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Found 2,785 results

  1. Absolutely tragic and horrifying.
  2. Genius1111

    US urges people to spend coins

    US urges people to spend coins The flow of coins through the US economy is the latest victim of the coronavirus pandemic and now the government is asking people to spare a little change to balance out the supply. Virus restrictions have meant stores doing less business and thus fewer coins are being spent, bunching up the normal flow of quarters, dimes and nickels. "The problem is the circulation kind of stopped because stores were closed, banks were closed," Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell told journalists on Wednesday. As a result the government has asked people to start parting with their change either by spending it or cashing it in at banks. It noted that the lopsided flow is a problem because not everyone pays with bank cards or other touch-less options that have surged as people tried to keep their hands clean during the outbreak. "For millions of Americans, cash is the only form of payment and cash transactions rely on coins to make change," the United States Mint coin-maker said last week. The Mint said it is track to make 1.6 billion coins a month until the end of the year, a boost over its average production of one billion per month. "The coin supply problem can be solved with each of us doing our part," it added. Powell also said the government has created a "coin task force" to tackle the problem.
  3. IBeMe

    How to make extra money?

    So I've been working from home cuz of Covid and I found myself having a lot more free time (like a lot more ) and was wondering if any of you have been picking up some new ways of making extra money on the side? Tutoring wouldn't be an option right now with this pandemic situation I guess so are there other ways?
  4. Sometimes i wanna pack my bags and disappear, who about y’all? is it natural to feel like this often
  5. Wikipedia

    Youtubers you follow?

    Political Youtubers Kat Blaque Philosophy Tube T1J For Harriet ContraPoints hbomberguy Mukbangers/True Crime Stephanie Soo Booktubers readwithcindy LilyCReads Poetry Savannah Brown Vloggers bestdressed Kelly Stamps Music channels/Music reviewers Anthony Fantano Todd In The Shadows sara (They upload Taylor Swift performances and other related things) Ariana Grande Taylor Swift Carly Rae Jepsen Kacey Musgraves Allie X Comedy/Commentary D'Angelo Wallace Mike's Mic Sarah Z (also political) Tiffany Ferg (also political) Drew Gooden Jenna Marbles Cut Fairbairn Films communitychannel Cooking Cooking Tree Epicurious Health (Physical & Mental)/Educational Kurzgesagt SciShow Psych Chloe Ting Dr. Tracey Marks How to ADHD
  6. Revolution

    Country with richest culture?

    -China: inventions, traditions, history but no music or movies -Italy: food, history but no movies or music -Britain: history, music, inventions but awful food -Egypt: history only -India: traditions, inventions, food, music, history, movies but still developing Japan: traditions, food, anime, video games -US / Canada: music, movies, inventions but no history -Latin America: music, food, telenovelas but no inventions I think overall it is India or Japan.
  7. frenchyisback

    Apple Debut $129. Luxury Cable

    I can’t wait to see what it can do.
  8. instead of campaigning to win best actor, He instead put all his focus on director and picture. But of course many agree that his performance was the best of the male category even though i personally did enjoy rami maleks portrayal of freddie. But Bradleys performance had deeper nuances. So did Bradley f up? The directors branch locked him out and asib wasnt going to win best picture. Cause maybe if he focused he would of won best actor Thoughts?
  9. Pendulum

    Moving to another country?

    I'm moving to the Netherlands in two weeks and I'm already feeling anxious as ****. Have you ever moved to another country and how did it go?
  11. Pendulum

    Are most users on ATRL hypocrites?

    It's funny how everyone acts nice on here (with the exception of SYG), but everyone becomes a savage in private Discord channel or group chats comprised of ATRLers. They say the most horrendous **** in private but they come here condemning bullying and harrassment.
  12. EnoughSaid

    GLEE rewatch

    I'm watching Glee again after Naya's untimely passing, originally I had only watched Season 1-3 and then I naturally let it go. Now I've rewatched all that and I'm onto Season 5 and I have so many questions. First of all I never realized how good the new crop of kids were in Season 4. I actually really enjoyed Finn becoming GLEE club teacher and Kitty, the two hot guys and Unique were all really great additions to me. I was actually interested in their stories without the graduating members, and they meshed well with the underclassmen turned juniors like Brittany, Blaine, Sam and Tina. I also really liked how they developed the relationship between Sam and Blaine. Now I'm on season 5 and after Cory's death they completely ruin this show, the new kids that I fell in love with are all gone and everything is in New York. Wtf?? This show actually could have been good until the end if they had stuck with a Lima AND New York timeline. Now there's not even any Glee club from what I'm seeing. What are your thoughts on the shows progression?
  13. Feather

    Good Gay Movies (Part II)

    Re-creating the original Good gay movies since the original one is archived since last year, and since I haven't watched any gay movies in four years (due to work) and I actually have some time now, would like to catch up on some LGBT films
  14. I live in a pretty small town (about 60k inhabitants) but it's surrounded by places that are dreams destinations for tourists and celebrities, unfortunately it's also quite expensive so not many people can travel and have a good vacay here without spending much money (boat renting, 300€ x night for a decent room, flight, ferries..). what are some places near your home that are loved by tourists and celebs? I'll show you something in the pictures below
  15. In its extensive advice on sexual behaviour, the poster said that “although many men act quite open, they don’t want an imperfect woman when it comes to marriage”. It warned against masturbation, saying, “one who masturbates will be poor and humble for life”. Women were also advised to avoid low cut shirts, low waist trousers and skirts because they were harmful to health.
  16. hurricane326

    Most badass thing you've ever done?

    I was on a mini vacation to Boston and I was at Faneuil Hall where there was a street performance going on. It was starting and the guy (a stuntman) asked for volunteers. He asked if any of the men watching had balls, and everyone hesitated for a bit except me. I just walked right up . It was a really fun danger act with chainsaw juggling and pole balancing. A bunch of other people volunteered too. HBU?
  17. Do you find it useful? I used to network quite extensively during my early years of college but stopped second half of my college and just focus on other things (I'm graduating this year). Tbh I don't think it'll help THAT much (unless you befriend a rich man's kid who owns his own company that can sneak you in which is unrealistic). However I did find friends along the way that have the ambitions and well-planned ahead that I guess are helpful when you need advice from them. Hbu?
  18. KeshasFansRose

    My high school bully is on Grindr

    Do I hook up with him? Or have I got Stockholm syndrome?