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Found 5,379 results

  1. fememeist

    Are ATRL threads like time capsules?

    I’ve been looking back at my old threads 2016/2017, and i was so creative and messy with my thread discussions I- do you look back at your old threads?
  2. Maybe she won? James could never!
  3. Prisoner

    If the WP is 7 Trillion

    Yes if the world population is 7 trillion instead of 7 billion, how different would the world be? Like maybe YouTube records like 24-hour views would be 1Billion instead of 50 or 60m? Or maybe End Game would have overtaken Avatar in like a week? Or maybe food scarcity?
  4. Oktober Knight

    A Nightmare On Elm Street reboot

    Not surprisingly, they're planning another reboot of the franchise and they want Alexandre Aja (Crawl, High Tension, The Hills Have Eyes remake) to direct. Full article here
  5. https://www.bbc.com/news/newsbeat-48866510?fbclid=IwAR1Eem9Kj48fXWLAfsJb_LLedjypjbznqdxjyCgFDhTjopbnHKQNfdAkIGM
  6. Genius1111

    Blair Witch Project 20 years on

  7. https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Man-in-Skimpy-Underwear-Caught-on-Camera-on-Someones-Porch-512136141.html The video is in the link provided.
  8. Koreku

    Do you have a talent?

    My talents: I can sing, I am considered funny/can make people laugh, I can draw/illustrate, I can write & produce music, I'm good at graphic design. I honestly feel like i'm good at multiple things but 'great' at nothing. What are your talents?
  9. fememeist

    ATRL, make me go viral!

    look at those numbers
  10. I just checked my phone and realized that I have 282 tabs open
  11. maat

    FIrst humans had light skin

    Researchers agree that our early australopithecine ancestors in Africa probably had light skin beneath hairy pelts. “If you shave a chimpanzee, its skin is light,” says evolutionary geneticist Sarah Tishkoff. “If you have body hair, you don’t need dark skin to protect you from ultraviolet UV radiation.” After human ancestors shed most body hair, sometime before 2 million years ago, they quickly evolved dark skin for protection from skin cancer and other harmful effects of UV radiation. Then, when humans migrated out of Africa and headed to the far north, they evolved lighter skin as an adaptation to limited sunlight. (Pale skin synthesizes more vitamin D when light is scarce.) https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2017/10/new-gene-variants-reveal-evolution-human-skin-color Are you surprised?
  12. Box Office: $1.024 billion Rotten Tomatoes: 97% with 275 reviews Accolades: an Oscar win + Try Everything United States: 2,000,000 South Korea: 230,000 Is Shakira the ultimate thespian amongst the pop girls?
  13. I mean why don't you go for trans if you are such in denial to be in a male body ???
  14. Cute

    what is this called?

    what is it called when u are sick and puking, not vomitting the other one. its an adjecitve.
  15. I'd say the bey hive lately but overall bis the Rihanna stans, the utterly obsession when Gaga has barely acknowledged her is embarrasing
  16. Exhale with ur nose. do u breathe out of both nostrils or only one? if i exhale, air only comes out of ONE nostril. i thought this was normal for the longest time up until a few minutes ago when my friends said they exhale air out of both holes INSHALLAH this means i need a NOSE JOB
  17. They created their own "High School Musical" version of Friend Like Me as tribute to the film. Will Smith isn't in their movie version, this is the Japanese version you'd hear in the film. The voice over Iconic. Japan should hopefully keep its longevity up.
  18. MaRy

    Do you feel a victim?

    Do you feel a victim in life or do you grow and learn from it?
  19. gm4567

    Is tumblr dead?

    I feel like tumblr has been completely irrelevant for a good while now, I dont hear anyone talking about it. I used to go there for art but they've pretty much moved onto other sites like Instagram, Art station, Devianart ect Then theres also demolishing the **** blogs which tbh was one of the main reasons I got a tumblr blog theres probably many other reasons why think it's dead but I'm not gonna list em all What are your Thots?
  20. ItsJustMe.

    Big Fight in Disneyland

    what took security so long wtf?
  21. iHype.

    #BlackDontCrack | It's above me.

    The Black Thread “ Introducing "The "BLACK" thread, a place we can discuss our favourite activities we like doing, as per our race. Sunder dinner, Church, cornbread, EBT, our MUSIC. – THEVOICEXTINA (ORIGINATOR OF THE BLACK THREAD/ THE PERSON WHO LET IT FLOP) „ Experiences, Fashion, Music, Television, Movies, Politics, Current Events, Relationships, Sex, Work, Food, Advice, Stories, & More
  22. ReverseWarholian

    Your High School's Scandal?

    Jacked this idea off a meme I saw on IG, SNS What were the biggest most gagworthy hs scandals you experienced / witnessed? I'll get things started: -On April Fool's once, a few of the jocks from senior year released three chickens (labelled "1", "2", and "4") in our cafeteria. Everyone at lunch naturally flipped TF out and apparently one of the chickens got overwhelmed and died of a heart attack so they were charged with animal cruelty, while everyone else was frantically searching for the (non-existent) #3 for the rest of the day -One of the teachers called a special needs student r******ed and was fired / insta rihplaced by a new instructor next day. The special needs' student's older brother (who had already graduated by then) saw him grocery shopping a few days later and chucked a rock through his car window -Allegedly my married geography teacher had an affair w/ one of the girls in my year. It was never confirmed but there was also a rumored sex tape that was shot on school property. Principal got involved and the whole situation was supposedly diffused behind the scenes. The girl transferred mysteriously to a diff high school the following semester. -One of the band nerds started dealing MDMA randomly and became super popular suddenly in like a matter of weeks I wanna say