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Found 2,918 results

  1. Levantine excellence 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 A Muslim family that doesn’t actively persecute and harass its Christian and Jewish populations who predate their Muslim counterpart
  2. Are u ready to face ur darkness this 2019? Are u tired of feeling depressed? Are u taking control this year of your demons/negative thoughts? I am Do not put your labels on me. I don’t come from your planet. Leave me alone. I do not subscribe to your rules. I do not subscribe to your language. You will not put labels on me or anybody. Step the **** back. Should we create more positive threads? The lounge was over-flooded with negative threads this past year. Its time to talk about (Fashion/Dreams/Money/Food/Anime/Personal Adventures/Travel/Hobbies/Videogames/Pets/Party)? ---------------------------------- Ok. lets go back to positivity+ Are u ready to kill the evil dragon/witch corrupting ur life? do u believe in the light after the storm? are u forcing yourself to smile even in yr hardest times? 2019 POP DOMINATION. POP DIVAS ARE BACK! Straights lovin pop music Early 2000s-2010s all over again I'M HAPPY IMPERFECTIONS = PERFECTION I'M BEAUTIFUL I'M HOT CALM URSELF AND BREATHE IM WORKING HARD FOR MY DREAMS LIFE IS A ROLLERCOASTER AND THATS OK U WONT USE MY MIND ENIGMA HELP ME ATRL THE BEST FORUM IN THE WORLDWIDE WEB. LESSORS COULD NEVER THIS IS A TOXICITY-FREE-ZONE
  3. Dynamo

    First song you heard in 2019?

    Unwritten will be my first song of 2019 wbu?  6:29 pm here N.Y. time Is 2019 already in your continent? What was ur first song of the year?
  4. Does anyone else have these?? ugh. I get random bouts, long or short, of extreme sadness. I am careful to label it as depression bc i have not been diagnosed and it isn't fair nor respectful to people who suffer from depression to do so. however, i feel like just saying extreme sadness is not enough to explain the gravity of how deep and abstract this sadness is. does anyone else have these? they come and go but when they come you can't help but solely reflect negatively on ur life and ur stress/worries become huge. i guess this one was expected because i am coming back from vacation and any time i return from a vacation i get really sad. anyone else have similar experiences?
  5. paradisedarkness

    CollXtion I had 17 songs on original tracklist

    Anyone has it ? it was out but I can't find it anymore
  6. JoshSpears1805

    Woman Claims Its cold outside is 'sexist'

    Hello, The worlds gone NUTS, Now apparently the song baby its cold outside is sexist lmfao
  7. Lyrical.

    Best online shoe store?

  8. A doctor has been charged with murder after a toddler died and his twin brother was left in a critical condition following a circumcision a refuge centre in Rome. The two-year-old boy was said to have died from blood loss after a botched operation at a migrant centre on Saturday. A 66-year-old man, thought to be the doctor, has been charged with murder, according to Italian media. Officers are said to be investigating the doctor's qualifications for practising and charged the suspect yesterday. The doctor, who is believed to be an American citizen of Libyan origin, called for emergency help when the boy began excessively bleeding, Italian media reports. His twin brother also underwent the operation and was admitted to Sant Andrea hospital but was later transferred to the paediatric intensive care unit at Gemelli Hospital in Rome. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6528467/Doctor-charged-murder-toddler-died-twin-brother-critical-botched-circumcisions.html
  9. HabbGaga

    Movie Recommendations

    Good movies are far and few between, but when you watch a really good one it can really move you. I recently watched Green Book and got the urge to watch more great films. Any great movie recommendations will be appreciated.
  10. No Mariah, no ratings. I don't make the rules. https://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/daily-ratings/tv-ratings-monday-dec-31-2018/
  11. ceremonials

    Worst video game tropes?

    I think this is more of a Nintendo thing but I really hate having a “dark” version of the protagonist. It can sometimes be used to great effect - Dark Samus and Zelda 2’s Dark Link for example, but more often than not it feels try hard and kinda pointless. i cant think of anything else at the moment other than really basic things like grinding, but im sure yall will jog my memory
  12. SayCart1991

    What does dating you require?

    Well, ladies?
  13. Although I do not agree with their reasoning, it makes sense logically why religious feminists are transphobic. they are transphobic because to them, transgender identity goes against their religion. however, i do not understand the reasoning behind certain atheist feminists' transphobia. When i say some, i am primarily referring to the trans exclusionary radical feminist or simply the trans exclusionary feminist. They often times reject that label and would rather be identified as gender critical. To me, it appears every phobia has somewhat of a basis. What brought you to that phobia? you might be homophobic because u think gay people are going to hell or are sinful etc. or u just hate them. but even if u hate them, there is a reason to hate them. I am not saying every atheist is required to be an lgbt ally or is morally superior without religion, as there are numerous cases of discriminatory and oppressive atheists in history and to this day continue to oppress others. What I am saying is, what is the reason behind the feminist who rejects a transgender woman as her equal? What brings these trans exclusionary feminists to think that they are different from trans woman. Also, why are these feminists pro-lesbian but anti-trans? Now i understand fully that lesbian and transgender are very different, one is sexual orientation, the other is gender. but what causes one to be honoured and the other to be shunned? I was looking up queer theory when i ended up on this toxic "gender critical" reddit that is really a TERF base. You can tell from this one link that the users are very much transphobic and use language that sounds similar to what an anti-feminist would say. i perused the reddit a bit more cos i was both shocked and curious and it turns out an overwhelming amount of the women on the reddit page are staunch atheists and anti-theists. Thus, what is the reason behind a user of this reddit page to be a feminist, who strives for equality for different women including lesbians, but at the same excluding what they do not perceive as their sisters, the transgender woman.
  14. Not only does she look stunning so does the restauraunt! so cute
  15. Thick 'n Juicy

    What are your goals for this year?

  16. Last Boy on Earth

    Iconic ATRL posts?

    https://classic.atrl.net/forums/showthread.php?p=37610283#post37610283 Post more
  17. Mr. Blue_Shirt

    'Coming Out' prank went wrong

    I know the video is old and maybe most of you guys already seen the video but it still gets me everytime The way the guy was so shook about it and his mom hugged him without any expression & her glass of wine Happy New Year's Everybody
  18. Revolution

    Man drove car into crowd in Germany

  19. rebeltwat

    Cheap thrift stores in LA

    Can any locals help a girl out ?
  20. Thickorita

    Iconic Melania tweet HACKED

    What do you see?
  21. What do you think? How would you rate your year? Were you happy or not?