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Found 876 results

  1. Queen of Brazil SLAYED her first televised US performance! Arrasa rainha!!
  2. Performance of the NIGHT
  3. I guess they're friends again
  4. Blow and Godzilla have already been posted, this is the whole set:
  5. Setlist: 1. Dream Killa 2. Understanding 3. Memory Lane Tiny coming through with the vocals!!!
  6. Duplicate thread. sorry.
  7. /english subtitles/
  8. The "Singer" contestant and newly named ambassador of the English language in China has once again blessed the population with her heavenly vocals I don't speak chinese so I don't know how she ranked this week but let's assume #1 dont forget to check out her song "I Got You (I Feel Good)" on the 50 shades soundtrack (track 13) She looked like a snack
  9. She got first this week, beats Jessie J (2nd)