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Found 2,935 results

  1. frenchyisback

    Permit KAREN Calls Cops on Black Lawyer...

    ... for building a patio on his own property. Before she knows it, the whole neighborhood rallies and protest for her @$$ to move out...
  2. The biggest musical of the decade is coming to theaters
  3. jpow

    Your fave face mask brands?

    What is everyone's favorite brand of face masks they've gotten over quarantine? I've been struggling to find a mask that will stay up at my job since my job (a gym) is all about talking to people and being loud. My favorite I have found so far is Vera Bradley brand but I still have some issues with them falling down every now and then.
  4. hurricane326

    Is anyone else in your family LGBT?

    For me, my dad's cousin Wendy (my 2nd cousin once removed) is lesbian and married. I've only met her once Other than that it's just me HBU guys?
  5. Madame X

    reddit bans "hateful" subreddits

    reddit has just banned lots of hateful subreddits including but not limited to r/Chapotraphouse r/The_Donald r/DarkHumorAndMemes r/ConsumeProduct r/DarkJokeCentral r/GenderCritical r/Cumtown r/imgoingtohellforthis2 r/Wojak r/soyboys some of these.... are not like the others but SEETHE TERFS, GENDER CRITICAL IS GONE
  6. Caesar

    Do you wear a mask? why?

    While watching mutuals instagram stories (specifically those in the south), I saw a couple people not wear masks. It made me wonder, how many people on ATRL wear masks? If you do/don't, why?
  7. Looks familiar? The american eagle looks to its right, not its left: It is all just sickening.
  8. Letters From Adi

    Should UK give citizenship to Rohingyas?

    Since UK is giving citizenship to 3M people of HongKong, I thought they should do that to the rest of their former colonies too. What do you think? Should UK all all persecuted minorities from its former colonies to come to UK?
  9. X Interesting. Would you purchase the game with your $ if it was released now, ATRL?
  10. Warning, this video contains super disturbing labguage. And to makes things worse, that racist woman is a doctor! Yikes! Eastern Europe strikes again
  11. Just WOW! Gilded copper? REALLY? How is the equivalent of 22% of your annual gold totally fake? Everything about that CCP economy is SHAM. When the house of card crashes, they will make Lehman Brothers & Enron look like the guardians of transparency.... Biggest economic crash in history incoming...
  12. Alabama Students With Coronavirus Throwing “Covid Parties” To See Who Gets Infected: Officials
  13. Coinciding with Pride month, the Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics (GALECA) unveiled their nominations for the inaugural Dorian TV Awards on Tuesday. “With a global pandemic, severe economic strife, the gut-punches of racism and police brutality proverbially hitting us all—this might not seem like the right time for fluffy showbiz awards,” said GALECA president Diane Anderson-Minshall. “But it may be more important than ever now to embrace and champion quality stories and push the real Hollywood’s entitled writers, producers, executives and PR reps out of their bubble and into truly reflecting America’s diversity for a change. They have so much power, and entertainment journalism groups like GALECA can make them accountable.” GALECA’s executive director John Griffiths added, “Stereotypical, or worse, depictions of LGBTQs and People of Color have greatly contributed to the pain America is in right now. GALECA and its partner organization CGEM: Critics Groups for Equality in Media are determined to press media companies to take more responsibility and hire more underrepresented voices, voices that might say, ‘Hey, why, in 2020, is every single character on this show white, rich and straight except for the token Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian and/or Queer baddie or comic foil?'” The winners will be announced Aug. 21. Nonprofit organization GALECA was launched in 2009 to explore and celebrate both mainstream and LGBTQ-centered content. There are currently over 250 members, all active critics and journalists. BEST TV DRAMA Better Call Saul (AMC) Killing Eve (BBC America/AMC) Ozark (Netflix) The Crown (Netflix) The Good Fight (CBS All Access) BEST TV COMEDY Better Things (FX) Dead to Me (Netflix) Insecure (HBO) Schitt’s Creek (Pop) The Good Place (NBC) What We Do in the Shadows (FX) BEST TV MOVIE OR LIMITED SERIES Bad Education (HBO) Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu) Mrs. America (FX/Hulu) Normal People (Hulu) Watchmen (HBO) BEST TV PERFORMANCE – ACTRESS Christina Applegate, Dead to Me (Netflix) Cate Blanchett, Mrs. America (FX/Hulu) Linda Cardellini, Dead to Me (Netflix) Jodie Comer, Killing Eve (BBC America/AMC) Regina King, Watchmen (HBO) Laura Linney, Ozark (Netflix) Catherine O’Hara, Schitt’s Creek (Pop) BEST TV PERFORMANCE – ACTOR Hugh Jackman, Bad Education (HBO) Eugene Levy, Schitt’s Creek (Pop) Paul Mescal, Normal People (Hulu) Jeremy Pope, Hollywood (Netflix) Ramy Youssef, Ramy (Hulu) BEST SUPPORTING TV PERFORMANCE – ACTRESS Uzo Aduba, Mrs. America (FX/Hulu) Julia Garner, Ozark (Netflix) Allison Janney, Bad Education (HBO) Patti LuPone, Hollywood (Netflix) Annie Murphy, Schitt’s Creek (Pop) Jean Smart, Watchmen (HBO) BEST SUPPORTING TV PERFORMANCE – ACTOR Billy Crudup, The Morning Show (Apple TV+) Harvey Guillén, What We Do in the Shadows (FX) Dan Levy, Schitt’s Creek (Pop) Joe Mantello, Hollywood (Netflix) Josh O’Connor, The Crown (Netflix) Jim Parsons, Hollywood (Netflix) BEST TV MUSICAL PERFORMANCE Cynthia Erivo — “Stand Up”, 92nd Academy Awards (ABC) Jake Gyllenhaal — “Music, Music Everywhere!”, John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch (Netflix) Jennifer Lopez & Shakira — Halftime Show, Super Bowl LIV (Fox) Janelle Monáe & Billy Porter — Opening Number, 92nd Academy Awards (ABC) Noah Reid — “Always Be My Baby”, Schitt’s Creek (Pop) BEST LGBTQ TV SHOW Bad Education (HBO) Hollywood (Netflix) RuPaul’s Drag Race (VH1) Schitt’s Creek (Pop) Vida (Starz) We’re Here (HBO) Work in Progress (Showtime) BEST CURRENT AFFAIRS PROGRAM Cheer (Netflix) The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (Comedy Central) Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (TBS) Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC) Visible: Out on Television (Apple TV+) BEST UNSUNG TV SHOW Everything’s Gonna Be Okay (Freeform) Gentified (Netflix) The Good Fight (CBS All Access) Mrs. Fletcher (HBO) One Day at a Time (Pop) Vida (Starz) What We Do in the Shadows (FX) Work in Progress (Showtime) MOST VISUALLY STRIKING SHOW Hollywood (Netflix) The Crown (Netflix) The Mandalorian (Disney+) Watchmen (HBO) Westworld (HBO) CAMPIEST TV SHOW AJ and the Queen (Netflix) Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings (Netflix) The Great (Hulu) RuPaul’s Drag Race (VH1) Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness (Netflix) WILDE WIT AWARD (Honoring a performer, writer or commentator whose observations both challenge and amuse) Dan Levy Randy Rainbow Hannah Gadsby Cate Blanchett Trevor Noah
  14. Programmers Thread Thread thread = new Thread("100th time"); thread.execute(); thread.do_not_flop(); Members: @Bloo @Adonis @Pozeidon @Jotham @Puakenikeni @hooky @that G.U.Y. @Starburst @AlphaOmega @iamvladd @[email protected] Lites ☆@soml @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@rivers @[email protected] [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]ézli @[email protected]@[email protected]@RideOrDie @Sirnight @I'm JAVIng Fun @[email protected] @nathanspears How's everyone doing? I hope the 2017 members are a bit interested in programming, to keep this going. What are everyone's plans for this year? Anyone doing IT projects? Anyone doing programming as a job? Introduce yourself!
  15. People are also talking about the height: Thoughts? Could this also just be a blurry pic of Robert Pattinson?
  16. And dozens are still missing
  17. Coklek92

    Most exotic food you've ever eaten

    Don't judge me since I was just a kid that time but my uncle once cooked me porcupine curry And it tasted like chicken