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Found 2,948 results

  1. BlazingLovatic

    Investment Discussion Thread

    I think this thread used to exist, but no longer does, so thought I'd make a new one. What are you guys currently invested in? I'm mostly into ETFs + Renewables
  2. KnightOfAllRealms


    The second wave is gonna come in full force ya'll
  3. Mega star janelle monae has set her eyes on a coveted role in the MCU. Storm. People have linked her to the top of many producer and casting lists for roles such as poison ivy and storm if they ever are put into new movies. I personally think she may be a bit too short as i imagine storm to be a tall statuesque type of mutant but she definitely has the acting chops and personality to do storm justice. Your thoughts?
  4. A guy who went to the party WITH covid: Why is it always the circuit queens that have to be this problematic on multiple levels?
  5. BreatheGaga

    US: 208,000 deaths by Nov

    The model just updated: thoughts?
  6. this song honestly does not sound 8 years old...
  7. Back in February when I bought my Chromatica Ball tickets I got added into a GGD groupchat on Twitter with about 30 other people who were going to the now rescheduled Toronto date. One of them was a guy that (truth be told) was pretty hot but always posted really cocky stuff. I didn't mind that much but sometimes it would be fake sh!t like "one of my friends found my Twitter and is searching for my nudes". Like if they were your friend why would they have to find your Twitter lol. He also constantly posted desperate thirst tweets begging for sexual attention when he knew damn well he was the kinda guy that had no problem going on Grindr and getting a hookup in 10 minutes. Well a few days ago I noticed he wasn't on my feed and then that his account was deleted - turns out he had replied to a tweet that said that the term "bu$$y" was problematic for trans men, and he responded by saying that trans men had a "front hole" - not a vagina. The backlash wasn't even that bad but it felt sorta poetic in a way lol Has this ever happened to you, either with someone who gave you weird vibes or were just completely normal until the post? Share!
  8. Surprise bitch. I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me. Welcome to the grand re-opening of the Grace Randolph base of ATRL! BREAKING: Another round of Grace Randolph's army the Gracists vs the ATRL mods is around the corner, and whether you’re planning on spamming #FreeGrace til Error 503 or subscribing to YouTube channel sensation Beyond the Trailer, you need some fresh Grace motivation.mp3 to get you ready for the battles ahead. And Grace Randolph has got you covered with her simul-smashing YouTube shows Beyond the Trailer and Movie Math. Grace is massaging your ear drums with her reverberating, warm speaking tones in tons of weekly video uploads. Not even Camila is serving that many gifts for the fans! And you know she knows a thing or two about movies. Unless your YouTube recommendations have been broken for a hot minute, you know Grace just made a best supporting actress nom worthy performance in Zombieland: Double Tap! And red haired, Oscar WINNING legend Emma Stone is low key BFFs with Grace now. We just know Jessica Chastain is sobbing into her nonexistent trophies as we speak. We know you want to hear Grace's thoughts about all the ways Joaquin Phoenix just dad-dicked Ryan Reynolds as Joker surpassed both Deadpool box office runs (poor Blake Lively!). Which is why you’ll love Grace's new videos. YouTube's been moist AF for Grace as Beyond the Trailer has surpassed 860k subscribers. And would YouTube lie to you, bitch? But perhaps the piece de resistance (that’s French for “Wig SnatchT”) is her giffable AF past that's been recently unearthed. Grace previously did skits and in person interviews, and let's just say the new gifs have the Imgur view counter shaking. We know, it’s a little bit #Icringed, but also, am I chopping onions right now or are those tears rolling down my face? I’m not crying, you’re crying. And as always, our Rotten Tomato certified reviewing NYU grad QUEEN who boasts a $1.5 million dollar networth didn’t just come to play — she came to slay. A man loves a hexagonal threat: She’s an actress, host, journalist, filmmaker, comedian and beauty (in any hair style or color wig she chooses... we can't help but laugh at Brie Larson's Captain Marvel Bieber cut along with Grace). So, we must fight for our #Gracist base. Her post count is currently #BreakingTheInternet in @AvrilLaQueen's Pop Culture Thread which is just unfair to the other lessers fighting for attention in that thread. No moderation without Grace baseation! On your marks, get set, GO bitch! The Gracecar is leaving the station and the admins better get on board. Be on the lookout for more surprises very soon as the inevitable Grace Base looks to dominate the base Entertainment section and beyond in a landmark 2019-2020 campaign. @Cloudy @Ohno @Scandalous @James_Dean @Pure Adrenaline @Lady Bird @The Unforgiving @Leptine @Peroxide @shookgrande @Nofo @Henry  @Wake Up @that G.U.Y. @Legendary @Obsession @D_Man3379 @Slate @PrettyHurts @Lights and Waves @Repelex @Idol Of Roses @TheCheshireCat @xrosup @princeaiden @Alien. @bearman10 Gifs by @ReverseWarholian OP written by @Walk_Away21
  9. Feather

    What's your skincare regime?

    What's your skincare regime? Your skin type, AM Routine and PM Routine, and any once a week routine (if you have any) and if you could highlight ONE product that is your holy grail/MUST HAVE _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Skin Type Combo (every where is normal, T-Zone is oily) AM Routine - CETAPHIL's Gentle Cleanser - SKINCEUTICAL's CE Ferulic (Vitamin C Serum) - CLARIN's UV PLUS UV+ SPF50 PM Routine (in order of how I use it) - KATE SOMERVILLE's ExfoliKate® Cleanser Daily Foaming Wash - TATCHA's The Essence Plumping Skin Softener - TATCHA's Violet-C Brightening Serum 20% Vitamin C + 10% AHA - FRESH's Black Tea Firming and De-Puffing Eye Cream - TATCHA's Silk Cream Once a Week TATCHA's Violet-C Radiance Mask Holy Grail My holy grail would definitely have to be Tatcha's essence. I know it's quite pricey ($124) however I've been following the owner and she's mentioned that anything you put on your skin (moisturizer, serum) will just "sit" on top of the epidermis of your skin. If you apply the essence, it will allow any products you put on your skin to penetrate underneath and go under the skin. I thought it was bogus to spend $124 on what looks like water, but wow. It's really done wonders to my skin -- literally my moisturizer and serum has done magic to my skin, but adding the essence really enhanced all the products I put on my skin. I now use the essence before I do face masks now as well. (I also use retinol but just finished. Looking for a new retinol, probably going to try Drunk Elephant). Adding educational videos since members are asking for help Skin Types Is Your Skin Dry or Just Dehydrated? Sensitive Skin and Cystic Acne Skincare Ingredients to Avoid When You Have Sensitive Skin & Sensitive Skin Teenage Acne Skincare Routine The Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin and All Skin Types Early 20s Skincare Routine for Acne-Prone Skin Skin Routine A Dermatologist's Nighttime Skincare Routine for Oily Skin Informative Videos Acids in Skincare: All About Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and More Is Alcohol in Skincare Really that Bad? My REAL Thoughts on Face Oils (& How to Apply) Controversial Skincare Ingredients: Experts Weigh In Who is Susan Yara? My Education & Career Background All videos provided by Susan Yara, well known former journalist and reporter for Forbe's Beauty and Wellness, and ended up working with experts (founder of beauty brands, esthetician, scientist, formulators, chemists). I enjoy her videos because she always has board certified dermatologist on her videos, and she's well known in the skincare industry.
  11. Better characters, actual character arcs, original concept (unlike Friends), better writing and a LOT funnier The early seasons of HIMYM were comedy gold... Swarley, Slap Bet, The Naked Man, The Playbook, Internevtion and Slapsgiving all these episodes better than any episode on Friends HIMYM is a classic while Friends is overrated
  12. Recently I’ve been super bored. All of a sudden youtube started recommending farm vlogs. I’ve been obsessed ever since W
  13. ziam

    Talk That Balkan Talk

    Link to the old thread
  14. Coklek92

    BREAKING : US plans to ban Tik Tok

    The world moves on, another day, another drama, drama But not for me, not for me, all I think about is karma
  15. Alpha Male

    What are you listening to right now?

    I'm not listening to anything except for the sound of my own tears falling down my face.
  16. First go watch The Kissing booth(one) on Netflix now! TKB2 comes out July 24th! With Joey King from Hulu’s “The Act” & Jacob Elordi from HBO’s Euphoria. Also this Marco guy 👀. His name is Taylor Perez
  17. NotAvaMax

    Is This Workplace Harassment?

    I recently started working at a hardware store and I'm the only gay person that I know of who works there. All of my coworkers are super nice except for this one old man. When I met him my first day I went to shake his hand and he grabbed my stomach. It was so weird I pulled his hand away and just kind of did a nervous laugh. Whenever I do something slightly wrong he is the only person who gets mad and talks down to me like I'm stupid because I forgot a tiny thing. He also is very passive aggressive and says things so stupid I laugh thinking he's joking then he gets mad and says **** like "You need to remember that so I don't have to show you again". Keep in mind this old bitch really does nothing around the store at all. That takes me to today, I was learning the register with another new person and when I asked for help with a return he came over. I clearly explained it to him and he told me what to do so I did it. I must have pressed the wrong button because he got so mad he grabbed my shoulders and forcefully pushed me aside. Any of my other coworkers would've just asked if I could move out of the way. One of my coworkers later came up to me and said sorry because they saw him push me and got very angry and wanted to curse him out. Later today I started sweeping because behind the register was dirty and he said "You'll make a good wife some day". With anyone else I would assume it was a joke but he's so ****ing passive aggressive I'm sure it was a jab at my sexuality. Honestly I'm about ready to call him a senile bitch and to **** off but I need some advice. Am I just being overdramatic or is he crossing a line? I could tell my boss about it but I don't want to sound stupid.
  18. Lately, the right has been very vocal about colleges and schools being being breeding grounds for liberal agenda. Why is it that the more education you have, the more liberal you become?
  19. rihannabiggestfan

    Cure for Heterosexuality

    Apparently the cure for heterosexuality is to be sprayed by a wild pansy () flower
  20. DaddyIssuesX

    Sugar Daddy/Paypig experiences?

    when i used to scout for sugar daddies and just turned 16 years old i met a 40yr old “silver fox” in the park to talk about his life whilst he caressed my thigh. It was slightly awkward and stuff but i could tell he was so turned on cos he was blushing the entire time and he had a hard on with a small wet patch he was a black belt in taekwondo or something so i was scared that if i took the money and ran he’d attack me. At the end I said i had to get back to school and he handed me an envelope with £100 in it and kissed my cheek i remember searching up if if prostitutes go to hell that night on google i still asked for another £100 through bank transfer and he sent it and asked me if i wanted to visit spain with him and this other twink...after a while I blocked him Most of my other ones after that have been purely online and mainly short-term.. Fast forward now at 18 i have a faithful cashpig who sends me £100-200 per week just by calling him a pathetic f*ggot in caps lock and we don’t even have daily conversation either