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Found 2,934 results

  1. Just released today and just got through the whole thing man. This was mess up and had me teary eyed towards the end. Not wanting to get into details if you have not seen it but it has to do with a hunky football jock accused of molesting a 4 year old boy but its a true documentary thats gets real into the case in a similar way that the staircase did.
  2. frenchyisback

    Will BLM Win the Nobel Peace Prize?

    I think they're a shoe in based on their global impact. Plus, especially if Trump loses the election. Europe won't pass the occasion to rebuke him with a good kick on his way out...
  3. Domagoj Hajduković becomes the first openly gay elected politician into Croatian parliament. He already served in previous parliament, but since last month, before the new elections, he came out of the closet. He now makes history as the first openly gay elected politician!
  4. mikeyace16

    Were Ross and Rachel on a break?

    I personally would say yes.
  5. (Not intended as doomsday mess or anything, just from a discussion PoV) Do you think a nuclear war is inevitable before the next century? It sounds so far into the future, but likely the people in their 20s/30s can make it quite towards the 22nd century. Only 80 years, after all. Or do you think humanity has learned enough lessons to do everything else BUT that? The world changed the first time nukes were used; and indeed it's still a very sensitive topic. Human population WW as well as life expectancy is up significantly too from those times; and so this time, the loss has the potential to dwarf the last one. NPacts are cute and all, but pacts can be broken. It just takes one completely rogue government to trigger it all, like dominoes.
  6. X~MoviePoP

    Your Body Count in 2020?

    because of corona and quarentine im sure many of us havent been going on hookups or meeting up with guys/girls. So whats your body count of 2020? Mine is 4 or 5.
  7. eaucitronnée

    What's your weighted purity score? ? keep it cute, do not be graphic or NSFW, simple short descriptions are enough
  8. I just loved how neurotic and perfectionist Monica was. Her competitive streak made her very entertaining.
  9. I guess the US will also dominate the electric car business... I thought Europe & China were ahead
  10. So let’s say that you are able to select a song, or just piece of music in general, that you would somehow be able to hear for the last time before dying, what would you choose? I thought about this and I think I still can’t decide but this song would be my choice.
  11. His response to getting called out: ”I quarantined for 8 ****ing days, I hope all of you get ****ing COVID” BONUS:
  12. Paparazzaid

    Mexico moved 45 cm due to earthquake

    This map, produced from JAXA ALOS-2 satellite data acquired before (3/31/2020) and after (6/23/2020) the event, shows surface displacement caused by the 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Mexico. In the image, a complete color cycle represents a relative displacement between two points on the ground. Each cycle defines about 0.15 meters of displacement in the satellite’s line-of-sight (LOS) direction. Nearly 0.45 meter displacement has been observed at the epicenter of the earthquake according to this initial analysis.
  13. Armani👑

    Stereotypes you dont get

    "Black men are the tallest and strongest" I guess this stems from people watching sports? White men are actually taller than Black men on average. But Black men typically do have more bone density and more lean body mass on average. Regardless, I think this may be a reason why people are scared of Black men, by perceiving us bigger than we really are.
  14. Beyonnaise

    Is it racist to celebrate 4th of July?

    I’m lit off sangria and about to go watch fireworks with my friends and I am enjoying myself. Every summer the 4th is just an excuse for us to drink, no1carrie about honoring this mess of a country, but ngl it feels a bit racist this year so I also feel a tinge of guilt right now. Earlier I saw this Twitter thread...