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Found 3,792 results

  1. Wonderland

    Do straight men scare you?

    I find that I’m always on edge around straight men and it takes me longer to feel comfortable round them compared to other gays or women. Do you feel the same way or am I just overthinking?
  2. Especially when you see a hot guy. Do you think of a stinking unwiped butt? or something even more disgusting?
  3. Discuss. I'm not putting a picture to prove a point.
  4. The original video (Now deleted) came across my timeline last night and I was infuriated. The child being named Peanut, these girls stepping on his back AND with their shoes on, his adoptive family encouraging him to do this behind the camera Original caption and video from Cole LaBrant before he subsequently deleted it: Cole LaBrant is YTber/IGer who mainly generates content via his family-life. Honestly a quick scroll through his Instagram page and Twitter likes is enough to indicate how off he and his wife are
  5. ilomilo

    The Depression Lounge

    A thread for depressed users to share stories and tips to overcome their depression. -- Tips to help with Depression: 1.
  6. anti-bitch

    Do you like guys who look like you?

    Idk what drives this, but there are loads of gay couples who look quite similar, and not just because both parts are male. Are you attracted to guys who look like yourself?
  7. Kisuke

    Dutch people | Utrecht

    Nederland is een van de samenstellende landen van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden. Het land ligt voor het overgrote deel in het noordwesten van Europa, aan de Noordzee. In het zuiden wordt het begrensd door België, langs de oostgrens door Duitsland en aan west- en noordzijde door de zee. De hoofdstad van Nederland is Amsterdam, de regeringszetel is Den Haag. De Caribische eilanden Bonaire, Sint Eustatius en Saba maken sinds 10 oktober 2010 als bijzondere gemeenten deel uit van Nederland. https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nederland
  8. Thread made to all Brazilians ATRLERs or for the gringos who love us. Porque não há nenhum país em cima de nós e Deus. Please come to Brazil. Não deixem esse thread flopar, bando de quengas.
  9. 1. Avatar - 10/10 2. Avengers: Endgame - 5/10 3. Titanic - 10/10 4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens - 8/10 5. Avengers: Infinity War - 10/10 6. Jurassic World - 7/10 7. The Avengers - 9/10 8. Furious 7 - 8/10 9. Avengers: Age of Ultron - 2/10 10. Black Panther - 8/10
  10. lilMonsterKayla


    Do you think moral standards exist, have STRONG importance, and do you believe in an afterlife?
  11. Many young gays of fame right now are gender-queers or makeup gays. I would like more men out there who you can't tell are gay unless they tell you so. Everyone is welcome, but the more there are people in public who do not conform to the stereotypes on gays, the more there will be acceptance to the whole diverse community of gays and bis. I'm a discreet 24 y.o. cis gay and unfortunately there are few if any people out there right now famous and openly gay or bi who I could truly relate to. Discreet only means that people can't tell you are gay or bi unless you explicitly say so or let them know you have a boyfriend. It should not be a negative term. The feedback here has been very mixed, but I guess that means this discussion was and is needed. The people here, who have been very angry at me, are most likely not the sort of people that I describe in the thread title. I wish that nobody would call me names, or like one who told me to go kill myself... that doesn't help anyone. Offense is not the best defense, and I did not attack anyone to begin with. I am not 'a bro' by any means. I'm somewhere between masc and fem, just as I believe most people are. That what "Truffle." said about "guys that happen to be gay" is exactly what I'm looking for in the media. The thing is that I don't know who people first think of when you ask them about gays. Regardless, we need guys with integrity out there, no matter what their type of self is. For me, that type happens to be as it reads in this post, but I think everyone has the right to want their own kind of people out there.
  12. X~MoviePoP

    What is your Dream?

    Something you need to pursue. Something you wont be able to live without doing? Mine is pursuing my film/tv acting career.
  13. I was watching this video and it made me wonder if masc/fem is a learned behavior? Like, can you try to be more masc/fem, does environment affect it? If you're gay and want to be masc, is it self-hating? Thoughts?
  14. 1 million ‘Game of Thrones’ fans demand a final season remake Petition: https://www.change.org/p/hbo-remake-game-of-thrones-season-8-with-competent-writers?recruiter=947599302&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial&utm_term=psf_combo_share_initial&recruited_by_id=f16fedf0-583b-11e9-872b-151bc157b24d
  15. naughty

    Bulgarian Talk

    Welcome to Bulgarian Talk! This topic is intended for all Bulgarian members of ATRL, and everyone interested in Bulgaria and our culture. If you write in Bulgarian, please use Cyrillic. 6lokovica is not allowed.
  16. Filipino maid is 'tied to a tree by her wealthy Saudi Arabian employers as punishment for leaving furniture outside in the sun' Lovely Acosta Baruelo, 26, was allegedly tied to a tree in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Pictures posted online allegedly showed her tethered to the tree by employers She allegedly angered her employers after leaving a piece of furniture outside source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7027437/Filipino-maid-tied-tree-punishment-leaving-furniture-outside.html?ito=social-facebook&fbclid=IwAR3gptTdeVAYVVjcf35NJbTAwSg5TJrgD-HhmUmb7BEBCUkKLdsViur5jQI -- Saudis muslims are known to continually harass POC and non-muslims
  17. ToxicParadise

    In James Charles Defense

    I was the first one to drag James Charles for his cringey annoying ass but this cancel culture is getting out of control and it's crazy. I'm in no way his fan but there are a lot of things that i find really concerning about the way people have been going on this circle jerk hateful tirade towards someone who in reality is not that harmful. I agree that he should learn a lesson but in his defense... 1. Straight guys like the Logans, Justin Bieber who are more disgusting and did more harmful things than him get a pass. Let me put this situation in another fashion: If James Charles was a straight guy, and promoted someone else's brand, and let's say DMd a few girls because he wanted to get some action. would people care ? No. I dont' agree with the things he did, but where is all this energy for people who do far worse things, were all all the threads about Jake Paul allegedly drugging and assaulting girls at a his party. 2. We have so few succeful LGBT people in the world, and even if he's not the best to represent a large community like ours, this whole thing about his being a sexual predator, just reeks of Homophobia. 3. Yall can drag me, now. Instead of just going with this mob mentality and think for yourselves and see things as black or white. There's always a gray area.
  18. Mexican entertainer Vicente Fernández, known as the “king of ranchera music,” revealed in a recent interview that he refused a liver transplant — and implied he did so out of concern that his donor could be a “homosexual or an addict.” “They wanted to give me some other man’s liver, and I told them ‘I’m not going to sleep next to my wife with another man’s liver,’” Fernández, 79, said earlier this month on the Mexican TV program “De Primera Mano.” “I don’t even know if he was homosexual or an addict.” Fernández, who said doctors had found a cancerous lump in his liver in 2012 when he was touring in Texas, then recalled leaving the hospital after refusing the transplant — against his doctor’s wishes.
  19. I think India is the only country in the world where people don't dress like westerners, watch national movies, etc. Why is Indian culture so strong?