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Found 2,784 results

  1. Kisuke


    We discuss manga and Anime in here.
  2. Surprise bitch. I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me. Welcome to the grand re-opening of the Grace Randolph base of ATRL! BREAKING: Another round of Grace Randolph's army the Gracists vs the ATRL mods is around the corner, and whether you’re planning on spamming #FreeGrace til Error 503 or subscribing to YouTube channel sensation Beyond the Trailer, you need some fresh Grace motivation.mp3 to get you ready for the battles ahead. And Grace Randolph has got you covered with her simul-smashing YouTube shows Beyond the Trailer and Movie Math. Grace is massaging your ear drums with her reverberating, warm speaking tones in tons of weekly video uploads. Not even Camila is serving that many gifts for the fans! And you know she knows a thing or two about movies. Unless your YouTube recommendations have been broken for a hot minute, you know Grace just made a best supporting actress nom worthy performance in Zombieland: Double Tap! And red haired, Oscar WINNING legend Emma Stone is low key BFFs with Grace now. We just know Jessica Chastain is sobbing into her nonexistent trophies as we speak. We know you want to hear Grace's thoughts about all the ways Joaquin Phoenix just dad-dicked Ryan Reynolds as Joker surpassed both Deadpool box office runs (poor Blake Lively!). Which is why you’ll love Grace's new videos. YouTube's been moist AF for Grace as Beyond the Trailer has surpassed 860k subscribers. And would YouTube lie to you, bitch? But perhaps the piece de resistance (that’s French for “Wig SnatchT”) is her giffable AF past that's been recently unearthed. Grace previously did skits and in person interviews, and let's just say the new gifs have the Imgur view counter shaking. We know, it’s a little bit #Icringed, but also, am I chopping onions right now or are those tears rolling down my face? I’m not crying, you’re crying. And as always, our Rotten Tomato certified reviewing NYU grad QUEEN who boasts a $1.5 million dollar networth didn’t just come to play — she came to slay. A man loves a hexagonal threat: She’s an actress, host, journalist, filmmaker, comedian and beauty (in any hair style or color wig she chooses... we can't help but laugh at Brie Larson's Captain Marvel Bieber cut along with Grace). So, we must fight for our #Gracist base. Her post count is currently #BreakingTheInternet in @AvrilLaQueen's Pop Culture Thread which is just unfair to the other lessers fighting for attention in that thread. No moderation without Grace baseation! On your marks, get set, GO bitch! The Gracecar is leaving the station and the admins better get on board. Be on the lookout for more surprises very soon as the inevitable Grace Base looks to dominate the base Entertainment section and beyond in a landmark 2019-2020 campaign. Gifs by @ReverseWarholian OP written by @Walk_Away21
  3. Wikipedia

    The ADHD Lounge

    * Feel free to move this to the Member's Lounge if it should be over there I noticed that there's a lot of ATRLers that have ADHD so I thought I'd make a thread for us Some online resources: ADHD subreddit: Women with ADHD: Another women with ADHD subreddit: How to ADHD: Dani Donovan: ADHD Alien: (She has more comics than the ones in this thread below btw) CHADD:
  4. This is one of the most controversial and extreme ideas. The prohibition of drugs like marijuana, cocaine, LSD, shrooms, etc have caused millions of lives from the War on Drugs, increased crime globally, increased corruption, unfairly targeted the poor and minorities. The drug trade in North and South America is massive, and have contributed to the vast suffering of human lives. Some say the only option would be to legalize all drugs, and heavily regulate them. Which can put an end to the War on Drugs, drug related crimes, alleviate poverty, and offer better support to drug addicted individuals, on top of that it can run drug cartels out of business. However, many see this as extreme. Drugs should not be legalized as it will increase the rate of drug use. A third idea is to only legalize some drugs. Like Marijuana, LSD, MDMA, shrooms. Some of drugs like Marijuana are legal in the Netherlands, Canada, and parts of the US, and decriminalized in many others. Shrooms or similar psychedelic mushrooms are legals in Brazil, Netherlands and Jamaica.
  5. Heather Locklear is an american actress who has been in a hit show every decade since the 80s. She's a 6x Golden Globe nominated TV legend due to the fact that she was in iconic shows like Dynasty, Melrose Place, TJ Hooker, and Spin City. She's also had supporting roles in films like: • Stephen King's Firestarter • Money Talks • First Wives Club • Looney Tunes: Back In Action • Uptown Girls • The Perfect Man • Scary Movie V She's been portrayed by other actresses in films: Other Heather facts: • Made history when she juggled roles on Dynasty & TJ Hooker simultaneously in the 80s • Was brought in during season 1 of Melrose Place to save the show from cancellation • Dynasty & Melrose Place both spawned spinoffs AND reboots •Nominated for 6 Golden Globes but never won • Hosted SNL and guest appeared in skits in other episodes Other iconic Heather moments:
  6. What are some movies that are so good, you can watch them again and again and not get bored? For me, Mean Girls for sure. It's just perfection from beginning to end. It never misses a beat. Cruel Intentions is another culprit.
  7. I've made this thread for May/June and now July, just to provide a clear picture/perspective of the month by month progression (that's why I've included some earlier metrics, like 100K/125K as just mere months ago these were considered 'high'). Standing at 2.8M+ cases, May was once the worst month; but then June alone did 4.2M+ cases Deaths fell in June (compared to May), but by a very, very small margin (<1.5%) IDK what to say about July... see for yourself. February 1st to February 29th: March 1st to March 31st: April 1st to 30th April: May 1st to 31st May: June 1st to 30th June: July 1st to 31st July: Also, Days with more than: 100K Cases (per month) February & March: 0 April: 1 (24th April, 101K+) May: 8 (includes two days of 115K+ cases too) June: 30 July: 31 125K Cases (per month) February, March and April: 0 May: 2 June: 25 July: 31 (applies to even 150K minimum) 200K Cases (per month)- February, March, April, May, June: 0 July: 25 Sources: WorldOMeter and CovidTracker. Well.... Based on the current rolling average, August can see anywhere from 7M to 8M cases (potentially bringing us to 25M cases by August end). With India peaking daily, Brazil and Mexico still exploding; and with the US schools opening soon as well as new EU waves + Japan, AU, and Vietnam sharp increases....It no longer seems like (it never did, lbr) that it's just the increased testing capacity.
  8. Kitt

    Discuss the site, share profiles, image up/down voting. Related threads: Post Your Last 7 Days
  9. Anthem

    Past-Life Regression

    This isn’t that serious of a topic, but I just did the “past-life regression” trend and it was actually interesting to see where my mind went. Even if the past-life thing isn’t true, it certainly evoked some self-reflection. For me, I had a reoccurring theme of being alone and sad in my memories. My childhood memory was alone in my living room during the Christmas season, with only a reindeer being something I could interact with. I was happy it was Christmas because it has a warm feeling, but sad that I was alone. Then during my past-life memory I was a Scottish woman on a boat, again alone except with one person that I couldn’t interact with. I also had a memory on the boat where I was afraid and hiding in a very small cellar below the deck at night. BUT IN CONTRAST, my last day/death in that past-life involved a bunch of people being on the ship and another ship with a lot of people coming towards us. I didn’t feel scared, it was actually kinda calming. (I didn’t see how I died, or ant indications that I would) My childbirth memory also involved a lot of people, and was full of happiness and love. Again, idk how much I believe any of this - but I definitely feel like it allowed me to reflect a lot on what I want/need out of life. Anyway, here’s the video if anyone else wants to try it: Some people have shared their experiences on social media, and then discovered their experience was very close (or even identical) to a really random but documented moment in history.
  10. AbeHicks

    Do you wear fashionable masks?

    Now that it looks like COVID is here to stay but we are done with social distancing, I thought it's time to buy some cute designs instead of the basic blue masks most people have. But when I looked around in my local stores, the variety of patterns/colors was abysmal and none of them looked that good So I contacted some craftsmen to make me some unique masks with patterns that I like. Do you try to pay attention to the appearance of your mask, or do you not care at all and just wear the blue ones? Also feel free to post awesome mask designs if you know any
  11. write your nick in here and choose the befitting month
  12. Genius1111

    Runaway camels in Russia cause mayhem

    "Some houses have even had their gas and water connections turned off after the camels damaged pipes by rubbing themselves on them."
  13. Brishka

    Are most straight men disgusting?

    I never understood why some gays are so obsessed over straight men. I find the whole toxic masculinity, which the majority of straight men tend to display, very off-putting. I immediately lose interest in a guy if he's straight or even bi even though I'm masculine myself and I prefer masculine guys.
  14. Drama

    Netflix Base

    A base for all things Netflix related and discussion of current, past, and upcoming: News Shows Movies Documentaries Anime Stand Up Specials Netflix Originals Weekly Show and Movie top 10 Ect.. Not every single show/movie needs a thread, so share your thoughts and suggestions on what to watch ( and what NOT to watch)and what you’re wiating for to return.
  15. Followup to:
  16. Of note - Joe Biden made headlines months back when he referred to Sanders' universal healthcare bill as "socialist malarkey" and said he would veto it if a Dem-controlled Congress passed it because of his disagreements with the plan. Progressives saving the day.
  17. A cruel, evil, nosey neighbour. Tell me your experiences with a Martha in your life