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Found 1,040 results

  1. Liked by her manager
  2. Performance wise
  3. a playlist titled "homemade dynamite" has appeared on lorde's official spotify profile - does this confirm hd is the 2nd single off melodrama?
  4. Singer Selena Gomez hits out at her ex Justin Bieber and pens epic diss-track called Bad Girlfriend with Charli XCX Her new song features ironic lyrics about how the woman takes the blame for a relationship going sour despite bad behaviour. The track, written with CHARLI XCX, is called Bad Girlfriend and features ironic lyrics about how the woman takes the blame for a relationship going sour despite the man’s questionable behaviour. While we don’t want to spoil it for you, feisty Selena sings: “I know I’m not there for you or there when you call. I’m a bad girlfriend/I’m a bad girlfriend.” A source said: “It’s all about a boyfriend the girl is no longer really into and has finally gotten wise to. It’s tongue-in-cheek and Selena and Charli knew exactly who they were writing about. “She sings about how a good girlfriend would just carry on and let their boyfriend walk all over them, with their cheating and whatnot, but she’s changed her ways. “It will undoubtedly be tweaked but they were really happy with how the songwriting session went and were loving slating their exes.”
  5. Confirmed Collaborations: Gente De Zona - "Ni Tu Ni Yo" Nicky Jam - TBA Wisin - "Amor Amor" Marc Anthony - "Olvídame Y Pega La Vuelta" Roberto Calos - "Llegaste / Chegaste" Amor Amor Preview
  6. New promo single, most likely coming this Friday - the week before the album release. iTunes updated After Laughter's pre-order with the song length. Get hyped.
  7. There has not been a new crop of new latin pop girls to really make a splash in a while. Few are trying like Sofia Reyes and Becky G but they have yet to truly breakout. The only one and most consistent is Shakira. What's going on with latin pop girls?
  8. Thread of upcoming album releases. In alphabetical order by artist name. Linked to album threads if they exist here. Genre in parenthesis. If there's something missing tag me and I'll add it. 4 Weeks Ago (March 31) 3 Weeks Ago (April 7) 2 Weeks Ago (April 14) Last Week (April 21) THIS WEEK April 22 David Bowie - BOWPROMO (glam rock; RSD) David Bowie - Cracked Actor (live rock; RSD) April 28 All That Remains - Madness (heavy metal) American Standards - Anti-Melody (metalcore) Cashmere Cat - 9 (electronic/collaborative pop) Feist - Pleasure (baroque pop) Foster the People - IIII (alternative) Gorillaz - Human (alternative hip-hop) JMSN - Whatever Makes You Happy (R&B/Soul) John Mellencamp - Sad Clowns & Hillbillies (folk-rock) Lea Michele - Places (pop) Mary J. Blige - Strength of a Woman (R&B/soul) Mew - Visuals (alternative rock) New Found Glory - Makes Me Sick (rock) Sylvan Esso - What Now (indie pop) Wale - Shine (hip-hop) Willie Nelson - God's Problem Child (country) Wilsen - I Go Missing In My Sleep (alternative, indie pop) COMING SOON Spring Unscheduled 2 Chainz - Pretty Girls Like Trap Music (hip-hop)
  9. Currently #44 on Global Spotify #32 on Spotify USA
  10. Her comeback is here sistrens
  11. From his new album "Digital Druglord" available now everywhere! Get into this new R&B bop!
  12. With additional vocals by MNEK! He transforms the song from synthpop to jungle house!
  13. This sounds so good and her vocals sound so much better. Specially the second verse. What do you guys think of it?
  14. Alesha Dixon has revealed plans to perform on the Britain's Got Talent 2017 live shows. At least if Simon Cowell will let her. The former Mis-Teeq singer - who in 2015 performed her track The Way We Are - is hoping to return to the BGT stage this year. She told The Sun: “I am working on a new EP. I hope Simon will let me perform it on BGT. He let me the last time I asked.”
  16. The Vamps' lead single from their 3rd album to be released in July 2017. The song is currently at its peak on Global spotify streams at #26 with more than 80 million streams as of January 21, 2017.