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Found 234 results

  2. 1. Green Light (Intro)2. Homemade Dynamite3. Tennis Court4. Magnets5. Buzzcut Season6. Ribs7. Sober8. Sober II (Melodrama)9. The Louvre10. Liability11. Supercut12. Royals13. Perfect Places14. Team15. Green Light
  3. Her best vocal performance this era
  4. Charlie Puth covering a UK top 40 hit: Him changing the pronouns Him laughing mid-way through The tragic constipated vocals
  5. How come no one posted this amazing performance!!
  6. TALENT Passionfruit sounds so good
  7. We really need to hear the full version.
  8. Lorde - "The Louvre" at Bowery Ballroom (Full) Lorde - "Green Light" at Bowery Ballroom
  9. Queen Rihanna's BBHMM @ 4:14
  10. Buy her new EP on iTunes!
  11. she's getting her life
  12. Katy jams with Kacey Musgraves & David Fransisco in an acoustic version of "Follow Your Arrow"