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Found 2,732 results

  1. Another company like Microsoft will probably buy it then it won't be banned
  2. Zuckerberg's wealth got its latest bump as Facebook's stock climbed 6.5% Thursday, a day after the company launched its TikTok clone, Reels, on Instagram. The release of the short video feature came just as US President Donald Trump threatened to ban TikTok, the Chinese-owned app that has exploded in popularity over the last year.
  3. US version of Eurovision coming next year.
  4. frenchyisback

    CCP Jumps into US election. Savages Trump!

    I guess they have decided that he s a goner and they re gonna put their thumb on the scale against him to make sure of it. CGTN should be added to the entities list tho. Iam not sure why CGTN. & RT are still allowed on YouTube when they are clear mouthpiece of adverserial Governments.
  5. The 3 main groups: Cuban American fled Communism. They have a VERY strong & negative view of socialism & socialism. That is why they have been a bed rock of the GOP base in FL. Also, because of the wet foot dry foot policy. They could not be deported and were given automatic pathways to citizenship. So they just did note care about the immigration issue as much. Mexican Americans tend to look much more favorably toward socialism. They were Bernie s Latin X base. They care more about immigration and vote more Dems. But they are the most politically uninvolved group consistently racking up the worst voting rates in TX & Cali. Puerto Ricans don't have an "immigration story" since Puerto Rico is US territory. 3/4 live in Chicago, NY & Orlando metro. So they are much more urban and much closer to the black community in terms of political views. They vote a lot & vote Dems. You just don't have that level of diversity in the black community. Since 1964, Carribeans, Africans immigrants & AA all basically vote between 85%-95% Dems at every elections & have mostly the same cultural bias (suspicious of the police, a lil more conservative on LGBT rights, more religious, & supportive of affirmative action....) Fake outrage from people who'll stay home anyway doesn't matter. With white progressives being more upset than black people about this. Biden will be elected and they will deal. (As long as he stays safe, cause at this point getting Covid is the only thing that can stop him)
  6. JustHoran

    Should "Shine On" have been a hit?

    "Shine On" was the lead single from his second studio album in 2005 but the single bombed and his second album only charted at #24 on Billboard Top 200 charts. The second single "Photo" didn't chart at all and he was dropped after the second album. He had a few hits from his debut album and was considered the next big thing at the time.
  7. Now that 2gether is done let's discuss the best (... or only one worth watching) BL currently airing. Episode 12 just aired so if you're just starting you have 2 weeks to catch up for the finale! All episodes are available on their official YouTube channel

    Does Natalia Kills deserve to be uncancelled?

    Does Natalia Kills deserve to be uncancelled ?
  9. Feather

    Stock Investment Thread

    Stock Investment Discussion Thread What are you investing in? What are you currently watching? Chat, advice, tips, all in this thread
  10. Old ATRL was such a mess but damn, it was so funny The monthly WP reports, the "who reported who" the most section, the number of reports/WP, the posts showing "already reported", etc. Do you feel nostalgic about it?
  11. ...and twitter is coming for trump
  12. BigBangStan

    Apex Legends Season 6 Trailer

    New Legend Rampart
  13. Completely anonymous. Have at!
  14. firecrotch

    When will give it up? thinks their precious domain name since they have the dot com version instead of the dot net version of ATRL is worth $26,000. If ATRL can't afford new servers why do the owners of think they can afford $26k? Do they need to understand the gays chose .net as the main pop girl? Discuss.
  15. Of course he'd double down on turning Georgia into the most deplorable police state in the union. Fascist scumbag.
  16. I can’t find the main thread for this topic but here’s a new footage of the moment the explosion happened while there was a wedding shoot.