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Found 1,551 results

  1. did you ever have a break your leg to be like your favorite singer moment?
  2. https://ew.com/tv/apple-godzilla-monsterverse-tv-show/
  3. Talking Fish

    Only bisexual men are attracted to me

    Can someone explain this phenomenon to me? I often have crushes on gay men, and when I will try to flirt with them or go out, it either ends up with them rejecting me from the go, or it fumbling out quickly. The only times a guy is consistently attracted to me (so far) or approaches me by himself, they are bisexual (except desperate people but that doesn't really count). This is frustrating to me. Disclaimer: I am male
  4. The Biden administration is giving a free 4-set of Covid tests per household…. Click Here To Place Your FREE Order
  5. Mellark

    2022 Predictions Thread

    So the title says it all, do you have any predictions for 2022 (whether it is anything in general or music related)? Did your 2021 Predictions came true?
  6. The study also found that, despite 51% of Black Americans supporting Defunding the Police, the majority of respondents did not, due to a large majority of White Americans being against diverting police funds to other forms of intervention, with only 29% of White Americans supporting Defunding the Police.
  7. AbeHicks

    Luckiest Countries?

    Which country got a lot of good things purely out of accident or because they were in the right place at hte right time?
  8. Have you met someone who uses they/them as pronouns outside of the internet? I've seen the pronouns a lot now on Instagram and online but I've never met anyone outside using those pronouns. Also, do you guys label your pronouns on social media, emails, or wherever applicable outside of the internet? I noticed in professional environments, emails, everyone is listing their pronouns. At Starbucks here, they actually have their pronouns listed under their name i.e. Karen She/Her.
  9. Slo4n I find his content interesting, but I always found his personality to be high key annoying Even this video he posted today made him PEAK annoying Like what did you even accomplish
  10. Most modern songs have a huge number of instruments playing in the fore and background. Do you make it a point to listen to and appreciate all the instruments, or do you just listen to the overall impression?
  11. Poor Lupita.... the trailer screamed mediocre but I didn't think it'll be this bad: https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/the_355 Made only 4 million this weekend. Ouch. https://deadline.com/2022/01/weekend-box-office-spider-man-no-way-home-the-355-1234906089/
  12. private radio

    Who is this Rodrigo Mussi guy?

    idk how he managed to be all over my tl for 3 straight days but who could avoid this??
  13. Armani👑

    Is American fascism inevitable?

    January 6th was the 1st attempt to overthrow or destroy the US Capitol since The War of 1812 One year later & Democrats have failed to scale back the political trajectory towards fascism. The Supreme Court has gutted the Voting Rights Act & The Senate still hasnt budged on reforming the fillibuster The Build Back Better bill has been shelved, with its modest social safety net improvements & the Child Tax Credit has just expired. With midterms soon, & Democrats predicted to lose majority, is it safe to say it's over? I think the only thing we're missing is the military joining forces against US Democracy
  14. Everyone is making a fortune investing in NFTs but I dont even understand this mess and google isnt helpful tbh. Also where and how does one even invest in them. So confusing. Can someone explain if they have the time? Thank you in advance! I'll be reading tomorrow ...I want some of that NFT coinT
  15. Diarrhoea

    ATRL 2022 US Senators Rate

    Hello everyone, it's your girl Diarrhoea and today we are going to be rating the current US senators (plus Kamala Harris) The rules are in the same vein as rates in other sections of ATRL: PM-friendly ballot: Good luck rating!
  16. GentleEarthquake

    Monument Mythos

    Monument Mythos is an Analog Horror Project created by Alex Kansas. It takes place on an alternate history version of earth, where James Dean became president and National Monuments are believed to hide monsters and unnerving secrets. In this world of special trees and terrifying dimensions, history bents and opens a door for one of the best series on Youtube. I stumbled upon this channel at the end of last year and let me say, watching this was one of the best experiences of my life. There's something about it that makes you crave to connect all the dots and understand everything about this curious world. The visual and the atmosphere are so well done that it gets convincing sometimes. Check it out if you want: Season One Season Two
  17. What music genre did your family listen to when growing up versus what do you listen to now? Do you still listen to those songs to this date? I'm 30 so growing up my parents would play a lot of Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Elton John, Shania Twain, Phil Collins, Richard Marx, Bryan Adams, basically any of the power houses. I still remember my parents buying the Mariah's #1s album and Celine Dion's album always on our table. Even though I grew up listening to A LOT of power houses, I ended up listening to more pop genre (GaGa, Britney, Katy), especially since my taste of music came when Backstreet Boys, NSync, Britney, Christina came into the scene. Funny when I was younger I use to hate all those songs my parents played (power houses) but now I go back and listen to them (Mariah, Whitney, etc).
  18. Id kill for an Alias reboot. an amazing one with all the original players. Also would have love if they ordered the full series for cruel intentions after the trailer leaked online with SMG as the lead.
  19. NBC picks up the rights to air the American Song Contest in 2022. All 50 states plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands are eligible to submit songs. There will be qualifying rounds, semi-finals and a grand final. Fan vote and juries will determine the result just like in the Eurovision Song Contest. The winner will be deemed as the "Best Original Song". https://eurovision.tv/story/american-song-contest-2022 ----------------------------- The 'American Song Contest' will premiere on Monday 21 March 2022, during a two-hour primetime extravaganza on NBC in the States. Grand finale will be on Monday 9 May 2022 ----------------------------- First teaser
  20. R.E.M.

    The Grad School Lounge

    Hi y'all! Welcome to the grad school thread. From writing papers, tireless nights reading dense articles, submitting ethics proposals, collecting data, etc. graduate school can be really overwhelming. This is a safe space for us to vent our frustrations, discuss, & exchange pieces of advice so that we can survive our graduate school residencies together. This thread welcomes those pursuing any form of post-undergraduate studies (e.g. masters, doctorates, graduate diplomas/certificates, law degrees, medical degrees, etc.) as well as those hoping to gain admission into a graduate program. For prospective graduate students, feel free to ask questions about the application process or any other general inquiries you may have. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say we'd be more than happy to help I'll create a master list in the OP of all of the forum's graduate students (past, present, & incoming). In the meantime, I encourage all of you to introduce yourselves! State your degree title, department, & research areas. I'll start! I'm beginning my MA in September. I'll be studying 'Developmental Psychology' with a research focus on neurodevelopmental disorders! Presently, I'm working on isolating specific gene networks implicated in adolescent depression. Members: To be added to the OP, please PM me your degree title & discipline/concentration
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