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Found 863 results

  1. That Lorde impression caught me off guard The whole thing is as rehearsed as Jimmy's laugh though and it makes me uncomfortable how they're trying to pass it off as something spontaneous by acting surprised
  2. This sounds so much better with HQ audio! Hans Zimmer arranged and conducted the instrumentals for this performance. I hope they record and release it!
  4. Slay at those vocals Edit: The fact that she manages to stay so on point, in the right key and only during MR shows any signs of lack of breath when she's doing such an exhausting and petrifyingly demanding performance, just wow.
  6. Apparently his mic worked for the webfeed, plus enjoy the high quality (thanks @GypsyLife) The slayage I still think those mics were not working properly tho, neither of them actually but whatever...
  11. Did she snatch the spotlight from everyone with her Oreo-themed performance art piece? I think so
  12. Get your life.Discuss
  13. Your Face Sounds Familiar (Philippines)
  14. See Lady Gaga's full performance at the Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime show and be sure to check out for exclusive BTS footage.
  15. She also said in an interview with LucyandLydia that this track would have made it onto "Jumping Trains".
  16. The true and only supreme songbird
  17. River of Tears: Scars to Your Beautiful:
  18. The Lorde one was pretty good.
  19. Talented daddy: