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Found 2,934 results

  1. Megan shouts out Nicki for Boss Ass Bitch
  2. going, coming thought I heard a knock. Who's there? No one. Thinking that I deserve it Now I realize that I really didn't know.
  3. ConceptD

    Scary movie reboot coming

    All I know is they better get Anna Faris and Regina hall back
  4. They were quick to delete the Katy Perry floping thread. Why?
  5. hurricane326

    Fake Tracklists [satire]

    Hey gays, girls, and guys, Enjoy my spoof tracklists, and feel free to post your own! LADY GAGA 1. Bitch I'm Italian (feat. Doja Cat) 2. Ethereal Mystery 3. Insert Edgy Pseudo-Dark Title Here [THIS ONE'S A BANGER] 4. Haus Fenty (feat. Rihanna) 5. Imitation and Flattery (feat. Madonna) 6. Who Won in the End? (feat. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift) 7. Googolplexianth Explanations 8. Creepy Jealous Sex [Supposedly about a hookup between Christian and Taylor] 9. Draculaid 10. I Broke My Hip Running Here (feat. Lil Fly Bro Myalgia) 11. MOAN OF ARC - (feat. Cupcakke) 12. Bluegrass Synthwave Ukulele Flop (feat. Hilary Lindsey, Cher, and Meghan Trainor) MADONNA 1. Pay Attention to Me (feat. Quavo) 2. Hello Fellow Kids (feat. Katy Perry) 3. (Unsexpected) SexyTime (feat. Offset) 4. Throw it all to the Wall (feat. Lil Wayne) 5. ...And Hope Something Sticks (feat. Swae Lee) 6. #DisNi$$a (feat. Iggy Azalea) 7. DaE SEx?!? (feat. Takeoff) 8. Clinging to the Past (feat. Meghan Trainor) 9. Religious Iconography (feat. Slim Jxmmy) 10. Various Moaning Sounds (feat. Cupcakke) 11. I’m Embarrassing My Kids and I Know It (feat. LMFAO) 12. Le Sexy Sex (feat. Rich the Kid) 13. Bitch I’m Over (feat. Tyga) 14. I Would Like to Engage in Coital Relations with You (feat. Tony Bennett) 15. Who’s the Real Queen? (feat. Cher) 16. The Sexiest Sex I Ever Sexed (feat. G-Eazy)
  6. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Muslim refugees destroy church in Greece

    Images are emerging of a Greek Orthodox church in Lesvos which was vandalised by refugees. On Monday, more than 500 refugees grouped together to head down to the port of Mytilini from Moria camp. The group were confronted by members of MAT (Tactical Police) along the way, and resorted to stoning the Greek authorities in order to continue in their journey, only to be met with chemical and flash grenades. Residents on Lesvos remain united and are trying to maintain a strong front against the situation unfolding on their island.
  7. Omg, Ben is truly the biggest dumbass celebrity of our time. How could he mess up with the Alias icon?
  8. hurricane326

    Who's going to the Chromatica Ball?

    I'm going to the August 9 date in Toronto! How about you guys?
  9. Britney Grande

    Maybe if Britney did this..

    There would be no conversationship
  10. It’s all a social construct. “International Women’s Day” should not be celebrated. We should all identify as non-binary! How about we change today to “Human Day” instead, and #BeKind to one another.
  11. Britney Grande

    Two women BRAWL at CVS

    when she pushed her
  12. Britney Grande

    Would you swipe right?

    It’s a cold, boring night and you’re home doing nothing.. you open tinder and start swiping... then suddenly, you see this do you swipe right, or left?
  13. Britney Grande

    I’m addicted to meth

    I have done it 3 times now with a grindr hookup I met last week and now I can’t stop thinking about doing it again and again. Is it possible to maintain / balance a normal day to day working life while doing drugs?
  14. Plague

    OnePlus STOLE my concept

    Remember this iconic idea of creating an ATRL Phone? They came up with this It feels like they went through my concept AND feedback from other members and made this. I am waiting to see if they also included picture of Dara Bubamara because one member said they would buy it only if it comes with it and if they will include it, it will mean that they stole my stolen ideas and I will sue! Will you support me sisterns?
  15. KMO

    Do you like your nose?

    I don’t like mine but I go through phases of not caring about it to actively planning a timeline/budget for a nose job I really want a nose like this (after is on the right, although his before is still goals ) Do you like yours? Why? Why not? Have any of you had a nose job or other cosmetic procedure?
  16. Revolution

    Is Latin America part of the West?

    Is it part of the Western World?
  17. Britney Grande

    Do you find E-Boys attractive?

    do you find e-boys attractive and funny?
  18. Caesar

    15th Anniversary of Avatar

    What's your favorite scene? who's your fave character? this is will always be iconic to me, sis was ruthless
  19. Buzzcutseason

    People using so many exclamation marks

    when texting. Is that weird to you ? One of my friends uses it like even when its not required at all like when we just casually texting and then i be like ‘what did i do?’ does that happen to you?