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  1. Official second trailer. Will you be playing? What do you think of the cartoon violence? What's your fave original PALMON design?
  2. UPDATE: Nielsen's streaming chart: 2020 2021 The slayage ------------------------------------------- UPDATE: I——— The gap Queen Moana has been dominating the streaming charts for YEARS. ‐---‐---------------------------------------------- Is Moana already a classic? Streaming charts: Moana has been in the top 10 for MONTHS . It was the SECOND (!!!) most streamed movie of 2020 in the US, behind Frozen 2. US (Nielsen): Moana (2016) and Raya and the Last Dragon (2021) are the only Disney movies in the chart. Moana is currently outstreaming Raya. Worldwide (FlixPatrol): Moana is currently the most streamed movie on Disney Plus. #1 in every country , except Japan and Netherlands. Soundtrack: 2.5B on Spotify It's the 5th most streamed soundtrack of all time, behing ASIB, Greatest Showman, Spider-Verse and Black Panther. It's still getting 1.2M daily streams. 900M+ views: 840M+ views:
  3. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/01/20/us/airstrike-us-isis-dam.html
  4. These are the words of the Italian lifestyle coach, blogger and philosopher Flavia De Angelis. Do you look like you're from your country, or are you often mistaken as a foreigner/tourist? Discuss.
  5. A Teacher is under fire for saying a antisemitic joke about the Holocaust during class. The Joke in question: The school’s response:
  6. This year marks our 10th anniversary of joining ATRL! You have officially been on here for a decade. What month did you join? What was your favorite year(s) on ATRL in the past decade?
  7. 2021 Top 15 Streaming Programs (Originals) PROGRAM NAME ORIGINATOR # OF EPISODES PERSONS 2+ 1 Lucifer* Netflix 93 18,342.00 2 Squid Game Netflix 9 16,432.00 3 Great British Baking Show Netflix 75 13,636.00 4 Virgin River Netflix 30 12,908.00 5 Bridgerton Netflix 8 12,356.00 6 You* Netflix 30 11,124.00 7 Cobra Kai* Netflix 30 10,915.00 8 The Crown Netflix 40 9,651.00 9 Longmire* Netflix 63 8,892.00 10 The Handmaid's Tale Hulu 46 8,564.00 11 Outer Banks Netflix 20 8,301.00 12 Ted Lasso Apple TV+ 22 8,161.00 13 Maid (2021 Series) Netflix 10 8,103.00 14 Wandavision Disney+ 9 7,284.00 15 The Witcher Netflix 16 7,067.00 Source: * Program originally aired on another network/distributor Squid Game includes viewing to both English and Korean versions Person’s 2+ Minutes Viewed In Millions * Program originally aired on another network/distributor Squid Game includes viewing to both English and Korean versions Person’s 2+ Minutes Viewed In Millions Source: Nielsen 2021 Top 15 Streaming Programs (Acquired) PROGRAM NAME ORIGINATOR # OF EPISODES PERSONS 2+ 1 Criminal Minds Netflix 322 33,865.00 2 Cocomelon Netflix 15 33,278.00 3 Grey's Anatomy Netflix 382 32,625.00 4 NCIS Netflix 354 29,529.00 5 Heartland Netflix 215 20,410.00 6 Manifest Netflix 42 19,923.00 7 Supernatural Netflix 329 18,912.00 8 Schitt's Creek Netflix 80 18,062.00 9 Gilmore Girls Netflix 153 14,704.00 10 New Girl Netflix 146 14,680.00 11 Shameless Netflix 134 14,406.00 12 The Blacklist Netflix 169 12,137.00 13 Bones Amazon/Hulu 246 11,012.00 14 Seinfeld Hulu/Netflix 166 10,447.00 15 The Walking Dead Netflix 153 10,377.00 2021 Top 15 Streaming Movies PROGRAM NAME ORIGINATOR PERSONS 2+ 1 Luca (2021) Disney+ 10,592.00 2 Moana Disney+ 8,896.00 3 Raya And The Last Dragon Disney+ 8,343.00 4 Frozen 2 Disney+ 5,746.00 5 Red Notice Netflix 5,528.00 6 Frozen Disney+ 5,416.00 7 Soul (2020) Disney+ 5,282.00 8 Cruella Disney+ 5,174.00 9 Mitchells Vs. The Machines Netflix 4,517.00 10 Jungle Cruise Disney+ 4,425.00 11 Black Widow Disney+ 4,410.00 12 The Tomorrow War Amazon 4,049.00 13 Coco Disney+ 4,009.00 14 We Can Be Heroes Netflix 3,770.00 15 Avengers: Endgame Disney+ 3,679.00 https://deadline.com/2022/01/nielsen-streaming-top-shows-of-2021-lucifer-1234914241/
  8. “The Morning Consult poll generally shows that Trump voters and Republicans generally believe Biden is neither physically nor mentally fit, and Biden voters believe the opposite. However, independents — by a margin of 23 points — don’t agree that Biden is mentally fit now.” https://www.politico.com/news/2022/01/19/biden-first-year-report-card-trump-527320
  9. Your favourite movie from each genre? Action: Drama: Horror: Comedy: Thriller: Sci-fi: Romance: Documentary: Animation: Musical: Edit: Added Musical
  10. In 2020, Rolling Stone obtained a trove of Zap’s texts, several of which explicitly refer to payments in money or goods to radio stations in connection with airplay. (“Please put Rua into 50 spin rotation,” the promoter wrote to a radio programmer, referring to the pop-rock trio. “I can use the billing.”) Zap vehemently denied any wrongdoing, acknowledging in a statement at the time that he had channeled “certain promotional support” to one radio station, but insisting that support wasn’t linked to spins, and that his operations were above-board. Last year, a court battle between other players in the radio industry unearthed documents that hint at the large amount of money that can move between Zap and the stations he works with. Records produced in the lawsuit identified more than 130 “payments by Steve Zap in 2020 alone — totaling over $300,000” to help cover bills for Royce International Broadcasting, which then owned three radio stations. According to court filings, Zap also allegedly acknowledged that he had been paying “a budget set at $200,000” annually for those three stations — the Bay Area’s KREV, Palm Springs’ KRCK, and Las Vegas’ KFRH — for “several years” running. Court documents filed in the Stolz case referenced Rolling Stone‘s previous reporting on Zap’s 2020 texts, which provided a rare insight into the carefully targeted mechanics of radio campaigns. In those messages, the promoter frequently discussed adjusting airplay to help labels achieve chart goals, often by taking away spins from one artist higher on the chart and assigning them to a lower-ranking act. In March 2020, Zap texted, “can we … spike Maren Morris. 1 week only and [then] Dua lipa can get in.” Two weeks later, he followed up: “Please make sure Dua Lipa goes to super power and maren comes down a bit… Give a 50 spin difference.” (A song in power rotation is one of the most played at a station.) Unsavory as this track-flipping seems, there’s nothing illegal about shifting plays from one artist to another as long as it’s not linked to some payment in money or goods. Zap’s texts also offered a window into the fractious communications that occur behind the scenes as labels compete for positions on charts that few listeners are actually aware of (AAA and Adult Top 40 are hardly household names). Even as the promoter worked with the record companies, his texts indicated frustration with his label counterparts. “Going to make [P]atty beg for increase” in spins for a Lewis Capaldi song, one text read. “Wendy crying about Backstreet Boys,” Zap wrote. “… She can’t save it but whatever.” “That record isn’t a hit and Pete isn’t cool,” Zap texted at another point. “Don’t play [the song] so much.” The radio press all but ignored Rolling Stone‘s reporting on Zap’s messages. Perhaps that’s a sign that the behavior described in his texts is so commonplace it does not rise to the level of news in the trades. In his recent statement, Zap said that “his promotion activities on behalf of various record labels and musicians [are] standard in the industry, and completely permissible.”
  11. ZIVERT

    Is Anne Boleyn iconic?

    She made the king of England fall in love with her without having sex with him for those 7 years she was courting, got the king to banish his wife (the Queen of England and a Spanish princess), had other powerful court officials banished or killed, was the primary reason behind why the Church of England split from the Pope, and then died in an iconic way. Reading about her life and her ruthless ambition.... she kind of IS the moment.
  12. Bethenny Frankel

    Reporter Hit by Car During Live Report

    I hope she was ok, for some reason they had her reporting from the field by herself and manning the camera? Where is the budget going?!
  13. Jenna Ortega seems to be everywhere. She's been in a ton of different movies and tv shows ever since she was in the 2nd season of YOU and has several upcoming projects. I feel like her transition from Disney Channel star to edgier projects has been the quickest and most seamless of any other Disney star. Will she become a household name like some previous Disney Channel stars, most recently Zendaya and Olivia Rodrigo?
  14. Letitia Wright Returns To Filming ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ DeMicia Inman January 18, 2022, 9:36 pm Letitia Wright has returned to filming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever after taking a break from the set due to an injury. Polygon reported the actress had a five-month recovery period after she suffered a critical shoulder fracture while filming an action scene as Shuri in Boston in Aug. 2021. Surprised? I was told she faked an injury to cover up the fact that she was an anti vaxxer?
  15. https://www.scmp.com/news/world/united-states-canada/article/3149079/wheres-gabby-mystery-disappearance-us-road-tripper Don't want to be that person but the boyfriend probably killed her EDIT: Now the Boyfriend has went missing EDIT2: I feel for the family and hope that ****er is brought to justice if he hasn't off'd himself already. https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/19/us/gabby-petito-missing-sunday/index.html EDIT3: Father Has confirmed death via twitter. RIP Gabby The system has truly failed you. EDIT4: Brians Parents have been taken into escorted out of their house by the FBI and their house is now declared a Crime Scene. https://www.facebook.com/FoxNews/videos/991870558267751/ EDIT5: Her cause of death has been determined as a Homicide. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.eonline.com/amp/news/1303026/gabby-petito-confirmed-dead-at-22-as-autopsy-determines-her-manner-of-death
  16. Are you shocked or surprised by her reaction?
  17. https://ew.com/books/inside-dcs-plan-to-kill-the-justice-league/
  18. The ultimate wish fulfillment / relatable self-insert characters for geeks everywhere I think it's clear that Harry had the bigger peak in the 2000s but now Peter is bigger than ever Even the panned Sony movies turned out to be a blessing in disguise and is now fueling No Way Home's unprecedented success which is highly unlikely to be the case for the Fantastic Beasts movies The preservation of the Spider-Man brand >>> And Stan Lee was a much better human being than Miss Rowling
  19. did you ever have a break your leg to be like your favorite singer moment?
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