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Found 2,784 results

  1. Chiidish

    Does Katara Get Too Much Hate?

    Recently with the Avatar TLA renaissance going on, a wave of Katara hate has been ever increasing. Are people right for attacking a young girl over the trauma of being personally involved in the death of her own mother? Is this somehow more annoying than Zuko (restoring his honor, his abusive dad, his envy of Azula's talent, his mom)? Why doesn't the fanbase hate Zuko?
  2. Twitter “hot take“ culture has officially become beyond a parody of itself
  3. stophittingmedad

    aoc drags congressman; glad her dad is dead

    she really got him! we love aoc
  4. dreampop

    What theme do you have for ATRL?

    I’ve had emerald since 2017
  5. I just didn’t like how she became a carbon copy of her own grandmother. She didn’t do much after marrying Aang apart from banning Bloodbending whilst the rest of team Avatar particularly Zuko and Toph made major strides in the LOK world. It also seems like she really didn’t do much as a mother whilst Aang showed some very glaring favouritism towards Tenzen and I get that characters can be flawed or whatnot but seeing Katara so meek and just timid never sat right with me. Toph maintained her personality. However, she did lose Sokka, Aang and her father by the time LOK era started so she kind of has an excuse. Her journey was over and like she said nearly all her friends were gone and her time was over I would’ve been the exact same. I’ll never forget how ATLA she was the headstrong, mother of the group/feminist prodigy water bender she duelled the head of the northern water tribe because he told her to learn healing for god sake. SHE WAS THE HEAD B*TCH. A female character that I will never forget wow wow By the way watch this :
  6. suburbannature

    What brand are these swim trunks?

    Ignore the rapist, but I need to know.
  7. Hmm? What’s the first thought when you’re like “hey! are you a top or bottom?” And he goes “I’m vers.” what’s your first reaction? mine is usually like

    Does Natalia Kills deserve to be uncancelled?

    Does Natalia Kills deserve to be uncancelled ?
  9. and on the heels of Mulan What sucks is AQP2 marketing is done. The fact we're getting the film a full year and some change after its initial release is just
  10. In short, For 2016, 2017 and 2018, the Chauvins didn’t even bother to file a return, and they under-reported on the years they did file, like 2014 and 2015.
  11. rihannabiggestfan

    Fable 4 Announced!!!

  12. Both Oscar winning actors Reese Witherspoon & Matthe McConaughey have followed oddly similar career paths. • Southerners that break during the indie boom of the 90s ✅ • Became mainstream movie stars in the 2000s thanks to broad & romantic comedies ✅ • Had a critically & commercial flop in the late 00s/early 10s ("Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" / “How Do You Know?") that effectively killed the rom-com at a studio level ✅ • Began a more critically acclaimed 3rd act career arc / reinvention after the co-starring in “Mud" ✅ Here’s where they break off McConaughey had a hot run of critically acclaimed & commercially successfully projects from 2011-2014 collectively known as the "McConaissance" (Mud, Killer Joe, Bernie, Magic Mike, Lincoln Lawyer, Paper Boy, Wolf of Wall Street) that all accumulated in 2014 where he won the Best Actor Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club in March 2014, received the most notices of his career for the cultura phenomenon that was season 1 of True Detective, and later in October 2014 with his most commercially viable film project, Interstellar. Since then, his live action projects have been drowned in controversy (Sea of Trees, Free State of Jones), or notoriously awful in quality (Dark Tower, Serenity, White Boy Rick, Beach Bum). It’s now commonly accepted that his McConaissance era was those short three years between 2011-2014. Reese Witherspoon, on the other hand, has gone from strength to strength since Mud. In 2014, she optioned the noir-thriller novel "Gone Girl" for film (and helped lead Rosamund Pike get a Oscar nom), got some of the best notices of her career for PTA’s cult film "Inherent Vice" & she herself received her 2nd Oscar nomination for “Wild". Since then she produced & starred in HBO’s "Big Little Lies", Apple’s "The Morning Show" & Hulu’s "Little Fires Everywhere" (all of which are expected to gather multiple Emmy nominations when on this Tuesday). Even with all of her live-action film choices since then being less than great - Hot Pursuit, A Wrinkle In Time & Home Again (the latter of which suffered from a poor release date) - haven’t dampened her “Reesesurgence" or reputation the same way the aforementioned post-2014 projects have for McConaughey. So why did Reese’s successful 3rd act manage to maintain further than her “Sing!" co-star Matthew’s did?
  13. I honestly hope she thinks twice before she tries to set someone’s car on fire. She walked away like the girl from the ring.
  14. Such a good series. It was only a matter of time before someone adapted it!
  15. Thomas Doherty posted this to his insta I know that most guys in the entertainment industry like to post shirtless pics and taunt their fans but that’s not totally what I’m getting at here. An openly straight man who’s in a 4+ year relationship posting his new pink hairstyle, his painted nails and using a Drag Race quote as a caption. I know he’s one of many who go by this kind of aesthetic, so then I wonder at what point does this kinda thing fall into what “queerbaiting” or “imitation” or whatever. Any thoughts?
  16. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for Big Brother 22!
  17. This is a really bad statistic Black People make up less than 2% of the population in the state of Maine but nearly 25% of Covid 19 cases
  18. Are you ready for a socially distant Christmas?
  19. Do you miss it? Are you happy its gone? Are you keeping the 6.15 version of Grindr to keep the ethnicity filter within the app?