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Found 2,935 results

  1. Timber

    What do you cook food in?

    I'm debating if I should move from extra virgin olive oil to butter to cook, but my research is kind of all over the place. What do you guys cook your food in? Is there a healthier option?
  2. Who is watching it. It's on right now. The 1999 VMAS is next
  3. Here are some pictures I found of people protesting Stupidity in the US is really flourishing
  4. suburbannature

    Exclusive: Miss Rona's First Interview

    She has spoken in an exclusive interview with the BBC sending out words of encouragement. Some have responded that there may be an ulterior motive behind her choice of words, however:
  5. frenchyisback

    Progressives Keep Losing: CHANGE THAT !

    Progressives keep losing every state (CO, KY) & national (Presidential) primaries. They have failed to win anything other a few primaries than deep blue district. WHY? There are 2 types of churches: the types that seek to convert non-believers and the type that prefer to burn heretic. Progressives have been burning heretics for a while now. They attack viciously & personally democrats who agree with them on 80% of issues because they could not get them to agree on that extra 20%. Politics is a game of ADDITION. You can't attack the democratic politicians (the establishment), the democratic fundraising base (the corrupts) & the democratic foot soldiers (the machine) & then expect to get 51%. WHAT PROGRESSIVE SHOULD DO: Build bridges: Don't make enemies of people you can easily claim and turn into allies. Instead of ranting about how Obama sucked you because he did not push medical for all; maybe you should congratulate him in pushing healthcare forward and say you will finish the job he started. (You ain't winning the black vote by trashing Obama. #FACT Stop Invoking Europe: I know it's hard for ATRL to understand, but most Americans just don't look up to Europe. We just think we're better (not all but most). It sucks. It's arrogance. But is is what we've been told and thought everyday in this country. Europe is usually used in politics to make someone look bad (i.e "John Kerry look french"- type GOP attack) Instead of talking about Scandinavia, focus on aligning yourself with the American progressive heroes: Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, LBJ. Drop the Socialist label: Drop the word, keep the policies. Our presidents & media have spent 70 years scaring the life out of us with that word. The younger generation ain't scared of it but old people vote much more and they are terrified. Give it another 3 presidential cycle (12 years) before you can campaign on that word.
  6. King
  7. ATRL Feedback

    Black Lives Matter (Thread)

    ATRL is an online platform comprised of people from all over the globe. As such, when one community is under attack, ATRL believes in advocating for that community in solidarity in whatever capacity we can. For too long, the black community has suffered at the hands of violent law enforcement that abuse their authority, power, and privilege to the neglect of the black community. For too long, the plights and cries of the black community have gone ignored by those in power. It is utterly crucial that black lives finally gain the long overdue equal treatment under the law they have been denied throughout history. Black lives matter. Black futures matter. Black children matter. ATRL unoquivocally believes in racial equality and encourage everyone to help out in whatever capacity you can: protest, speak up, donate, etc. Below is a list of causes that you can donate to, in whatever amount you can spare, to help black lives: Some user provided links
  8. Bussea

    Dramageddon 2: The Revamp: Tati & James vs. Shane & Jeffree

    Girl the first minute alone.
  9. I made this thread last month ago and updated it with May's cases; and at the time, May was the worst month in terms of cases - standing at 2.8M+ cases. June alone did 4.2M+ cases Deaths have fallen, but by a very, very small margin (<1.5%) June stands as the worst month for new infections worldwide; and 3rd worst for deaths. (Might be second if again more deaths are retroactively added.) February 1st to February 29th: March 1st to March 31st: April 1st to 30th April: May 1st to 31st May: June 1st to 30th June: Also, Days with more than 100K Cases (per month)- February & March: 0 April: 1 (24th April, 101K+) May: 8 (includes two days of 115K+ cases too) June: 30 Days with more than 125K Cases (per month) February, March and April: 0 May: 2 June: 25 Sources: WorldOMeter and CovidTracker. Thoughts? Looks like a combination of US protests spiking + testing increasing worldwide + RAPID spreading through everywhere sans EU. July is also on track to easily go above 4.2M, simply looking at the rolling averages.
  10. The fact that two gays tried to weaponize homophobia to spread fake allegations about someone. People like that should be kicked out of the community.
  11. As we all know, the 10s decade was DRENCHED in 80s/90s nostalgia. I feel like that's over and 70s disco nostalgia is coming back around. I've also notice men's fashion is going back to the style of 70s. Short shorts and tight pants I know most people consider the burnt earth tones pallet of the 70s to be ugly, but I personally love it!
  12. Why wasn't this released in Summer of 2020? This video is symbolic to what IS happening. And also, their way of addressing BLM is better. Instead of protesting, they place "?" Around the city. It gets people involved without even protesting. They get curious to look it up and why it's everywhere. It brings the community together and spreads awareness efficiently. I, now, have the upmost respect for this band. Let's get Will.I.Am and Fergie aware they need to rerelease this and make it viral again. ❤❤
  13. I didn’t see a thread on this. I’ve seen people on social media posting about her and the whole story is just tragic. After everything that has happened in that base it needs to be shut down immediately.
  14. Gesamtkunstwerk

    Do you shop on Wish?

    I keep getting ads from Wish that advertises counterfeit Louis Vuitton bed sheets, d*ldo shaped bongs, Nicholas Cage glitter pillows and more. All of the stuff on the app is extremely cheap, but at the cost of being made by underpaid workers, child labor, dangerous working environments, products that has been in contact with dangerous chemicals, ripping off independent artists, selling counterfeit designer goods, electronics that potentially burst into fire, makeup that glues your face together and generally every unethical production method in the book. It's the most used shopping platform in my country many years in a row, and one of most used shopping apps in the world... So do you shop on Wish ?
  15. So I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we can rank movies by actors and actresses that we have seen, let's start with someone well known and successful: Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Ryan Gosling Jennifer Lawrence Leonardo DiCaprio Lindsay Lohan
  16. So the USA just bought almost the entire world supply of Remdesivir and it is estimated that other countries won't have it in stock until October HOWEVER..... Other countries are using a FAR more cheaper and effective drug called Dexamethasone . . . . . . . . . See when you get greedy and disgusting the CLOWN COMES BACK TO BITE Also, how can the US be so tone deaf??? I'm pretty sure very few Americans can afford this
  17. Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, testified that the U.S. could start seeing up to 100,000 infections each day There are currently about 40,000 infections each day But he warned Americans weren't practicing sufficient social distancing U.S. infection rates have spiked even as other nations saw theirs go down 'I think it's important to tell you and the American public that I'm very concerned because it could get very bad,' he testified Tuesday COVID-19 cases across the US increased by 46 percent in the week ending June 28, compared to the previous seven days, with the majority of rises in the West and South Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, the HELP Committee chairman, urged the president to wear a mask as an example Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders quizzed health experts on the idea of having the government distribute masks to every U.S. household Dr. Tony Fauci responded there was 'no doubt that wearing masks protects you and gets you to be protected' Fauci and other experts testified before the Senate committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions