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  1. Kitt


    Discuss the site, share profiles, image up/down voting. Related threads: Post Your Last.fm Last 7 Days https://atrl.net/topic/566-post-your-lastfm-last-7-days/
  2. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CfQA3K1p9TN/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  3. ConceptD

    Music Makers Thread

    I thought it would be great for the musicians of Atrl to have a place to come together and chat, listen to each others stuff, get feedback and even collaborate on projects. This is for everyone. Whether they’re singers, songwriters, producers or whatever else.
  4. Asking the real questions considering I just had the epiphany that I need to start taking as much care of my skin now while it’s still tight and even. i haven’t done anything special my whole life other than wash my face with soap in the shower and put facial sunscreen on when I’m going to be outside for extended periods - so a few weeks ago I blew some cash getting a skin care routine. I got cleanser, a toner, and moisturizer and have been good about keeping up with it everyday…but now I’m reading you need exfoliates? essence? Serums? Mists???Precleanser???? What is this mama???? anyways, what’s your skincare routine? What products do you use? I spent a lot on expensive k beauty products but after a week I kinda feel redic and realized I could probably just get drugstore…
  5. Revolution

    Is Netflix trash now?

    The way there's nothing to watch no matter how much you scroll And how all of their original films are certified PANNED on RT. And their original shows are either painfully boring or random cake shows. Is she over?
  6. Which country should intervene and help bring democracy to America? Which one of the world's leaders will step-up and save America from the illegitimate Democratic and Republican parties, the main leading parties of the puppet government for narco-oligarchs and oil billionaires?
  7. Kisuke


    We discuss manga and Anime in here. http://i.imgur.com/UmIQI2U.png
  8. enchanted0

    Do you journal?

    Thinking about try it (for the 837418934 time) and suddenly I got curious about how others do it Do you journal? How often? How you do it? Do you write or use something like iPad? What kind of notebook (or diary?) do you use?
  9. I wanna buy my first deck, give me some suggestions please
  10. So it's pretty clear that Amuhricah is heading in the Gilead direction judging by recent pushes to reverse ghey & women's rights. It will all culminate with Trump winning in 2024 and congress being majority conservative. For anyone unfamilair with Gilead: it's a fictive right-wing country the US turns into (from the series Handmaid's Tale) where women and minorities have no rights. Women are only used for child-bearing and Gheys are killed if found out. So what are yall girls and fruits gonna do when this happens in the mid 2020's? Are you gonna flee or are you staying in Gilead and acting like religious hetero men and impregnating women?
  11. Since Biden is likely to croak any day now, how would you feel if the first female president of the U.S. wasn't even properly elected by the people for the job?
  12. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10954039/South-Africa-police-investigating-17-deaths-East-London-tavern.html At least 20 found dead in South African nightclub: Police probe deaths at Cape Town venue amid claims victims were 'poisoned' . The Eastern Cape provincial community and safety department official Unathi Binqose ruled out a stampede as cause of death. He said he understood the patrons were students 'celebrating pens down, a party held after writing (high school) exams'. However, regional newspaper DispatchLive reported claims those who died were exposed to some kind of poison. Empty bottles of alcohol, wigs and even a pastel purple 'Happy Birthday' sash lay strewn on the dusty street outside the double-storey Enyobeni Tavern, according to Unathi Binqose, a safety government official who arrived at the scene at dawn. Local media also reported: 'Bodies are lying strewn across tables, chairs and on the floor; with no obvious signs of injury'. Unverified pictures shared on social media showed bodies with no visible signs of injuries, strewn on the floor of the club.
  13. “Anti-abortion activists should be concerned with other issues that can threaten life, such as easy access to guns, poverty and rising maternity mortality rates, the Vatican's editorial director said on Saturday. In a media editorial on the United States Supreme Court's ruling to end the constitutional right to abortion, Andrea Tornielli said those who oppose abortion could not pick and choose pro-life issues.”
  14. Hm? Like can you stand being around a group of gays? Like several many of them? Do you enjoy hearing a collective “yassssssssss girl!” every 12 seconds? In unison? Hm? How do you feel about it? Give opinions There’s a pride event at work today that I have to be there, and I’m personally already cringing and finding a way to be sick and not go.

    Design Your Faves Next Era

    Let's say your fave leaves their next album/era all for you to decide. What would be your plan? For Lana, I would let her indulge more into the Living Legend/Thunder sound and bring back the rock-ish Ultraviolence style that's been going viral on TikTok. Probably a invest a little more on the album cover since most of her sales depend on vinyls. Let her poem album be a joint-release with the album. Etc.
  16. Horizon Flame

    “Don’t Say Gay” Comes to Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania State Senators Scott Martin (R – Lancaster County) and Ryan Aument (R – Lancaster County) announced last week, during Pride month, their intention to introduce a pair of bills as their version of the controversial and harmful Florida “Don’t Say Gay” bill in the Pennsylvania Senate. The bills, SB1277 and SB1278, would seek to ban books that discuss LGBTQ topics from Pennsylvania public schools labeling them as “sexually explicit” and prevent the discussion of LGBTQ identities in the classroom with a requirement for teachers and school administrators to notify parents and guardians when a student indicates that they are questioning their sexual or gender identities. State Senator Lindsey Williams (D – Allegheny County) said in a statement on Facebook “The effect that similar legislation in other states has had is to tie the hands of educators when dealing with delicate discussions in the classroom. These conversations don’t necessarily come up in the course of classroom lessons, but rather when circumstances present teachable moments. We shouldn’t be legislating how trusted adults in our school buildings provide support to our students, particularly those most vulnerable students, when they need it most.”
  17. McDonalds, Wendy's, Taco Bell, and Popeyes have had iconic moments and served things that truly shaken up the fast food industry. BK just serves follower introducing new things in order to compete but it jsut comes as desperate tbh their BK melas with rosalia and nelly come to mind do they have what it take to be a leader
  18. Since the last Digimon thread did not survive ATRL's reset, let me present to you the new Digimon Base. Upcoming Games: Digimon Survive (2022) | PS4, Xbox, Switch, PC Release Date: July 29th, 2022 Current TV Season: Digimon Ghost Game (2021- still on air) Number of episodes aired: 21 Next episode: April 16th, 2022
  19. https://nypost.com/2022/06/21/amber-heard-has-one-of-the-worlds-most-beautiful-faces-per-science/ You can not get more objective than science!
  20. https://www.instagram.com/reel/Ce-DTX0FGEB/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= “I’m gonna start screaming and have someone get you away from me”.
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