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Found 2,118 results

  1. Revolution

    Should Pangea make a comeback?

    Should it? Would history be different?
  2. Coklek92

    Wtf with Ricardo Milos meme?

    I see him everywhere on social media
  3. that G.U.Y.

    More U.S. cities to stop recycling

    https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/16/business/local-recycling-costs.html China always wins https://news.bloombergenvironment.com/environment-and-energy/india-to-start-banning-imports-of-plastic-waste Also india has banned garbage and plastic imports from the west. Asia said "enough is enough"
  4. Liafen

    Do you stan this legend?

    This girl went viral with her interview when the Slut Walk happened. a legend tbh. whew the confidence & charisma. did she snap?
  5. Deadpool 2 ✖ New Mutants ✖ Dark Phoenix
  6. kelly-clarkson

    Disney Darkest Movie...

    Is The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Agree? The opening alone... https://youtu.be/R-XONxvdq4Y
  7. Messiah St. West

    Have you ever gone back to an OLD JOB?

    As in you needed quick cash so you went back to doing it or you genuinely just enjoyed it? In my case, I've just landed a new job but a payment needs to be cleared first from me (and can't work there until it's cleared) so I'm planning to go back to my old job which is in a different area from the one I used to work in, stay there for at least a month, get the money and then leave and get ready for my new job. Gotta finesse the game somehow .
  8. Tiziano's Boy

    Happy St Patrick's Day my Irish ATRLers!

    Happy St Patrick's Day to my Irish ATRLers! Hope you have an amazing day and drink till you pass out!
  9. This is the Australian politician who blamed muslims for the terrorist attack in NZ yesterday! Don’t forget to sign the petition to get him out of parliament! Its already at 250,000 signatures! https://www.change.org/p/the-prime-minister-remove-fraser-anning-from-parliament
  10. Itz_Dani!

    Is ‘Narnia’ underrated?

    Truly a masterpiece. So sad that people don’t give it the attention it deserves
  11. Anthem

    Best Ice Cream Flavors/Brands?

    I’m always hesitant to try new flavors... so suggestions from you girls would be helpful. Currently eating Breyer’s Black Raspberry Chocolate and it SLAPS
  12. When you watch a 20 year old film and someone spoils it for you, do you react the same way you would when someone who say spoiled The Black Panther for you or Beyonce's The Lion King
  13. M André

    Best MMORPGs for a casual?

    I wanna try some mmos but don’t know where to begin. Some suggestions?
  14. They're both pretty similar. Really great shows about people who work in an office. Both kind of declined in quality near the end of their long run. Which show was the better of the two?
  15. Phantom

    John Keats stanning thread

    His Odes Timeless. He DID that. Why? When will Shelley?
  16. Opium

    Romanian Talk thread

    I’ll make the OP cuter later also, dunno what happened to the previous thread but welp Bun venit @Gabriel Florin @Raster
  17. Serendipity

    Turkish Thread

    TURKISH BASE Get in Turks! Hoş geldiniz Have a kiki and spill some piping hot, turkish tea
  18. Mons†erMuscle™

    Funko Pop! Thread

    Any FunKo POP! fans on here? They're my new obsession. They're so cute, and the newer versions are so much better than the initial releases imo. These figures all start at around $10 when first released, but after a year or two - especially if they've been vaulted (no longer in production) - their value can leap into the thousands. A vaulted POP! originally priced at $10, sold for almost $14,000. Yes, $14,000. So not only are they cute as ****ing ****, they're a great investment. Another thing I suggest everyone do, is before you buy any, watch a review of the Pop on youtube. The professional promo photos that we find on the websites that sell them aren't photos of the actual Pop, but rather a digital rendering. For example, I was gonna buy the Pennywise Pop (with wrought iron through his head) a couple posts down in this thread, because the promo pic looks so amazing! However when I watched the review, it was so less impressive in person and the paint job (especially his teeth) wasn't great at all.