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Found 1,593 results

  1. BeyoncéFlicks

    Have you watched any of Apple's shows?

    They have a bunch of them with pretty stacked casts, but I very seldomly hear people discuss them here. Here are some of their shows: Have you seen any of them? What would you recommend?
  2. *atmospheric orchestral music* Reveal hidden contents THIS IS THE MANIFESTO OF MOTHER RANDOLPHSTER: On YouTube, a Google-owned entity on the Internet, a birth of magnificent and magical proportions took place. "Beyond the Trailer" was borne from an act of God. A @boxoffice analysis and review channel by the people, for the people. But the birth was not finite, it was infinite. As the YouTube subscribers numbered and the mitosis of ATRL memberships began, it was perceived that this infamous channel is not temporal, it is eternal. And thus, on October 28th 2019, began the beginning of a new race; a race of Grace stans within the race of humanity; a race of Grace's followers which bear no prejudice (unless your name is Jessica Chastain), no judgment (if your movie wasn't directed by Cathy Yan, Ava Duvarnay, or James Gunn), but boundless freedom (as long as you are Hello Fresh and pay for ads). But on that same day as the eternal Grace hovered in the fibres of the multiverse atop her YouTube throne, another more terrifying birth took place: the birth of shilling. And as Grace herself, split into two critics, rotated in agony between two ultimate forces, the pendulum of choice began its dance, swinging between biased and unbiased reviews, in addition to a ceaseless streaming services versus movie theatres debate. It seems easy, you imagine, to gravitate, instantly and unwaveringly, towards unbiased reviewing, but Grace wondered, “How can I maintain the channel I love with a few coins from Amazon Prime Video to upgrade my 480p TV on the floor?” It doesn’t matter if you even love the movie, Only capital M-C-U Just click those like and subscribe buttons ’Cause you were Born This Grace, Gracists Happy 2nd anniversary *******!! Lyric and graphic by @Walk_Away21 and @starsailor Archived OP #1: #2
  3. did you ever have a break your leg to be like your favorite singer moment?
  4. MadonnasBoyfriend

    What pop girl is closest to your age?

    I'm younger than Katy Perry But older than Gaga
  5. ConceptD

    Scream (2022) | Out Now!

    Confirmed cast members so far are Courtney Cox, David Arquette, Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega.
  6. I figured since there's probably 273846493 threads about this this weekend I figured we make a megathread about this. If that's OK @ATRL Administration. Ok so we already know how this is gonna go break all records etc. But how big tho? Note : the production Budget is 200 Million + a 202 Million dollar marketing Budget. The film will probably need 5-600 Million break even. will it do it by this weekend? So far (as of 12/16) https://deadline.com/2021/12/spider-man-no-way-home-opening-weekend-international-box-office-1234891616/ 12/15- Made 43.6M in 15 countries. Korea- Biggest opening day of pandemic U.K. - Sonys biggest opening day ever/ Biggest Wednesday opening day Mexico- Biggest opening ever ( yes bigger than Endgame) Taiwan- Biggest Sony opening day Russia - Third Biggest opening day of all time. Currently my predictions is 175 M US, 410 WW. 12/17- US- 50M Thursday preview. 100M Opening Day possible.Only behind Endgame and Force Awakens. Brazil- #2 Biggest Opening Day ever India- Biggest Opening Day ever for a Hollywood Film Argentina- Biggest Opening Day ever for a Hollywood Film Ecuador-Biggest Opening Day ever for a Hollywood Film Bolvia-Biggest Opening Day ever for a Hollywood Film Overseas numbers after 2 days-110M. 12/18 - US - #2 Biggest Opening day of all time Internationally - 181.2 M through Friday The Top 10 offshore markets through Friday are the UK ($24.9M), Mexico ($20M), Korea ($12.2M), Australia ($10.4M), Brazil ($9.6M), France ($9.2M), Russia ($9.1M), India ($8.9M), Italy ($7M) and Germany ($5.7M). Global Total - 302.9 M 12/19- estimates smashing all expecting 3rd biggest opening of all time in the US 12/20- Officially the 2nd biggest US Opening of all time Highest grossing US film of the year in 3 days!!! Incredible. 12/26- Bigger drop than expected but Spiderman reached 1 billion. Should surpass FFH in the next few days. https://deadline.com/2021/12/spider-man-no-way-home-christmas-box-office-matrix-resurrections-sing-2-1234901560/ 12/31- Now the #11 highest grossing film of all time beating The Lion King remake.. Will pass 600M by this weekend in the US. https://deadline.com/2021/12/spider-man-no-way-home-new-years-weekend-box-office-2022-1234903073/ 1/2- #12 highest grossing film of all time!! Here we go. And it goes without saying: NO SPOILERS PLEASE.
  7. After visiting the Republic of Artsakh in December, Azerbaijan’s dictator Ilham Aliyev blacklisted French presidential candidate Valerie Pecresse from Azerbaijan. He has now stated that had he known she was there at the time, he wouldn’t have allowed her to leave. Valerie responded that she’s not intimidated by the dictator’s threats.
  8. https://www.ft.com/content/1336c9be-f1c9-4545-9f85-3b07fcb746d6 Nobody tells Germans to die over Ukraine but them yet again getting in some sort of Ribbentrop-Molotov pact is too much. I also don't believe that they are blocking Ukraine from getting DEFENSE weapons and help from the UK not to provoke Russia. Getting cheap gas over the lives of Ukrainian people is not cute Frau Merkel
  9. WestHaven

    YT Video: Hot Takes. Thoughts?

    Thoughts? Questions? Comments for the good of the group?
  10. Where? I haven’t been to Mexico in almost 10 years and have been thinking lately of visiting important sites (e.g., Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, Guanajuato, and Guadalajara) sometime this year. Hopefully things with Covid get better though.
  11. MadonnasBoyfriend

    Reddit is kinda cute isn't it?

    Have heard the name before but never really checked it out.its pretty epic so many different topics! Does anyone have any good reddits to follow? Is that what they are called? 😂
  12. Catch "Bad Buddy" every Friday on GMMTV's Official YouTube. Catch "Paint With Love" every Friday on Dramacool. Catch "Not Me" every Sunday on GMMTV's Official YouTube. Catch "Tinted With You" every Thursday and Friday on Viki. Catch "Behind Cut" every Tuesday and Wednesday on Viki. Catch "You're My Sky" every Saturday on Viki. *For series that were announced but haven't gone into production. Between Us 2 Moons 3 (rebooted?) My Engineer 2 Absolute Zero Our Last Day (cancelled) Motorcycle The Series Color Rush 2 To My Star 2 Pastsenger BL King 2020 Best Kiss Rate/Couple Ranking 2020 Best Series Rate • Sub-Categories 2020 Best Series Rate • Top Ten 2020 BLammys 2020 BL King 2021 Best Series Rate 2021 BLammy Awards 2021
  13. So Elon Musk started a new youtube campaign explaining why billionaires should not pay any taxes
  14. St. Charles

    What are you listening to right now?

    I'm not listening to anything except for the sound of my own tears falling down my face.
  15. Buddy


    Who plays Wordle? Post ur results! Mine today: Wordle 210 3/6 ⬛🟩⬛⬛⬛ 🟩🟩🟨🟨⬛ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
  16. Symmetra

    What do you think of homewreckers?

    Clearly there’s a lot on ATRL that are proud. What do you think of them in general?
  17. Я не мог найти русскую тему на АТРЛе, так вот Я предполагаю, что мы можем писать вот как на русском, так и на английском.
  18. Kisuke


    We discuss manga and Anime in here. http://i.imgur.com/UmIQI2U.png
  19. Armani👑

    Is American fascism inevitable?

    January 6th was the 1st attempt to overthrow or destroy the US Capitol since The War of 1812 One year later & Democrats have failed to scale back the political trajectory towards fascism. The Supreme Court has gutted the Voting Rights Act & The Senate still hasnt budged on reforming the fillibuster The Build Back Better bill has been shelved, with its modest social safety net improvements & the Child Tax Credit has just expired. With midterms soon, & Democrats predicted to lose majority, is it safe to say it's over? I think the only thing we're missing is the military joining forces against US Democracy
  20. Inspired by the film & TV threads. This is a place to discuss what games you last played, regardless of console or genre. For me, I'm about to finish Luigi's Mansion 3. I have one boss fight left then I'm done!
  21. I probably wouldn’t have the job I have now (might even be in a different city) and I would have done a lot more world traveling in the time since. I like my job/life and I still have time to travel in the future so I’m not upset about this, but it’s interesting to think about. How different would your life be if the pangolin-fueled plague never took over in March 2020?
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