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  3. Edit: it's coming in two-three weeks! There won't be a 3rd single:
  4. Or are Nicki Minaj/Bardi prettier?
  6. From HDD: From NYT:
  7. it's single or what, it's not on tracklist
  8. She recorded ASIB on set + they finished the final touches in London, so C3C or LG6 this year as well (unless they're doing a bundle with the soundtrack album or something?)
  9. .
  10. The album is apparently 97.3% done.
  11. But back to the challenges of getting in the studio with her dream roster: Bebe cites schedules as one of the first issues, noting that an Expectations deadline interfered with a potential Kesha collab, or other artists' release schedules can get in the way.
  12. I feel that she is not really seen as a big popstar by the GP.Problem and Break Free are forgotten and her only relevant hit was Side To Side Is Ariana Grande just a local pop act who had a cute global hits on 2014?
  13. The "Here" (2:00 AM Version) singer serving young pop auteur!!