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  1. I can understand not making more seasons for shows if there’s no demand, but why remove them completely? They better not touch Euphoria
  2. Hello, ATRLsties. I hope you are having a good morning, afternoon, evening, or whatever. I have/had a friend, let's name her Z, for 3-4 years. We were extremely close at one point, but like people do in life, you sometimes grow apart from each other, for no particular reason (I feel as if this was beginning to happen to us, as we'd sometimes go a month without talking to each other). I recently texted her asking if she wanted to meet up soon, and how she was. She never got back to me, so I just asked if everything was alright again, and she got back to me the next day saying how I forgot it was her birthday and that she felt like "****" because she thought we were "closer than that". Now, admittedly, I do not have social media to keep up with what everyone is up to, let alone knowing when everyone's big day is. I explained to Z that I simply forgot as I have been busy as she has been and things were 100 between us. I made sure to completely reassure her that. She told me thank you for my apology, but never got back to me after I asked how she has been. I understand that people are allowed to hold grudges and be upset, but we are pushing into our mid 20's. I simply forgot a date, and I admitted that I was wrong and that I was sorry. I tried to make it up to her, but she's still not talking to me. Should I just move on and "let sleeping dogs lie" as they say, or should I try and reach out to her again? I miss her as a friend, but I understand that people change and that not everyone stays in your life. I don't want to lose a friend over this.
  3. St. Charles

    What are you listening to right now?

    I'm not listening to anything except for the sound of my own tears falling down my face.
  4. How did you deal with that? What did you do to make yourself feel better and move past it quickly? I'm going through it right now. A bit of context, I was with this guy for 2 years and a half, and to put it shortly it was a very intense relationship. I ended things with him as he is now living on a different continent and things just weren't working as the relationship was already in a broken state before that. 2 years forward , we had been keeping in touch and talked almost every week, and even though we agreed both of us will move on with their lives, none of us have actually dated anyone else for these 2 years. I though that I was moving on. Then towards the end of last year he confessed he had been seeing a guy for like 3 weeks and he got very into him but it ended out badly, he felt hurt and wanted to open up to somebody - that being me. At first I didn't think much of it but this actually shook me and my feelings for the guy reignated - or perhaps they never left. I confessed to him, he said he was confused, I ended up flying to the other side of the world in February and we spent 2 weeks together, but the magic was gone and even though I was madly in love still, he didn't feel the same and told me we cannot be together anymore. Needless to say I was extremely heart-broken, and after I came back I decided to cut contact with him entirely in order to move on with my life as well. We haven't talked since. It's been a rough few months for me but I've finally started feeling better come summer. Last month however I saw him post a picture from a music festival and he was with a guy - I assumed just somebody he went there with maybe hooked up whatever, I shook it off. I unfollowed him so I wouldn't see more. But this morning instagram decided to pop up a post from the other's guy profile on my explore page in which they are together in vacation and there's even a pic of them kissing. I'm just feeling extremely heartbroken again, especially since he would never do that with me as since he was in the closet. Honestly I'm still so in love with this guy even though I tried to distance myself from everything and it's been years at this point. TL;TR: Still in love with my ex boyfriend I broke up with more than 2 years ago and feel terrible seeing he is with someone new. I know I'll feel better tomorrow and eventually it'll get better with time but right now I'm really down and just wanted to vent and take it out of my chest, and maybe read similar experiences from other people and how you've moved on past it.
  5. JonginBey

    Boys Love

    Catch "KinnPorsche" every Saturday on iQiyi (requires a VIP account). Catch "To My Star 2" every Sunday on Viki (requires a Standard Pass). *For series that were announced but haven't gone into production. Between Us 2 Moons 3 (rebooted?) My Engineer 2 Absolute Zero Motorcycle The Series Pastsenger BL King 2020 Best Kiss Rate/Couple Ranking 2020 Best Series Rate • Sub-Categories 2020 Best Series Rate • Top Ten 2020 BLammys 2020 BL King 2021 Best Series Rate 2021 BLammy Awards 2021 BL King 2022
  6. What is the last physical or digital album you actually spend money on?
  7. Live tracker: https://bnonews.com/monkeypox/
  8. The title says cancelled but in reality HBO Max only ordered 1 season for the show and currently there are no plans for a Season 5. Source
  9. ROTY- break my soul AOTY- 30 SOTY- easy on me BNA- joji or zach bryan (both would have a great life story during voting season) BEST POP VOCAL ALBUM- harry's house POP SOLO PERFORMANCE- about damn time
  10. Turkey, Israel to restore full diplomatic relations | News | Al Jazeera
  11. matheusbep


    a RuPaul's Drag Race related game, similar to Wordle. you have 8 tries to guess the right drag queen and you'll get clues based on your tries. queens from all the worlwide franchises are available to guess. https://dragle.fun/ post your results! Dragle 4/8 ❌❌❌👑; Play here: https://dragle.fun
  12. President Biden has just signed the Inflation Reduction Act bookending a series of operational and legislative achievements in the first part president of his 4 year term. His achievements include: Distributing 200 million doses of COVID vaccinations Passed a $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill 3.5% unemployment, the lowest in 50 years Passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill Unifying NATO (now including Sweden and Finland) against the forces of evil Ended the 20-year War in Afghanistan Took out al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri Confirmed a liberal Supreme Court Judge Appointed more federal judges than the last 5 Presidents Passed a gun control bill Passed the CHIPS bill to boost semiconductor manufacturing jobs in the US Passed the PACT act to give veterans more healthcare benefits Passed an historic $369 billion investment in climate change Passed a bill to reduce the price of prescription drugs Passed a bill to cut the US budget deficit and reduce inflation by raising taxes on the rich and corporations Despite claims by many uninformed detractor that “nothing would fundamentally change” in a Biden presidency, it appears that Biden and Democrats have managed to deliver on a range of their promises despite a hung (50-50) Senate. All the while Republicans are scrambling to handle the fallout of their leader Trump’s FBI investigation. Why? Is talent winning? Did you expect Uncle Joe/Biden the Builder/Dark Brandon to be so successful?
  13. You could stream a song, movie, tv show, video game or e-book and the next day it could be removed. Studios have gone back and changed movies and tv shows to add product placement. Books and games could be removed though you paid full price. On top of that, a show could be canceled and never available again as it may have never been physically released. We are in a phase where some people grew up on streaming and may never know that digital products are licensed for a one time use per stream and could be removed at will. And some are so young they never knew how to pirate. This is one reason the move to all digital is great for companies but bad for people. For instance Google had a video game streaming service. Its shutting down. People who bought games on there are out of luck and may never access them again. Some movies like Star Wars have been edited so much that old physical copies are worth more because they have the originals. Physical mediums cannot die.
  14. 40 POINTS! So long to the so-called "paragon of justice" who rose up against Donald The Devil!
  15. I usually refer to him as babe or hayate (my life) or albe (my heart).
  16. I take a bath more than twice a day, mostly cold showers and bubble bathtub at night how about you?
  17. Do we have a problem? Do we need a detox? electric chair?
  18. All this for a man who could care less about his supporters. Amerikkka is coming to an end.
  19. Phantom

    Do I take a student loan?

    So first off, few disclaimers: -I do not wish to go into the details of what program, where, or other personal details about myself etc. All of this is just...tentative, anyway... -This is a serious thread. I can't stop anyone from saying "Stream Crash by Charlie Puth to manifest money " or something ddd, but try not to -The poll is to just see where (as in perspective) the responses might be coming from. -And of course, I am not literally taking financial advice from random strangers on the internet - again, I appreciate all perspectives but no single ATRL post will be enough to make me go "yes/no", of course. Just the nature of online forums. -A bit of a long read. A tl;dr would be that I got accepted into a "prestigious" institute (I don't put much stock into rankings, but still!) and being from a developing country in the Global South, financing this is a headache. I wasn't offered any financial aid (well, the department doesn't do it allegedly...it's not a STEM department/degree, I'd assume the grants go mostly to those) and the Cost of Living + Per Semester fees is....um, a lot Now, I have always spent my life fearing just the idea of loans. I got past one level of education without a loan, but it was still a financial drain & I feel guilty perpetually. Finance has been tough for my family despite "relative" privilege (no point in denying this) and dire personal circumstances that have chipped away savings to the point where one bad month can spiral the house. Luckily, my parents are covered by healthcare, but I am not. Should anything happen to me, well a LOT of things would... I fear loans because a) I am well aware of the predatory lending practices both via exposure on social media and just general awareness (and though currency conversion would make a difference, I would think predatory loan behaviour is uniform across Global North/South); b) I have seen close relatives spend the better part of a decade paying off a loan that they struggled to pay for, and all the mental anguish that followed and c) my mental health is in a constant, dangerous spiral and though this may not feel related, it is - because I know once I get on this cycle, there is no room for this in cold, hard money. To put it delicately, I do not know if I will voluntarily exist month-to-month - now if you tell me "you will have to for at least 10 years, pay it off or it goes to your family"...well... This brings me to the amount. It's a significant amount, but in the middle bracket of amounts I'd see people take online (per their admission). There is also /some/ not insignificant amount of money available to the family for this purpose, which is well, inherited from great grandparents (as in, some money they left behind after they passed). The decision to spend that is I fully intend to of course get a different job the moment I land (if I land), but students are bound to specific work hour limitations and retail/minimum wage might not cover me. This is during the degree. After the degree of course I am also going to be working, and hell I have been working (in many endeavours, with mixed results) in this Covid-clusterfuck anyway. So really, I do not know...also, I identify as a leftist, and am a firm believer in student debt forgiveness. With that said - and this sounds blackpilled - I know, trust and believe that no government is going to help me or even express any interest in forgiving loans, despite it being very popular. This isn't just the US, time and time again wherever country I've applied to shows this cynical attitude and I know should I say, be unable to pay or struggle or express hesitancy, a gaggle of individuals will show up to say "WELL, WHY DID YOU TAKE A LOAN YOU COULDN'T AFFORD?" I don't ever expect my loan to be forgiven by anyone across the world. Really the reason I'm considering this is because this could change my life, put me on the path to a better life etc. But I feel very skeptical of that happening anyway...The one option I am considering is maybe deferring admission, trying very hard to close the finance gap as much as I can, whilst also simultaneously applying for external bursaries/grants using the deferred option (I've confirmed this is possible). Thoughts? Thank you for reading!
  20. Reverse Warholian

    Grace Randolph | Gets dragged by James Gunn

    *atmospheric orchestral music* Reveal hidden contents THIS IS THE MANIFESTO OF MOTHER RANDOLPHSTER: On YouTube, a Google-owned entity on the Internet, a birth of magnificent and magical proportions took place. "Beyond the Trailer" was borne from an act of God. A @boxoffice analysis and review channel by the people, for the people. But the birth was not finite, it was infinite. As the YouTube subscribers numbered and the mitosis of ATRL memberships began, it was perceived that this infamous channel is not temporal, it is eternal. And thus, on October 28th 2019, began the beginning of a new race; a race of Grace stans within the race of humanity; a race of Grace's followers which bear no prejudice (unless your name is Jessica Chastain), no judgment (if your movie wasn't directed by Cathy Yan, Ava Duvarnay, or James Gunn), but boundless freedom (as long as you are Hello Fresh and pay for ads). But on that same day as the eternal Grace hovered in the fibres of the multiverse atop her YouTube throne, another more terrifying birth took place: the birth of shilling. And as Grace herself, split into two critics, rotated in agony between two ultimate forces, the pendulum of choice began its dance, swinging between biased and unbiased reviews, in addition to a ceaseless streaming services versus movie theatres debate. It seems easy, you imagine, to gravitate, instantly and unwaveringly, towards unbiased reviewing, but Grace wondered, “How can I maintain the channel I love with a few coins from Amazon Prime Video to upgrade my 480p TV on the floor?” It doesn’t matter if you even love the movie, Only capital M-C-U Just click those like and subscribe buttons ’Cause you were Born This Grace, Gracists Happy 2nd anniversary *******!! Lyric and graphic by @Walk_Away21 and @starsailor Archived OP #1: #2
  21. Context: France has declared a drought in some parts. While residents cannot water their gardens or wash their cars in the worst-hit municipalities, golf courses have escaped the nationwide restrictions. During a water shortage, rich people can play golf on dead grass
  22. Buddy


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