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Found 3,815 results

  1. How do you feel/what do you do when you text a friend and they fail to respond?
  2. The Tokyo District Court on Wednesday handed an 11-year prison term to an editor at publisher Kodansha for the murder of his wife three years ago, reports TV Asahi (Mar. 6). According to the ruling, Park Jung-hyun, the former editor of the popular manga “Attack on Titan,” fatally strangled his wife, 38-year-old Kanako, at the residence they shared in Bunkyo Ward early on August 9, 2016. During the trial, the prosecution, which was seeking a 15-year prison term, said that Park acted with “strong intent” to kill his wife. The defense countered by saying that Kanako “committed suicide.” Park said in his defense, “I did not kill my wife.” Early on the day of the incident, officers responding to a distress call found Kanako lying face-up at the base of a staircase. She was confirmed dead about one hour later at a nearby hospital. An autopsy later revealed the cause of death to be suffocation due to pressure applied around the neck, police said at the time at the time of Park’s arrest in January, 2017. During initial questioning, he claimed that his wife “fell down the stairs.” However, he later changed his story, saying she took her own life by hanging herself with his jacket on the railing of the stairs. https://www.tokyoreporter.com/crime/attack-on-titan-editor-handed-11-year-prison-term-for-murder-of-wife/
  3. Legendairy

    ATRL, do you have closure?

    to whatever schit you're going thru right now. How did it happen for you? Do you not care about it? Are you a cold independent bitch? Are you longing for it? You're gonna do it yourself? The concept doesn't exist and people find excuses? tell us
  4. You can check with an app. apparently I'm not following back 555 people
  5. skyandground

    Do you think you will live past 60?

    I don’t see it for myself to be honest. It’s just not realistic.
  6. One Piece has been around for more than 20 years, and it has gained worldwide fame in that time. Now, it seems the franchise is ready to tackle live-action media, and a new rumor suggests Netflix will be helming the project in part. For those of you unaware, One Piece announced it would be getting a live-action series more than a year ago. The announcement went live just before creator Eiichiro Oda confirmed he was aiding the adaptation. Since the project was announced, few updates have been released, but a post by Netflix piqued curiosity over the weekend. The placeholder page had fans eyeing the announced live-action One Piece series that has yet to confirm a home. After images of the page went live, Netflix did take down the placeholder and told The One Piece Podcast it had “no comment” on the situation. https://comicbook.com/anime/2019/03/10/one-piece-live-action-netflix-rumor-anime/
  7. Does anyone kinda cringe at posts like this? Not to knock anyone’s success but I see posts like this all the time on this site especially in retaliation to someone else’s comment and it’s like really?
  8. Hallucinogen

    Do you have your tonsils?

    I’m getting mine out in 3 weeks due to severe sleep apnea. Rest In Peace tonsils sweaty!
  9. is it going to be fixed?
  10. AvrilLaQueen

    The Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian Talk Thread

    thread for people who speak Croatian, Serbian or Bosnian language, and anyone who wants to ask or get to know about these countries are welcome here
  11. Okay so I've been getting into lucid dreaming for the past few months and some weird ass **** happened to me yesterday So last night I gained conciousness while I was alseep and I felt myself "stepping" into the lucid state, all good and everything I've had lucid dreams before But then it felt like I was waking up and I realized I couldn't ****ing move my body and could only look around and when I looked to the side I saw a big ass dark shadow of a man on my closet Kinda like this: and I was too scared to look over to my closet again so I just looked the other way. I tried to get up several times but kept flopping each time and right when I felt like I was gonna be able to get up I just found myself still being in the same position on my bed so I just closed my eyes to try to sleep again and ignore the creepy ass shadow on my closet. While all of that was happening I started hearing this crazy ringing in my ears, basically it felt like I could hear the blood pump through my ears but super intensified and loud (it was so loud it lowkey HURT ) This vid describes what I heard best: And then later on I realized that I wasn't actually even awake and that the sleep paralysis was all happening within a lucid dream It took like a few mins before I finally actually woke up and I'm still kinda confused at wtf happened (found out the ringing noise is apparently called exploding head syndrome?). So I guess I experienced a lucid false awakening, sleeping paralysis and exploding head syndrome all within one night Have y'all had **** like this happen to y'all?
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/mar/09/british-somalis-send-sons-abroad-to-protect-against-knife-crime
  13. Departure

    Are you alone in this world?

    7 billion people on this Earth and nobody to talk too. How does this make you feel? I don't even care I'm a virgin still. I just wish somebody...cared. My entire life is proof that God isn't there. We're all alone here. Nobody watches over us...
  14. G.U.Y. Gaga

    Corn tortillas are disgusting

    Do you like them? flour>>>
  15. ALL TIME BOX OFFICE RECORDS What is the box office? The box office, in the most literal sense, is where tickets are sold at theatres. One of the more popular uses of the term is to refer to the business that a commercial film is receiving, e.g. ticket sales and gross. With this comes many different and interesting concepts used to understand this business, such as multipliers, legs, domestic, bomb, OW, PTA, spillover, WoM, and so forth. I'll define a few of these terms. Multiplier - In the most common use, this refers to total gross divided by opening weekend. There's also the concept of internal multiplier, which is opening weekend (Friday through Sunday) divided by opening day (Friday). Superhero movies and other fanbase-oriented movies tend to have lower multipliers (below 3×), while family oriented movies tend to have higher multipliers. Some movies are slow burners and have very high multipliers (Example: My Big Fat Greek Wedding has a multiplier of 404.2×.) Legs - Longevity of movies. Think about it like this; if a movie is an in-shape runner with good legs, it'll continue to "run" in the box office and bring in lots of money after opening weekend. But if a movie is not in shape with poor legs, it'll sputter out of the race and not bring in much money after opening weekend. Bomb/flop - A movie that does poorly and causes a loss for the makers. OW - Opening weekend (Friday through Sunday). PTA - Per theatre average. For example, if a movie comes out with a gross of $50,000,000 during its OW while having 4000 screens, its PTA will be $12,500. It's the gross divided by screens. Spillover - When people buy so many tickets and fill up a theatre during one day that customers "spill over" into the following showings. WoM - Word of mouth. This can seriously affect a movie's performance in the box office. For example, the film Hulk (2003) opened with $62.1m in the domestic box office. However, it had mediocre WoM with critics and audiences regarding its pacing and CGI effects. This resulted in it suffering a 70% drop in its second weekend. Domestic - This is the US + Canada box office. No, Canadian box office numbers aren't separated from the US's numbers. However, you can find Québec's box office figures on Cinoche. CinemaScore - A market research company that polls moviegoers as they exit the theatre based on how they felt about the movie on a scale of A+ to F. Resources for box office stuff Box Office Mojo (BOM) - Essentially the mecca for all box office updates. Great weekend box office resource as well. The Numbers - An alternative to BOM. They also have a top DVD's and Blu-Rays section in case that's of interest to you. Deadline - Great newssite for box office analysis and news.
  16. Marvel Studios’ Black Widow is reportedly eyeing Riverdale star Camila Mendes for a “small supporting role,” according to a new report. Specifically, That Hashtag Show claimsDisney-owned Marvel is “very early in the process” of a search for an actress of color aged 15-25, and is now compiling a list of actresses for the unidentified role. This role is said to have been added in a rewrite to the Jac Schaeffer-penned script by The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigbyscribe Ned Benson.
  17. So I’ve been talking to this guy for over a month and we were pretty close acting as boyfriends but not official. Anyways out of nowhere he started ignoring me and when I sent him a text today saying something like “I guess you’re not interested bye 😥” He texted a few hours later “ok” I tried to talk to him but he just texted “ok bye” but was obviously mad. I don’t think he lost interest because he was just telling me a few days ago how much he liked me. Anyways I’ve already deleted his number since the way he treated me was unfair so I have no way to contact him. Is this normal behavior? Tell someone how much you like them and then just ghost them angrily?
  18. Adonis

    Is P**n making men impotent?

    The Guardian