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Found 2,732 results

  1. Y'all... STOP Sleeping on this SCI-FI Masterpiece
  2. First go watch The Kissing booth(one) on Netflix now! TKB2 comes out July 24th! With Joey King from Hulu’s “The Act” & Jacob Elordi from HBO’s Euphoria. Also this Marco guy 👀. His name is Taylor Perez
  3. *Value in title converted from South Korean won. Another person burned some money in an oven, but managed to recover most of it because the damage was limited. Pictures below from other articles: Washing machine-treated: Oven-treated: Washing machine guy lost at least $10,500+ USD (converted with google)
  4. Benedict, aged 93, has become very frail and his voice is barely audible, author Peter Seewald told the daily. But at a meeting with Seewald on Saturday, German-born Benedict appeared optimistic, and said he might pick up writing again if he regains his strength, the report said, adding he was suffering from shingles.
  5. KnightOfAllRealms


    The second wave is gonna come in full force ya'll
  6. The game looks like crap but omg...they actually had the balls to do it Twitter is on fire with this. Some scream "anti-consumer", others say they won't buy the game now. These console wars are just so entertaining and Crystal Dynamics just keep doing the worst deals. Remember when Rise of The Timb Raider was exclusive for a year to the Xbox One, and then didn't sell much, and flopped a year later on the PS4 after losing all of its momentum? Anyway, still no buying the game
  7. This comes just a month after a similar incident in Las Vegas.
  8. Pendulum

    Most tryhard user on ATRL?

    My vote would have to go to miss @Pendulum!
  9. Nothing compares to a beautiful voluptuous pear just ripened with it's juicy succulent flesh and florally enticing aroma... Why does this humble fruit SNAP so hard?

    Favorite ice cream flavor??

    So? Which one is your favorite??
  11. GlamSlam

    Scariest ride you've ever been on?

    So what's the scariest ride you've ever been on? For me, It has to be X2 at six flags.... screamed my head off.
  12. Roman Holiday

    Do you miss the movie theater? 📽

    I do. :( One of my favorite things to do was to get super baked early Saturday morning and go by myself to see the latest horror film out. Last time I did that was early March to see Invisible Man.
  13. AbeHicks

    Do you wear fashionable masks?

    Now that it looks like COVID is here to stay but we are done with social distancing, I thought it's time to buy some cute designs instead of the basic blue masks most people have. But when I looked around in my local stores, the variety of patterns/colors was abysmal and none of them looked that good So I contacted some craftsmen to make me some unique masks with patterns that I like. Do you try to pay attention to the appearance of your mask, or do you not care at all and just wear the blue ones? Also feel free to post awesome mask designs if you know any
  14. Which one of the seven would you keep? Which one do you think is the most “important” for history and culture in a global scale but also for each specific country?
  16. fro example Christina Aguilera ? Gloria Estefan? I think it problematic this
  17. The best series Netflix has ever produced is back
  18. The apology The way colorism pervades brown communities
  19. that G.U.Y.

    AMLO refuses to wear mask Far-Left president of Mexico refuses to wear a mask until all corruption is eliminated from the government. Is this a noble act or just plain nonsense in your opinion? To be fair he made a point about telling people to lose weight because coronavirus complications have been linked to obesity.

    Favorite video games?

    So I personally played Sonic, F-Zero, Pokemon and Mario Kart/Party alot when I was younger.. I didnt play any super heavy rpg games until I was much older Once I found out about fighting games though I never played anything else I would have to sneak and play MK in secret because my mom wouldnt let me play it When I wasnt playing it I had to hide to cartridge/game case because if she saw it she would throw it out What about you guys? What were some of your favorite video games to play when you were younger? (Since there would be way too many games to list I decided the poll would involve the consoles youve played on/have purchased instead so dont forget to vote )