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Found 1,549 results

  1. This might be a difficult conversation to have but I’ve been trying to erase the visual of a stray cat being hit by a car and it dying on the spot. It’s been a few days and I can’t seem to get it out of my head. I’ve tried many things to distract myself but somehow that visual is just very very prevalent in my mind has anyone ever been through something like this? How do you cope? I’m finding it tough to walk my dog as well and constantly keep lifting her up A couple of people were able to give the cat a proper burial which I’m thankful for.
  2. Most "expensive" restaurant you've ever been to? Now I'm not talking about going to The Keg and racking up a $500 tab (because you can get alot for $500 over there and feed multiple people) but more like going to an expensive, over priced, boujie, instagrammy, $50 for 3 pieces of scallop-type of restaurants. What type of restaurant was it / where? What did you order (food, drinks)? How much was the bill and how much did you tip? Was it worth it (food, experience, service, etc)? And who paid or was it split
  3. AbeHicks

    Would You Do Well In Prison?

    Do you have what it takes to thrive in this hostile environment full of criminals with questionable morals and tons of unresolved trauma?
  4. Da Vinci

    No Way Home vs Endgame

    The two most popular superhero movies ever I think No Way Home >>> Spider-Man is just more likable than any Avenger and he transcends the MCU Even people who aren't MCU fans watched No Way Home for obvious reasons With theaters closed, omicron surging and no China release, it still had the 2nd/3rd biggest opening of all time so it's not a stretch to say it would've beat Endgame's opening and total numbers if it was released in 2019 or something
  5. Hello guys, it's me again, Joaquín,. I wanted to start fresh after finally getting my degree and just planning my future, my gols in life, etc. a few days ago I decided to go to a specialist (henatologist) which told me I could be losing blood from a wound in my intestines, blood vessels from the throat being overexposed after my recent surgery (tonsillectomy) or a possible autoimmune disease attacking my red blood cells, not allowing me to get enough oxygen to my organs. I’ve done the impossible to find out what is actually going on, I maxed out all my credit cards and took the little savings I had to pay for this treatment out of pocket and I sadly cannot pay for anything else, as my credit cards were blocked and my boss fired me as soon as she found out I was sick, through the health insurance report, the reason to fire me was "lack of resourses, and that I wasn't being productive" after literally being back to work for less than a week. I decided to start this small campaign to basically find out what is happening and pay for my upcoming medical bills, as I have to get two injections that are over $440 USD. after that I have to pay for the administration of the injections through IV and a new round of tests, accompanied by a colonoscopy and a endoscopy to see if there is any internal damage in my intestines and my stomach. so to all that people that have offered me help in the past, please keep an eye on this thread, as I'm unable to create a GFM by myself as I wouldn't even be able to withdraw the money, the easiest option for now is directly through PayPal, CashApp and Venmo are not available in my country. if you wish, you can donate at @joaquinignaciod via PayPal, all help is very much appreciated. Please leave a note indicating your username in ATRL so I can thank you in this thread later on.
  6. I’m prone to deactivating social media to “detox” for months on end and I’m considering permanently deleting all forms of social media, as I don’t really see it how it benefits my life. what are the pros and cons?
  7. no one even talks about it anymore like i remember a lot of people still talking about stranger things even a year after the show's first season but squid game seems completely forgotten, why is that?
  8. Dark Horse

    Investing/Stock Talk 📈 🚀

    DISCLAIMER None of this is financial advice and no one is a financial advisor. Do not take financial advice from strangers on the Internet. Understand the risks of trading stock and perform your own Due Diligence. This thread is purely for discussion and no one else here is responsible for your losses or gains. --- thread for discussing investments, stock trading, etc. --- (US) To begin trading stocks open a brokerage account: TD Ameritrade https://apps.apple.com/us/app/td-ameritrade-mobile/id534659421 E-Trade https://apps.apple.com/us/app/e-trade-invest-trade-save/id313259740 SoFi https://www.sofi.com/ Fidelity https://www.fidelity.com/ CRYPTOCURRENCY Coinbase https://www.coinbase.com/ Binance http://binance.us/ --- Resources (feel free to @ me if you have any good ones) https://www.fool.com/investing/how-to-invest/ https://us.etrade.com/planning --- WTF are options? --- free educational resources
  9. Coming out this week. Will it be massive? The views look promising!
  10. Better Mistakes

    My high school bully is on Grindr

    Do I hook up with him? Or have I got Stockholm syndrome?
  11. Inspired by the film & TV threads. This is a place to discuss what games you last played, regardless of console or genre. For me, I'm about to finish Luigi's Mansion 3. I have one boss fight left then I'm done!
  12. What are some Pros and Cons of your job? It can be your current job or past employment. You don't have to disclose the company but it can be your benefits, pay, discounts, or any perks (or secrets that customers don't know about)
  13. DerpGa

    2022 is fucked up

    so many people are dying wtf??????????? and here I thought it’s gonna be a whole positive year….. **** her
  14. Cyanide

    Do you isolate yourself?

    When do you tend to isolate yourself from friends, family, loved ones, etc.? And how do you pull yourself out of it? In the last 6 months I’ve gone through a personal renaissance of sorts where I’ve realized my worth and gained a new sense of confidence… and I’ve just been feeling a lot of anger for the way that I’ve been treated in friendships, relationships, etc and regret so many years of being a people pleaser and never standing up for myself because I didn’t think I was worth it… now I’m really only focused on myself and my job, the thing that makes me the happiest, but I feel guilty because I’ve been pushing people away for the most part. This could just be a natural part of growing up and letting go of the past, but I was wondering how others navigate this in their own lives?
  15. Genius1111

    The Amazing Race 33

    All discussion relating to The Amazing Race 33 (US version) goes here.
  16. novembers17th

    Pop Star Fun Facts?

    What are some random interesting facts you know about a pop star or musician?
  17. pieceofgök

    Do you get lonely fast?

    I’m really a people’s person. I love having people around me and having lots of convos. And I see my friends less and less, cause they all got their own lives and are very busy (which I love for them and I’m very proud of them, don’t get me wrong) But it does make the evenings kinda lonely. And it got me thinking that I get lonely really fast. I don’t know if that’s healthy. How about yall?
  18. For some we're already in one but this feels like the bad timeline where Biff won
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