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Found 2,304 results

  1. After nearly 18 months of reports about Disney purchasing 21st Century Fox, the deal officially closed earlier this week, with Disney now making a number of adjustments to their newly acquired branches. A majority of fans have primarily been focused on what this business deal would mean for iconic properties, like the possible inclusion of the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and have overlooked various drawbacks of the merger. One of the first major casualties is the Fox 2000 label getting scrapped, which had been run by Elizabeth Gabler, according to Deadline. It is unclear what the company has in mind for the executive's future. Gabler has delivered audiences films like Hidden Figures, The Fault In Our Stars, Marley & Me, Love, Simon, and The Hate U Give. Their final release will be the Joe Wright film Woman in the Window, starring Amy Adams and Gary Oldman. This is just the latest major layoff, following up on 20th Century Fox film president of domestic distribution Chris Aronson learning that he wouldn't be joining Disney and was given a 60-day notice, per The Hollywood Reporter. Sadly, these are likely only the beginnings of layoffs, with Variety claiming that Disney could be laying off 4,000 employees.
  2. Filming began on the 5th of February 2018. Lydia, Meghan and Peggy all confirmed their departures from the show. Newbie housewife Gina Kirschenheiter will be introduced by Tamra Judge. It's reported that Vicki, Tamra and Gina all filmed a scene on the 5th of February. Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd also confirmed their returns on Instagram on the 8th of February. And reportedly have shot solo scenes. Confirmed: Vicki Gunvalson , Tamra Judge , Shannon Beador , Kelly Dodd , Gina Kirschenheiter. Rumoured Housewives / FOH's for Season 13: Leyla Milani , Emily Simpson, Tatiana Beebe , Gretchen Rossi , Jackie Melby What do you want from Season 13? discuss! UPDATE: Gina, Kelly , Shannon , Tamra , Vicki , Emily
  3. Wonderland

    Kiwi Talk | #TheyAreUs

    A Thread for all things New Zealand! Come on in and STAN for the best and most iconic country on the planet.
  4. iHype.

    #BlackDontCrack | Team Jordyn.

    The Black Thread “ Introducing "The "BLACK" thread, a place we can discuss our favourite activities we like doing, as per our race. Sunder dinner, Church, cornbread, EBT, our MUSIC. – THEVOICEXTINA (ORIGINATOR OF THE BLACK THREAD/ THE PERSON WHO LET IT FLOP) „ Experiences, Fashion, Music, Television, Movies, Politics, Current Events, Relationships, Sex, Work, Food, Advice, Stories, & More
  5. VelvetCrush

    Why is Avatar forgotten?

    The highes grossing movie of all time but it seems to lack impact Could YOU name any characters without googling it? I couldn't even though I do like the movie
  6. Katamari

    Was Venom so bad its good?

    the panned film i thought was rather enjoyable and fun tom hardy and ms. Williams were really good as well as the villain dude does it join Suicide squad for being a fun yet critically mixed romp in the sun
  7. https://deadline.com/2019/03/emma-roberts-justin-hartley-glenn-howerton-damon-lindelof-the-hunt-universal-blumhouse-1202573567/
  8. Opium

    Romanian Talk thread

    I’ll make the OP cuter later also, dunno what happened to the previous thread but welp Bun venit @Gabriel Florin @Raster
  9. https://www.popbuzz.com/music/artists/melanie-martinez/news/melanie-martinez-is-done-with-everyones-immaturity/ I nearly forgot that in 2015 stans were trying to make Halsey vs. Melanie Martinez happen, and it kinda did for a second there... What do y'all think about it 4 years later, and did you remember the feud?
  10. frenchyisback

    Beto Outraises Bernie: Breaks Record

    Beto: $6.1 Million in 24hrs Bernie: $5.9 Million in 24hrs Word is in December, Obama got behind Beto and has sent his whole team to work for him. Morning Joe were commenting the details. The sweet revenge of Obama 2.0 beating Bernie in the Democratic primary... I'm so excited.
  11. From Black Swan (don't open if you haven't seen it)
  12. Talking of standards for looks and personality here. I am asking this because it's a difficult balancing act really. I don't want to come across as picky, but I am not going to end up with any man who walks my way either. I don't hookup, so this is a dating question. What kind of standards do you guys have? Have you been called picky? Have you got no standards at all? And ultimately, is it ok to have high standards when looking for that significant other?
  13. Kitt

    Best AVI on ATRL

    Will you switch it up for NüATRL? Anyway, you know what this thread is for.
  14. Marvel's most acclaimed movie vs DC's most acclaimed movie Which is better? More iconic? etc.
  15. Needy

    The Indian Lounge

    Inspired by The Aussie Lounge, Ive started the Indian lounge
  16. AvrilLaQueen

    The Russian Talk Thread

    This is a discussion thread/talk about Russia. Originally titled "Are there any Russian ATRLers" since I am not Russian, but I wanna learn more from y'all. Come back Russian legend @Abyssy, I miss you. We ALL miss you.
  17. AvrilLaQueen

    Atheists & Agnostics Hangout Thread

    Discussion thread for atheists and agnostic members of ATRL. Bookmark this thread to get the latest updates/notifications on your top right side List of some Atheist ATRLers (ask to be added or resheduled) List of some Agnostic ATRLers (ask to be added or resheduled)
  18. nadiamendell

    Why Does Trump Keep Winning?

    Now that it has been revealed that Mueller has recommended no more indictments, it appears that Trump has (sadly) won again. Why does he keep winning? I can't stand it.
  19. Venturo

    Do u use a lip balm?

    I do Gotta have soft lips ready for.....any occasion
  20. FrederickSpears

    Why doesn't Ariana perform Problem?

    According to Ariana's set list, she is no longer performing her hit Problem. Why does she pay it dust now?
  21. Teen Who Watched **** Every Day Found God To Cure Her Of Addiction 'I couldn't live without ****.' High school addict, 14, who let her grades slip because she watched four hours of explicit videos on her cell phone every day is now saving her first KISS until marriage after kicking addiction Gracelyn Sorrell, 19, said she was 14 when an explicit picture on social media triggered her 'impure desires' and prompted her to develop a **** addiction The teen sadly lost her dad in 2013 and was sexually assaulted and said *****graphy became a way to comfort herself and escape from the grief Gracelyn, of Chicago, Illinois, would secretly access the **** on her cell phone and regularly stayed up until 3AM trawling through **** websites and apps She said: 'I was watching about four hours of **** every day. When I watched the videos it gave me an adrenaline rush. It was like insulin to me, I needed it' She added that when she 'should have been enjoying Thanksgiving with [family] in the back of my head I was thinking, ''I can't wait until I can watch the videos'' Gracelyn said her splurges of *****graphy and masturbation left her feeling guilty and ashamed and she confided in her mother about her habit The teen said her mother was very supportive and encouraged her to come to her for counselling when ever she was struggling The 19-year-old has beat her addiction and is now an advocate for abstinence and has made a vow not to kiss or have sex before marriage https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6809157/High-school-****-addict-14-waiting-marriage-KISS.html