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Found 24 results

  1. Pieces of Me: La La:
  2. TheFameMonster

    Rumor: Madonna performing at Eurovision 2019

    Madonna has expressed her desire to participate in the 2019 Eurovision song contest, to take place in tel Aviv, said reports. According to publications, the event’s production team is negotiating with the famous singer in an attempt to reach an agreement about the sum she will be paid for her show. https://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-5447397,00.html
  3. TtaraHae

    Taylor performs Better Man

    Performance starts at 3:28, beginning parts are her entrance/introduction and chatter about her beginnings as an artist. Everything is a good watch, though.
  4. GET INTO THIS HIP HOP SOUL CLASSIC BOP Mary J and ha crispy chicken are SHOOKETH
  5. ....without hearing their own voice!
  6. Miss Bank$

    APINK - %%

  7. Current IT girl and pop powerhouse Ava Max slaying Vocals with a photo of the Queen of Pop Madonna in the background
  8. There doesn't seem to be a Youtube link of the full performance yet. Anyway here's the performance: https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/H9URphs4D?fid=1034:4323634907392253
  9. Badboidami

    reputation tour in church

    I lost it when that bass came in
  10. JLo slays a tribute performance for Prince, the greatest entertainer ever, while putting her own Lesbian and microphone jerking twist on it.
  11. Swag

    Xuxa - Ilarie

    Happy 2019.!!!!!