu-disco, dance-pop) Khruangbin - 'Mordechai' (psychedelic rock) Lauv - 'Without You EP' (electropop) Skott - 'Always Live for Always' (art pop, synthpop) 6LACK - '6PC Hot EP' (alternative r&b, trap) June 30 NiziU - 'Make You Happy EP' (j-pop)
  12. BlackoutZone

    Dua's manager teases Madonna collab

    Is the former Madonna about to pass the torch to the new Madonna? Are you here for it? Madonna followed Dua on Instagram recently EDIT:
  13. She confirmed her next single is a feature, in her recent episode of TKCS she confirmed she was “doing something with him”
  14. kelly-clarkson

    Kelly Clarkson f/ Ben Platt coming soon

    She previously teased a new collaboration. It might be Kelly's upcoming single:
  15. Covering the 80s Classic. King of versatility!