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Found 2,785 results

  1. RudeBoy93

    Thoughts on Million Dollar Baby?

    What were your thought about the movie and where did you think it would end? if you haven’t watched the movie please go no further...
  2. I wanted this to be a thread where you can stan your favorite video games. For example, you can stan a certain video game's graphics or compare graphics of a certain video game across different consoles. For example, 2002's Jet Set Radio Future is an Xbox game whose cel-shaded graphics look fresh to this day. For example, I think Splinter Cell Chaos Theory may be the game that looks the MOST different based on whether you play it on Xbox or Playstation. Let's compare some scenes from the PS2 version and the Xbox version (the game itself is identical, released on the same day in 2005) The Xbox was released in 2001, and PS2 was released in 2000. PS2 is kinda serving PS1 graphics (the arms ), while Xbox is serving early Xbox 360 graphics. Let's see some more scenes Here is Need for Speed Pro Street. Let's compare the Xbox 360 version to the Wii version. The Xbox 360 was released in 2005, and the Wii was released in 2006 and the gag is that the Wii version looks even worse than the PS2 version. The Wii, a 2006 console, serving 90s graphics in 2007 - I had to laugh. Look at how blurry everything is, especially the license plate. Speaking of blurry graphics, look at the PS2 here. I'm going blind much worse than the Gamecube and SIGNIFICANTLY worse than the Xbox version. Please post other examples .
  3. Wheres tat blackbear stan from that Taylor thread?
  4. ATRL Feedback

    ZERO Charts for | User List in OP

    Not sure if this has been posted about before but this is a cool site that quickly makes weekly charts out of your data. You can check back archives all the way back to when you first joined and customize the chart layout, length, etc. Sign up List of users to add cdschart Glassmouth LCTV RihsUmbrella chrysolite Tom Vercetti TattooedDreams ctrclub Renan90 Chevysus 666 Arcane_Sky moonlight. Invisibility Temporal JGibson blurryface Clauss TheLament Lazuli Pendulum Yomaku Pipero BGood2Me touch Wes willmcclure9 Kxvk OreGuy Lukey americanlife heidimontag HausOfGerard jomarr Tiziano's Boy Blv2012 Gimmie Love M!X Imaginary Friend pearlmercury Kevin2803 sxmescudi DancingShoes Johnathon Liquorice snowo Maxi Underdog Solarie Rico Shameless v2 J03Y calvinharrisfan ArianadelRey Jackson tomorrowneverdies based Satan Sandcastles PettyExcellence WillieMonroe AMIT ManDown lipes Oxygen Pedro Legend E 2NE1Kmagic Denis Stoff Ant
  5. ConceptD

    Scream 5 officially happening!

    So, so excited for this. Ready or Not was amazing and Kevin Williamson is at least somewhat involved. I can't wait.
  6. BREAKING - Movie is delayed until October 15, 2021: New teaser trailer as of 7/8/20: First look from behind the scenes:
  7. Daydream

    AVIs that trigger you

    This one triggers me every time.
  8. Ichinaru19

    Ideas for a Music Themed Date Night

    Alright gurlies, I want to do a music theme date night with someone I've been talking to and I'm currently thinking it could be based around on us choosing five songs each for us to "bring" to our date (via webcam) where we can listen to each one and talk about it Currently I'm thinking of these categories to help generate song ideas for us to share Your Guilty Pleasure- That bop you may love but a bit embarrass to share with others A Thoughtful Song- A song that makes you think deep and critically about a certain topic A Dance Song- A song that makes you want to move! A Love Song- A song that makes you want to love someone A Song to Sing- A song perfect for karaoke Are there any other potential categories I can add to this list ?
  9. Genius1111

    Brazilian Amazon fires surged in July

    The number of forest fires in the Brazilian Amazon last month rose 28 percent from July 2019, satellite data showed Saturday, fueling fears the world's biggest rainforest will again be devastated by fires this year. Brazil's national space agency, INPE, identified 6,803 fires in the Amazon region in July 2020, up from 5,318 the year before. The figure is all the more troubling given that 2019 was already a devastating year for fires in the Amazon, triggering global outcry. That has put pressure on Brazil, which holds around 60 percent of the Amazon basin region, to do more to protect the massive forest, seen as vital to containing the impact of climate change. The fires are largely set to clear land illegally for farming, ranching and mining. Activists accuse Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, a far-right climate change skeptic, of encouraging the deforestation with calls to open up the rainforest to agriculture and industry. Under international pressure, Bolsonaro has deployed the army to fight the fires and declared a moratorium on burning. But activists say that does not go far enough to address the roots of the problem. Fires rose 77 percent on indigenous lands and 50 percent on protected nature reserves from July 2019, environmental group Greenpeace said, showing how illegal activities are increasingly encroaching on those areas. On July 30 alone, satellites detected 1,007 fires in the Amazon, INPE said. That was the worst single day for fires in the month of July since 2005, said Greenpeace. "More than 1,000 fires in a single day is a 15-year record and shows the government's strategy of media-spectacle operations is not working on the ground," Greenpeace spokesman Romulo Batista said in a statement. "On paper, the fire moratorium prohibits burning, but it only works if there is also a response on the ground, with more patrols. Criminals aren't known for obeying the law." Instead, the Bolsonaro administration has slashed the budget, staff and programs of environmental authority IBAMA. "Everything that was working was thrown out the window," Erika Berenguer, an Amazon ecologist at Oxford and Lancaster Universities, told AFP. - 'Conditions ripe' - Fire season in the Amazon typically runs from around June to October. But fires are just part of the deforestation picture. The rest of the year, ranchers, farmers, miners and land speculators are clearing forest and preparing to burn it. The first six months of 2020 were the worst on record for deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, with 3,069 square kilometers (1,185 square miles) cleared, according to INPE data -- an area bigger than the nation of Luxembourg. If a significant portion of those felled trees burn in 2020, the result could be catastrophic, experts warn. "I think August will be the make-or-break month," said Berenguer. Last year, the number of fires surged nearly 200 percent year-on-year in August, to 30,900, sending a thick haze of black smoke all the way to Sao Paulo, thousands of kilometers away, and causing worldwide alarm. The number of fires has fallen since then, under increased scrutiny and pressure -- including from companies and investors worried about the impact on Brazil's brand. But Berenguer said it was a matter of time before the newly deforested land went up in flames in the name of farming and ranching. "It's an economic investment to deforest. It's expensive.... You need heavy machinery: bulldozers, tractors, people, diesel," she said. "You don't deforest to leave all those trees on the ground. You need to burn it, because you need to recover your investment." Furthermore, US space agency NASA warned last month that warmer ocean surface temperatures in the North Atlantic mean the southern Amazon is facing a major drought this year. It said that made "human-set fires used for agriculture and land clearing more prone to growing out of control and spreading." "Conditions are ripe," it said. Exacerbating the situation this year, experts say the resulting smoke risks causing a spike in respiratory emergencies in a region already hit hard by COVID-19. Brazil has more infections and deaths from the new coronavirus than any country except the United States: more than 2.6 million and 92,000, respectively.
  10. Programmers Thread Thread thread = new Thread("100th time"); thread.execute(); thread.do_not_flop(); Members: @Bloo @Adonis @Pozeidon @Jotham @Puakenikeni @hooky @that G.U.Y. @Starburst @AlphaOmega @iamvladd @[email protected] Lites ☆@soml @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@rivers @[email protected] [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]ézli @[email protected]@[email protected]@RideOrDie @Sirnight @I'm JAVIng Fun @[email protected] @nathanspears How's everyone doing? I hope the 2017 members are a bit interested in programming, to keep this going. What are everyone's plans for this year? Anyone doing IT projects? Anyone doing programming as a job? Introduce yourself!
  11. Race calendar as of Jul 11 2020 Round Grand Prix Circuit Race date 1 Austrian Grand Prix Red Bull Ring, Spielberg 5 July 2 Styrian Grand Prix 12 July 3 Hungarian Grand Prix Hungaroring, Mogyoród 19 July[e] 4 British Grand Prix Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone 2 August[f] 5 70th Anniversary Grand Prix 9 August 6 Spanish Grand Prix Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Montmeló 16 August[g] 7 Belgian Grand Prix Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Stavelot 30 August[h] 8 Italian Grand Prix Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, Monza 6 September 9 Tuscan Grand Prix Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello, Scarperia e San Piero 13 September 10 Russian Grand Prix Sochi Autodrom, Sochi 27 September 11 Eifel Grand Prix Nürburgring, Nürburg 11 October 12 Portuguese Grand Prix Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, Portimão 25 October 13 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari, Imola 1 November Original plan: Round Grand Prix Circuit Race date 1 Australian Grand Prix Albert Park Circuit, Melbourne 15 March 2 Bahrain Grand Prix Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir 22 March 3 Vietnamese Grand Prix Hanoi Street Circuit, Hanoi 5 April 4 Dutch Grand Prix Circuit Zandvoort, Zandvoort 3 May 5 Spanish Grand Prix Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Barcelona 10 May 6 Monaco Grand Prix Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo 24 May 7 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Baku City Circuit, Baku 7 June 8 Canadian Grand Prix Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montréal 14 June 9 French Grand Prix Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet 28 June 10 Austrian Grand Prix Red Bull Ring, Spielberg 5 July 11 British Grand Prix Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone 19 July 12 Hungarian Grand Prix Hungaroring, Mogyoród 2 August 13 Belgian Grand Prix Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Stavelot 30 August 14 Italian Grand Prix Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Monza 6 September 15 Singapore Grand Prix Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore 20 September 16 Russian Grand Prix Sochi Autodrom, Sochi 27 September 17 Japanese Grand Prix Suzuka International Racing Course, Suzuka 11 October 18 United States Grand Prix Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas 25 October 19 Mexico City Grand Prix Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, Mexico City 1 November 20 Brazilian Grand Prix Autódromo José Carlos Pace, São Paulo 15 November 21 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi 29 November TBD Chinese Grand Prix Shanghai International Circuit, Shanghai Postponed Entrant Constructor Power unit Chassis Race drivers No. Driver name Ref. Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen[2] Alfa Romeo Racing-Ferrari Ferrari C39[2] 7 Kimi Räikkönen [3] 99 Antonio Giovinazzi [4] Scuderia AlphaTauri Honda AlphaTauri-Honda Honda RA620H[5][6][better source needed] AT01[7] 10 Pierre Gasly [8] 26 Daniil Kvyat [8] Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow Ferrari Ferrari SF1000[9] 5 Sebastian Vettel [10] 16 Charles Leclerc [11] Haas F1 Team Haas-Ferrari Ferrari VF-20[12] 8 Romain Grosjean [13] 20 Kevin Magnussen [14] McLaren F1 Team McLaren-Renault Renault R.E.20[15] MCL35[16] 4 Lando Norris [17] 55 Carlos Sainz Jr. [18] Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team Mercedes Mercedes F1 W11 EQ Power+[19] 44 Lewis Hamilton [20] 77 Valtteri Bottas [21] SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team Racing Point-BWT Mercedes BWT Mercedes[a] RP20[citation needed] 11 Sergio Pérez [23] 18 Lance Stroll [24] Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Red Bull Racing-Honda Honda RA620H RB16[25] 23 Alexander Albon [26] 33 Max Verstappen [27] Renault F1 Team Renault Renault R.E.20[28] R.S.20[28] 3 Daniel Ricciardo [29] 31 Esteban Ocon [30] ROKiT Williams Racing Williams-Mercedes Mercedes[31] FW43[32] 6 Nicholas Latifi [33][34] 63 George Russell [35]
  12. TV General Thread Premiere Dates December 26 You (Netflix, Season 2; moved from Lifetime) Fast & Furious: Spy Racers (Netflix, new animation action series) What’s Your Ailment?! with Maria Bamford (Topic, new talk-show series) December 27 The Gift (Netflix, new drama series) Ghost Loop (Travel Channel, new docuseries) December 28 Restaurant: Impossible (Food Network, Season 16) December 29 Flirty Dancing (Fox, new reality competition series; special preview) Lost in the Wild (Travel Channel, new docuseries) December 31 The Degenerates (Netflix, Season 2) El Vecino (Netflix, new drama series) Go! Go! Cory Carson (Netflix, new animater children’s series) Need to track your shows? TV Time is the #1 series app for iPhone and Android. TV Time is a global community of TV fans tracking our shows, reacting with others, and sharing the moments that move us. It's that shared love of watching TV. Never missing an episode. Reacting to moments with tears, laughter, intrigue or general WTF. Sitting with others, turning to them and saying at exactly the same time - "Wait, what? Chandler and Monica?" Then the world changed. People's watching habits became fragmented, different. The TV universe got bigger... and yet felt smaller at the same time. Mobile phones, tablets and other devices allowed us to watch from anywhere. Entire series were released in a day. 10 channels became 1,000. TV just kept getting better, and bigger, and better. And more than ever, we wanted to stay on top of our favorite shows. We got enraged when anyone even hinted at a spoiler. And finding our tribes, those like us, to share moments and react to, at the moment we felt it, became so vital, so enriching, so core to our daily routines. And so we created our own multi-platform, virtual TV tracking community of millions so that we'd never lose, only grow, that emotional pull we shared and loved when we first heard those words - "It's TV Time... 'Friends' is on." TV Fanatics on TV Time FutureHive DancingShoes Mr Greenbird Pozeidon Lee!! Changes ainadalkaz Tangane
  13. is the link for the quiz I got The Artist. Before, I got The Dreamer which is still way more accurate for me. I answered all the questions honestly so idk how I got this result
  14. What is your opinion about it? FRT has been in the discussion a lot this year, actually; and has been overshadowed like most things by Corona and an overall crazy year. But just less than 2 months ago, it was at the forefront of debates and discussions amidst the BLM protests - which changed some giant tech corporations minds about deploying it, with some abandoning it all together. FRT has massively developed over the last decade or so and though it looks like checks and balances are being somewhat put into place in 2020; the fact is that all of us, even those who sparingly use social media or have used it at one point are in essence in a giant database; like Clearview AI's 3BN+ strong database of images that has been used by law enforcement time and again to identify people; and is ALSO used by private companies. This particular company has come in quite scrutiny recently and has been facing lawsuits (such as this one) for its almost unregulated usage of this technology. How FRT works, in a quick nutshell: bots compile, download and assemble the WEALTH of photographic material that is available online via social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn - and form a constantly growing database. Some social sites will make it harder for pictures to be downloaded (like FB has a feature where you can 'protect' your pics; though itself having been ordered to pay nearly half a billion dollars for privacy concerns in the past) - but it is still very doable. Then, an algorithm - often proprietary to that company - through deep machine learning will find ways to match and distinguish faces; and how exactly this is done is never revealed as its a series of measurements - like distance between the eyes, nose angle and so forth. And now, all it will take is any private firm or law enforcement to (after obtaining access to the database via contract) run the algorithm on a person that is to be identified. Where it has been used: This would be too long a list to assemble, but from the top of my head in recent memory - US (to identify BLM protesters), China (Uighur surveillance and general surveillance), Russia (Pro-democracy and anti Putin activists), India (Communal riots), Brazil (live use during Carnival) etc etc. The pattern is clear. Pros: - Can be used to identify criminals, terrorists and preemptively take action -An advancement of technology overall -Enhances public security and is 'non-invasive' as a form of identification, almost discrete Cons: -Is rarely used on criminals or terrorist, but rather to combat any form of dissent -No consent is involved - your face is on a database whether you permitted it or not. -Inaccurate - especially when used on POC and women. Sounds like POC and women are 'exempt' from the data breach but what ends up happeneing is that innocent people get mistaken for something they weren't even involved in, as algorithms tend to falsely identify POC as compared to white people overwhelmingly. -Can be used to publicly identify you by a random johnny who thinks you're attractive if used in a search engine like Yandex. With all that in mind, what are your thoughts on FRT? Do you use face unlock tech on your phones like iPhones or Laptops?
  15. ziam

    Talk That Balkan Talk

    Link to the old thread
  16. abrahamjmr

    All About HIV

    Post your questions, girls. Let's get educated today. There was a thread about it in oldtrl. If there was another one created before, I'm sorry.