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Found 2,784 results

  1. As if Chateau Marmont wasn’t exclusive enough already. Owner André Balazs has revealed that he’s transforming the iconic hotel into a private members club by the end of the year.
  2. Buffy

    Trump: “Nobody likes me.”

    Trump reflects on his low approval rating. “Nobody likes me,” the president said in a rare moment of self-reflection. “It can only be my personality, that’s all.” His lament came on the same day that the nation surpassed the grim benchmark of 150,000 deaths as a result of the pandemic. Bullying works
  3. What do y'all think of all the three that are unfortunately linked up together now? An acquaintance of mine is facing harrasment / veiled eviction threats now, and it's a dicey position to be in (I'm trying to put together a few things for him, if I can) because I've stayed with him at his place whenever I visit, and his landlord is a really pleasant dude. Not just pleasant as in relatively relaxed about most things, but he's allowed my friend to not pay rent for 2.5 months - (my friend works in the tourism industry, so ) but I mean hes also struggling, and the apartment is quite basic, nothing fancy. I was having this discussion with my friend and he said that no one should be paying rent at all during the pandemic time (I believe he said this to the landlord too, resulting in the spat) and that if the landlord wants money, he should get a real job. I read this sentiment a lot online, and was curious about what the discourse is like around the legitimacy of renting out / being a landlord is online - I overwhelmingly see this sentiment of it not being a 'real' job though, why is that? And do y'all believe in a complete rent waiver or moving the issue beyond to the government instead of landlord-tenant? (I have no working relationship with the landlord in question so I anyway 'support' my friend in this, but at the same time I do believe a complete 2.5 month rent waiver is quite a compromise)
  4. éclat

    Things that make you a loser

    Share and tell I tell friends I’m on my way to a date or meet other friends when I’m actually going home alone so they think I’m “in demand”. I tell my parents I get paid less than I do so they don’t ask why I’m broke all the time and leave me alone. I can’t stand hearing them complain about my poor spending habits. Last Christmas I pretended to be drunk to get a “friendly” lingering hug from a crush without him realizing I was into him. I assume any guy interested in me is a murderer cause what sane person would be interested in me.
  5. Be sure to @ him to let him know your thoughts, which he will be able to only read and not reply to
  6. Pendulum

    Gender in languages: problematic?

    Is gender in languages problemtic in your opinion? Examples: le/la in French el/la in Spanish der/die/das in German even in Arabic and Hebrew there are different words for you deprending on the gender of the person! ata for male, at for female - Hebrew like, why is das Mädchen (girl) neuter gender in German? or why is la porte (door) feminine in French? Should there be a reform? Should we strive for no-gender languages? Examples: Finnish - hän means either he or she! Turkish - o means either he or she! Topic inspired by this post from legend Cute
  7. jacklovesyou1

    What is going on with ATRL rates?

    hey everyone.. i was just wondering if anyone knows if we can start discography rates whenever we want now? the rate section is not active at all .. so i was just wondering if anyone knows if we are able to start more rates et.c sorry if this is in the wrong section?
  8. What do you guys think people get with being online bullied such as this
  9. Thinking Of You

    Are you ready for Fall-Autumn?

    It’s by far my favorite season. Are you ready for Fall?
  10. Informative and filled with FACTS, resources and links that has even the most die hard CCP defenders scrambling. RE: America/West hYpoCRiSy: "Entirely possible for two things to be wrong at the SAME time." (The Guardian transcribing this video is strange though )
  11. B'Day

    Why is LinkedIn the worst?

    ????? It's so pretentious, full of recycled posts, people kiss-ass and exaggerate on their achievements (we already have our CVs/resumes for that) ..............
  12. Adam (33), Ben (35), Ethan (3), Jeremy (31), Boston Rob (22), Danni (11), Denise (25), Michele (32), Natalie (29), Parvati (16) Amber (8), Kim (24), Sandra (7), Sarah (34), Sophie (23), Nick (37), Tony (28), Tyson (27), Wendell (36), Yul (13) Its finally happening. 20 of the most iconic winners. $2,000,000 prize. Plenty of twists. Winners at War. ABSOLUTELY NO BOOT SPOILERS ALLOWED.
  13. All Lives Matter/Back The Blue supporters are all disgusting bigots we been knew
  14. Robert

    Asian man DRAGS BBC food

    WTF is that fried rice though?
  15. I'm having a Skype interview for an internship I've been looking forward to for a looooong time. The thing is, one of the programming languages a candidate should be familiar with is JavaScript, and I don't have much experience with it. So can you guys give me some examples in what projects can you use JavaScript? When is the best scenario to use it and combined with which services? Also can anyone elaborate on reactJS and RESTful services? And the connection with JavaScript? I would really appreciate any help! Maybe they won't even ask me about this but I'm quite anxious right now so I'm trying to gain some information. Thanks.
  16. Iris

    Would you visit Serbia??

    Finest Yugoslav architecture Home of Yugoslav popgurls like Tse-Tsa
  17. Cute

    Canada talk

    Canada Talk What part of Canada are you from?