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Found 3,761 results

  1. anti-bitch

    Who here has a boyfriend?

    Is he lovely? Is he the man of your dreams? No need for specifics but maybe you could say how did you meet and how the relationship developed? i think this could be a lovely topic
  2. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-france-anaesthetist-court/french-doctor-charged-with-killing-nine-patients-in-resuscitation-scam-idUSKCN1SM2P5 As expected, a few of them perished due to his idiotic ways.
  3. eaucitronnée

    Do you wash your legs?

    when you're in the shower… do you wash your legs? I do. wbu?
  4. Emma Roberts' aunt did thaT And inspired Fall Out Boy's magnum opus
  5. Shoto Todoroki

    Is Biphobia unchecked?

    Maybe it's just my personal anecdote, but I feel like casual Biphobic comments have gone unchecked for yearsssss or don't get as much outrage as homophobic or transphobic remarks. I know so many straight girls over the years who will make remarks saying "I would never date a Bi guy! Bi guys are promiscuous and would cheat on me! Bi guys are really gay guys in the closet! I don't wanna date a guy who likes dick as much as me!" Wendy Williams also made remarks on her "Ask Wendy" segment saying she wouldn't date a Bi men either, reciting similar sentiments as stated In the example above. Wendy didn't really get any backlash from it. Another popular YouTuber I follow named "Lovelyti2002" did a live stream the other day, talking about how she was on a dating site talking to a man, and when he revealed he was bi, she lost interest in and said "It's not really my thing and you can't change my sexuality!" It's just really kinda crazy how these little comments get by with no controversy. And on the flip side, you have straight men fetishing Bisexual women as "freaks in the sheets". I've also seen gay men stereotype bi men as "promiscuous" and "cheaters".Would any Bisexual ATRLers like to share experiences of any Biphobia they experience? Or any similar accounts such as the examples I listed above? Do you think not wanting to date someone who is Bisexual is a "preference"?
  6. https://popculture.com/tv-shows/2019/05/16/big-bang-theory-sarah-michelle-gellar-makes-surprise-cameo-series-finale/
  7. Materialboy215

    "Jailbirds | Netflix New Documentary"

    You may think you know what being a woman in prison is like after watching all those seasons of Orange is the New Black, but you have no idea; a county jail is an especially interesting environment due to the breadth of criminals residing there, who are either on short-term sentences or awaiting arraignment or trial. Jailbirds takes a look at the women at the Sacramento County Jail and the relationships and rivalries they build. https://decider.com/2019/05/10/jailbirds-netflix-stream-it-or-skip-it/ Me and my Boyfriend starting watching last night and watched almost the entire series like 4 episodes (6 45 min episodes for S1) it's so gripping like it instantly pulling you in ... I couldn't stop watching. This is way better than A&E 60 Days in and probably 1 of if the most authentic reality show's I ever seen.! It shows EVERYTHING the good, bad and the horror of being locked up in County Jail. Jail is like a whole different world with a whole different set of rules, I know from personal experience. I encourage everyone to definitely check it out!
  8. Blue Rose

    Trump bans Huawei in America

    i wonder how much his good friend Tim Cook paid him!
  9. KoibitoCyrus

    What is the role of a Godparent

    Godmother or Godfather what have you, what role do they play in a chlid’s life? If the parents bestow the title of ‘godparent’ to a person what does it mean? I was always told that a godparent is the child’s caretaker/guardian if anything were to happen to his or her parents. Thoughts
  10. SayCart1991

    A Double Shot at Love

    Is there a thread on it? I can't find one... Has anyone watched it?
  11. https://www.npr.org/2019/05/16/375690116/i-m-pei-architect-of-some-of-the-worlds-most-iconic-structures-dies-at-102?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=npr&utm_term=nprnews&utm_content=20190516 China-born Pei was responsible for designing so many iconic buildings, including the glasd pyramid in front of the Louvre.
  12. hellocory

    Child's Play (2019)

  13. Fireman25

    Yellow rangers or Pink rangers?

    The yellow rangers were hotter The yellow rangers The Pink Rangers
  14. PrinceJawbreaker

    Your favorite games this console generation?

    It’s been ~6 years, girlies. What are your top favorite games of all time this generation? Mine are: 1. Fallout 4 2. Bloodborne 3. Dark Souls 3
  15. PrinceJawbreaker

    Trump Admin Sends $62m bailout money to JBS

    The Trump administration has forked over more than $62 million — taxpayer cash that was supposed to be earmarked for struggling American farmers — to a massive meatpacking company owned by a couple of corrupt Brazilian brothers. The Department of Agriculture cut a contract in January to purchase $22.3 million worth of pork from plants operated by JBS USA, a Colorado-based subsidiary of Brazil’s JBS SA, which ranks as the largest meatpacker in the world. — But previously undisclosed purchase reports obtained by the Daily News this week reveal the administration has since issued at least two more bailouts to JBS, even as Trump’s own Justice Department began investigating the meatpacker, whose owners are Joesley and Wesley Batista — two wealthy brothers who have confessed to bribing hundreds of top officials in Brazil. Both brothers have spent time in jail over the sweeping corruption scandal. https://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/ny-trump-administration-bailout-farmers-brazilian-criminals-20190516-6rdb3ithvfec7fttem7qrny54y-story.html — Yikes, such hypocrites.
  16. 2019 Broadcast Network Upfront Meetings NBC | May 13, 2019 FOX | May 13, 2019 ABC | May 14, 2019 CBS | May 15, 2019 The CW | May 16, 2019 Once again I'll try to update everyone with the latest news and information regarding the five main English US Broadcast Networks! Lots of news regarding pick ups and cancellations will be coming out before their actual set dates, but the final proposed schedules will be announced on the above dates! Any questions, ask them here and I'll help you out as much as I can! It’s one of my favorite times of the year For more info, my takes, and to see which pilots are up for contention at each network and details regarding casting and descriptions, see below!
  17. Roman Holiday

    Did YouTube replace Reality TV?

    Answer the question thots
  18. Armani👑

    Guy gets catfished on Insta Live

  19. Harmonous

    Would you sign a prenup?

    When you get married (if you ever do), would you ?
  20. MikeyDuff1D

    Favorite Hilary Duff costar?

    Hilary has worked with a lot of acclaimed icons. Who are your faves? Heather Locklear (The Perfect Man) Jennifer Coolidge (The Perfect Man AND Beauty and the Briefcase) Regina King (A Cinderella Story) Angelina Huston (Material Girls) Carmen Electra (Cheaper By the Dozen 2) Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt (Cheaper By the Dozen 1 & 2) Marisa Tomei, John Cusack, and Sir Ben Kingsley (War, Inc.) Ellen Burstyn and Melissa Leo (According to Greta) Cathy Moriarty, Shelley Duvall, and Teri Garr (Casper Meets Wendy) Alex Borstein (The Lizzie McGuire Movie) Rita Wilson and Rebecca De Mornay (Raise Your Voice) Sutton Forrester (Younger) Kathy Najimy (Younger) Am I missing any?
  21. the reports are in! " The Valerian flop is expensive: the Luc Besson production company placed in the safeguard procedure " is Rihanna box-office poison? discuss
  22. Can someone tell me? Here or message me in private ...
  23. Mr. Blue_Shirt

    Indonesian police man fired for being gay

    This is really bad and i give him my full support since we live in the same city The full story is on the tweet