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Found 4,659 results

  1. Lights and Waves

    Describe atrl gays in one word/sentence

    How would you describe the gays of atrl?
  2. https://www.newsweek.com/us-dangerous-russian-germany-poll-1282339
  3. official base for the digimon franchise. Current Game: Digimon Survive (PS4/Switch 2019)
  4. LookinIn

    Iconic AVI's?

    What are some iconic AVI's that have stood the test of time?
  5. that G.U.Y.

    Masculinity* officially labeled harmful

    *Traditional masculinity
  6. ...instead of English? French used to be the global lingua franca until the 20th century when English outshone her.
  7. St. Francis

    Vegetarians eat meat sometimes. Agree?

    Do you agree with that statement?
  8. A song can be considered to have longevity with how many weeks charting on the Hot 100? i’d say 25
  9. https://nextshark.com/crazy-rich-asians-germany-movie-title/ What do you think could be the reason Germany & Italy have decided to remove the word "Asian" from the title?
  10. Armani👑

    When guys hit their girlfriend

  11. Elvis

    Why Is Skin Whitening Not OK?

    White people are allowed to tan. They darken their skin at the beach, or use lots of fake tan. But as soon as someone wants to whiten their skin, it is controversial. Why do people look down on skin whiteners/bleachers?
  12. Golden Globe Ratings Down From 2018 & 2017; Four-Year Low In the final ratings, the 2018 Globes hoisted a 5.0 rating among adults 18-49 and 19.0 million viewers, a double digit demo decline from 2017 and the worst the Hollywood Foreign Press Association event had done since 2012. https://deadline.com/2019/01/2019-golden-globe-awards-ratings-bohemian-rhapsody-sandra-oh-andy-samberg-nbc-1202530431/amp/
  13. Jealous

    Happy birthday Eden Hazard!

    Happy birthday to the Belgian daddy
  14. that G.U.Y.

    Whoopi schools AOC on The View

    Educate her
  15. Drama

    Is Landon Romano funny?

    I’m very indifferent. Some people on twitter get their LIVES to his videos, while others think he isn’t funny at all and just playing up stereotypes. Do you cackle to his videos?

    Chicken Alfredo vs Cheeseburger & Fries

    👻 Which dish would you prefer at a restaurant if these were the only options? 👻 or
  17. Scotland

    Anyone here have a beard?

    How do you get yours to be soft and not itchy? Share tips girls!
  18. Planet Mars

    Are you hungry?