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Found 2,934 results

  1. Brishka

    Are most straight men disgusting?

    I never understood why some gays are so obsessed over straight men. I find the whole toxic masculinity, which the majority of straight men tend to display, very off-putting. I immediately lose interest in a guy if he's straight or even bi even though I'm masculine myself and I prefer masculine guys.
  2. I just found out all the episodes are available to stream for free on “Tubi” I haven’t seen the show since their Hollywood TV movie... 12 years ago.
  3. You can read more about the Sino-Russian relations in the article. While not as big of a "feud", this is around the 20th or 21st country China has been beefing with over land/territory issues. This time it's mostly social media backlash, but WHEW the HUNGER for land. Does this whole affair bring back your favorite and least favorite memories from the year 1860?
  4. Wonderland

    Shaving: Manual vs. Electric

    Hi everyone, I manually shave my face with a razor, but I’ve always had issues with it. I frequently get cuts and the skin on my neck constantly looks irritated and upset despite how careful I try to be. I’m wondering if anyone uses electric razors (or has switched to them) and if so, has noticed any difference in terms of irritation or cuts? I’m curious to try one to see if it’ll make a difference, but I thought I’d gauge the thoughts of others on here before I shell out for one. If you enjoy them, what model do you use? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated
  5. Puerto Rico is the worlds oldest colony, formally a colony of Spain, and now of the US. Should the US finally grant the country independence? Random Facts: GDP is $100 billion (nominal) , making Puerto Rico the 61st wealthiest country in the world. GDP per capita $32,100 making it the 33rd wealthiest per capita worldwide and the wealthiest in all of Latin America Puerto Rico is a highly developed competitive economy, however it has large emigration to the US as they are US citizens.
  6. Happy Independence Day to our American sistren! Are you going to go wild today?
  7. Mariano

    Leopard steals a hyena's prey.

    I- This could make for some cool edits
  8. here we go!
  9. Summary: it was WHO's China outpost that saw a declaration on a Wuhan health commission website and informed HQ. China made no effort to alert the WHO and only responded when the WHO had asked them about it twice after receiving the initial report from their office.
  10. The best series Netflix has ever produced is back
  11. LanaDelSex

    Lana joins TikTok

    It appears that Lana has joined TikTok with a joint account with her brother and sister. Their first video is Lana singing along to a cover of Bel Air
  12. over 230k videos made using the audio audio loop: Summertime Sadness re-smash is coming!
  13. Thinking Of You

    Your 90s crushes?

    Who are your 90s crushes? My top one is: Maia Campbell (Actress in Sister, Sister and In the House)
  14. Categories Are: • Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series • Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama
  15. The Black Thread “ Introducing "The "BLACK" thread, a place we can discuss our favourite activities we like doing, as per our race. Sunder dinner, Church, cornbread, EBT, our MUSIC. – THEVOICEXTINA (ORIGINATOR OF THE BLACK THREAD/ THE PERSON WHO LET IT FLOP) „ Experiences, Fashion, Music, Television, Movies, Politics, Current Events, Relationships, Sex, Work, Food, Advice, Stories, & More
  16. This is the disgusting, dehumanising F*CKERY that we have to put up with? Seriously?
  17. Any of you other countries taking in immigrants? America’s getting too wild for me and I’m ready to move
  18. Roman Holiday

    Are you nostalgic for 2019?

    2019 feels like it was such an innocent time Obviously bad stuff was happening last year, but damn, Summer 2019 was so fun and carefree for me. I really miss it.