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  1. wantedyoutogrow

    What's the best horror franchise?

    And why is it Scream?
  2. What are some movies/shows/or scene that would not survive/receive backlash if released today?
  3. ziam

    Talk That Balkan Talk

    Link to the old thread
  4. According to Daily Star, an industry source said: “It has been decided that the time is right to bring X Factor back. It’s really exciting. Everyone who will be working on the new series can’t wait to get started.” Father-of-one Simon is said to have being having secret conversations with a production company about his plans and has reportedly "struck a big-money deal". However, it's unsure if the new series would air on ITV or perhaps a different channel. https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/breaking-x-factor-set-return-27328357 ..
  5. Often named as one of the greatest TV shows of all-time, after breaking U.S. ratings records and constantly receiving critical acclaim. Haven't watched it yet, but why was so great and "genius" about it? Why and how did it become in such a reference in pop culture?
  6. Some of you may recall this thread: The fallout from this continues to be... Putting aside the large international backlash from Muslim-majority countries (x), the country had also erupted into protests domestically (x) over the comments (which called Prophet Muhammad a pedophile on a news channel.) The same comment has also now lead to a man being beheaded in broad daylight (x): Would not recommend anyone to look up the videos, they've apparently been widely circulating.
  7. Michael196

    Ariana Grande Heardle

  8. UGH my work tasked me with leading their new entry to the "decentralized" world, a project I've been working on for a couple of months now, and the more I've learned and got educated on it the more I'm firm in my belief that it is all useless BS with nothing but a very loud cult propelling it as the future. Lets start; Web 3? Doesn't make sense babes. Sounds like a straight to DVD sequel. It's all about "owning" your site and the content on it, away from ICANN and common law, however it doesn't actually operate like that. It is still mostly subject to law and at the mercy of where it was registered - at least right now in this half baked sense. But anyone who thinks they'll genuinely be able to have a free-for-all without government involvement in the future web 3 space is a complete idiot which is again, why I'm convinced the idea is only propelled by a cult of racist, homophobic and misogynist neckbeards who want a place to plan a massacre. NFT's? Me dont fink. Talk about a GRIFT. This community really wants you to believe buying an NFT means they actually own it in every sense of the word. They want you to believe the tech is like, so out of this world and futuristic and is going to solve world hunger, when really it's a bunch of sad stay-at-home bromies hoping that pic of a penguin with a propeller hat is going to be worth 100k next week. The more I learn about them, and the marketplaces their sold on, and the "sacred" smart contract that doesn't actually mean anything valuable, the less I see any foreseeable real-world use they'll have. People are like, "someday you'll be able to buy a house via smart contract" and its like....uh a.) good luck buying that house you speak of but b.) you can...already do this? There's this implication that cutting out the middleman is the future when it's just a new middleman taking its place. It makes 0 SENSE Crypto? chile lemme get my purse. It's just stocks for middle-aged terminally online men who don't want to wait through the small gains of the corporate stock market. Very few crypto coins are actually executing any of the idea's they have (ETH) while the rest are just a gamble on empty promises we've seen failed over and over again (cardano anyone?). Also, how exactly is crypto the currency of the future when its still valued by federally backed cold hard cash? Imagine trying to sell someone on this idea that decentralized money is more valuable, the key to the future, and then panic selling it the second you see it drop a few cents because you know its gunna dip biggie and you're going to be out your life savings? Really? Why dont you hold....too scared? Or is it because the actual value of this monopoly money is tied to your value of USD? PUHLEEEEASE And blockchains are just a new host with a different name. An engine to play with your fake money that doesn't operate any different than our current capabilities. I'm just SO done having to read about this everyday. The majority of the tech industry is like, "well...we all think its a scam too but if we're wrong about it, we don't want to be behind, so lets invest too much into it and hope it pays off." Whatever, I'm getting cheese fries. Lemme hop on my linked in and look for jobs at a non-profit before my watch tells me to practice mindfulness again
  9. Her tone is distinct and uniquely her own. No one sounds like Lana! Her sound is her own! So does she have the most unique tone among the main pop girls?
  10. I can't describe how much I love this scene and this movie. This clip has 407 million views
  11. Devin


    Click Here Click Here
  12. It's been raining all day in the city, so I started playing the soundtrack to The Dark Knight while I clean my apartment, and it is an EXPERIENCE. Hans Zimmer is a genius, and his score is an essential part of what makes TDK such an incredible movie. I remember watching it in middle school for the first time and getting chills from the music. That said, what are your favorite film scores or soundtracks?
  13. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMNrQUaoK/ https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMNrQHWWy/ Videos are getting deleted left and right, here's a screenshot I managed to get:
  14. KnightOfAllRealms

    What do y'all do when you're down?

    I read SciFi novels because 90% of them are terribly Dystopian and depressing that I immediately feel better about the life I'm currently leading. Read two 700 page SciFi over the weekend and I'm actually feeling comforted and grateful that I live in a cozy timeline with minimal harm to me or my loved ones. What about y'all?
  15. Each day we live is full of promise and endless possibilities. Life shouldn’t be spent worrying about the things trying to drag us down. Lindsay Lohan is here to bring you the ultimate guide to living fully on The Lohdown. She’s here to share with you the things, people, places, and ideas that she loves. From the greatest undiscovered music to the global causes that need your attention and support. She’s like the big sister that you never had, or if you just need an extra sister who’s ready to lend and ear to hear about your joys and your dilemmas. Each week will be filled with new and fascinating stories that span the world of entertainment to everyday makeup and beauty tips and tricks. Lindsay is living her best life and bringing you along for the Lohdown. https://bit.ly/TheLohdown
  16. https://www.france24.com/en/france/20220626-french-government-supports-cementing-abortion-rights-in-constitution The US better learn from it
  17. Season 3 premieres July 28th exclusively on HBO Max.
  18. https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/atlanta/too-much-mayo-sandwich-1-dead-1-surgery-after-being-shot-by-customer-apd-says/ERSZ6VTFOBDY5K7ELGH4IXU2WY/
  19. I’m looking to take the plunge and make an ep, but I’ve been ****** about by like 3 producers who have sold me their beats with an exclusive licence and then sold them to other people as well and I don’t have the energy for it so I thought I’d reach out here. Ideally you’d be able to mix and master because I am absolutely horrific at it. If there is anyone then dm me and I’ll send you some of my rough songs I’ve made and we can go from there. Also I’m not even sure if this thread soliciting help is allowed, so if it’s not then I apologise.
  20. Sony Pictures are producing several Spider-Man Character Solo Films in thier Spider-Verse. Currently in Development are Spider-Man 4-6 Starring Tom Holland. Directed by John Watts. Codename Spider-Man: No More College Trilogy. Kraven: The Hunter Starring Aaron Taylor Johnson. Featuring Spider-Man Villians Calypso and The Chameleon . A Family/Adventure Drama set for January 13 2023. Madame Web Starring Dakota Johnson & Sydney Sweeney. Currently filming, set for July 7th 2023. Thriller Film about the next line of Madame Web taking over. Will have Multi-Verse elements and characters. Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse. June 2nd 2023, Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy travel across alternate universes. Featuring 250+ Cameos and Several iterations of Spider-Man such as Spider-Man 2099, ect. 2 Part Animated Epic. El Muerto starring Bad Bunny set for January 2024. Anti-Hero/Luca libra origin story film. From the writers of Morbius. Spider-Man Beyond the Spider-Verse. The 2nd Part of Across the Spiderverse. Miles continues to travel across the multiverse. Swinging throughout several Spider-Man Verses through multiple Media’s. 90’s animated series, 2018 Video Game, Comicbooks, ect. Rumored to meet his MCU variant Miles Morales and set up Spider-Man 4. Silk Live action Television series set for 2024. Confirmed to be a series filiming later this year. No actress cast yet or episode count. Will be the origin story of Cindy Moon, Korean American, who got bite by the same spider as Peter Parker. Rumored to be from the amazing Spider-Man Andrew Garfield. Andrew Garfield is not confirmed as a cameo. Venom 3 Starring Tom Hardy set for late 2024. Directed by Andy Serkis. Eddie Brock and Venom will return with the same directors and writers as the first 2 films. Ambitious Venom-verse film. Topher grace is not confirmed to be a cameo of of yet. filming starts end of the year. Spider-Woman directed by Olivia Wilde. Currently negotiations of placing her into the Sony Universe or MCU Proper. She will appear In Spiderverse animated Movie before this film release. No casting confirmed yet. Film is Greenlit for late 2024-early 2025. Untitled Sinister 6 Film. Sony’s Attempt at an Avengers team up film. Film has been in development for several years. Latest updated lineup is Micheal Keaton’s Vulture, Morbius, Kraven, Rhino, Mysterious and Venom after Venom 3 events. This movie is still constantly changing so I will keep it as a rumor post. Silver Sable, Night-watch and Jackpot films are currently titled but have Unknown status as of 2022, May. Spider-Man 4-6 are all green lit as a College trilogy. First film confirmed to be directed by John watts starring Tom Holland & Zendaya. No other information is know other then Peter Parker will be played by Tom Holland for each film. Miles morales & Spider-Woman are currently being casted, but are negations for them to be in the MCU proper via Contracts similar to Tom Holland. Source Sony Executive
  21. Drop other songs and albums that made an impact on you this year.
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