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Found 5,381 results

  1. iConic Legend

    parents force abortion?

    Is it wrong for parents to force abortion on minors? If the minor refuses isn't t legal for them to continue to push for the abortion?
  2. Guy Next Door

    Wrong heard lyrics in popular songs

    So this song is really popular in my country, for some time now. And always when I listened to it, I thought she was singing "I'm the best from all your exes", so in my mind I thought it was a happy song where she says I am your best you ever had, but apparently that was not the case. I always forgot to look it up on youtube, and now when I did, because it stuck in my head, i can't at she "i'm a mess", i still think the lyrics is "i'm the best". Anyway, great song.
  3. please be quiet i am PRAYING!
  4. An upstate man allegedly slit the throat of a teenage Instagram star he was dating — then posted a grisly photo of her lifeless body to social media along with a message that said “sorry,” according to police and reports Monday. Brandon Andrew Clark, 21, of Syracuse allegedly posted the gut-wrenching image of Bianca Devins, 17, on Instagram early Sunday — after the pair had attended a concert in Queens — before bizarrely calling the cops on himself, Lt. Bryan Coromato said. When police found him parked in his car on a dead-end street in Utica, he allegedly slit his own throat and then posted a photo of his neck gushing blood on Instagram, too, the police officer said. https://nypost.com/2019/07/15/woman-found-slain-after-grisly-photo-of-apparent-body-posted-on-instagram/
  5. An update to that very divisive thread posted last week... https://www-m.cnn.com/2019/07/07/us/afrofuture-fest-charging-wipe-people-trnd/index.html?r=https%3A%2F%2Fwww-vladtv-com.cdn.ampproject.org%2F Oddly enough, Eventbrite was the one who forced the change, yet AfroFuture festival went online to literally lie about the decision. Anyways, looks like equality won. Thoughts?
  6. Scotland

    Hairloss pills - do you take?

    I think I'm experiencing hairloss (which is unfortunate because my dad and uncle are not bald) and I even went to a doctor for it, and I was prescribed Finasteride and some other drop thing which I have to put in my hair. But apparently, none of them are the tea. So I think I'm gonna deal with the fact that I'll look like 2007 Britney at some point in life and no one will date me (not that they were anyway). But do you take these pills and what are your experiences?
  7. https://movieweb.com/atlantis-lost-empire-remake-tom-holland-disney/
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7248383/Britains-WWII-code-breaking-hero-Alan-Turing-face-50-note.html
  9. The only Emma that matters win Zomebieland 2+Cruella+Babylon Queen keeps getting cast. Flop actresses aka Jennifer Lawrence & Emma Watson & Emma Roberts can't relate
  10. JesusORGod

    Scarlett J Vs. Natalie Portman

    Both are legends but who's the bigger and more profitable name? Natalie: Net worth: 60m Face of Dior Oscar/BAFTA winner Highest grossing 1 Billion+ (for star Wars) Scarlett: Net worth: 160m Face of D&G BAFTA winner Highest grossing movie: 1 Billion+ (End game)
  11. IBeMe

    Do you like coleslaw?

    I've been obsessed with it lately for some weird reason. Do you like it?
  12. Cute

    Canadians, house worth?

    go to https://listing.ca/ and see what evaluation you get for the price of your house (type in ur address in the search bar and when it appears, click on the address as it appears beside the word home evaluation) my home value more than doubled since we bought it a few years ago the housing bubble won...
  13. Gorgeous

    atrl's meme feed

    Only funny ones allowed twitter, insta, yt...
  14. PurpleReign

    Why do the gays love A24?

    This is just something I randomly observed, but what is it about A24 that makes the gays watch everything they put out? It seems like every movie that they put out is a huge event with us. Am I reaching on this?
  15. P!NK2LOVE

    fitness freaks get IN!

    Hey y'all, im trying to find a 12 week muscle building fitness program. I'm 21 and weigh 65 kgs, who can point me in the right direction? I want to put on muscle plz
  16. https://www.asiaone.com/asia/restaurant-falls-river-earthquake-hits-south-philippines
  17. I'm going to Uni this year as a mature student (mid 20's), anything I should know? Or any tips? All advice is useful!
  18. the atrl book club was exciting and promising until it flopped because most of you maggots didn't participate...so would u reconsider joining the book club?
  19. Departure

    Is your first real kiss scary?

    I'll probably never experience it, but is it scary? *real as in someone you genuinely care about...
  20. VelvetCrush

    Why is Brazil the king of memes?

    and hit gifs?
  21. So there is this amazing Chinese photo editing app (can't write the name because it's Chinese letters) and I need to verify myself with my phone number which they then will send a code to. And that's it. But how dafuk do I get a Chinese number. I checked online and it's just full of these scammer websites. Do I need someone from China to help me out?
  22. NOW

    Do you use Slack?

    A popular chat platform for work + team collaboration for the techie demographic...do u use it?