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Found 4,279 results

  1. Released 8 songs in this Q1 and no smashes, what happened?
  2. there was a thread like this on the old site describe the avi above using whatever word or phrases you want, but try not to be mean
  3. Doing the dirty...are you loud, or just silently enjoy it. Sometimes it's fun to hear your partner vocally get into the's really a turn on. Do you all agree?
  4. it's something i sometimes like to do.
  5. and which one?
  6. This always makes me feel super nostalgic and make me miss my childhood What's some of your favourite 90's tv show theme songs?
  7. what is your favorite english word in the way it sounds, i'm not asking you about your favorite word in regards to what it means or represents for you, no one gives a kesha about that.
  8. Here are some of Jontron comments he made recently source:
  9. What is one of the most disturbing scenes y'all saw in a movie / film? Video dunno how to add warning tags so embedded the video into that word
  10. Members of a Rotherham sex gang today yelled 'Allahu Akbar' in court as they were jailed for abusing a girl who fell pregnant aged 12 after being groomed with alcohol. Six men were given sentences between 10 years and 20 years - and totalling more than 80 years. Judge Sarah Wright described how one of the girls was plied with alcohol and drugs and was having sex with a number of men from the age of 11. The sentencing marks the end of a series of three major trials after a report on child sexual exploitation in Rotherham revealed that more than 1,400 youngsters had been groomed, trafficked and raped in the town over a 16-year period.
  11. What are some good gay TV series? List them
  12. Only Canada can pass a bill like this in this political climate. Full article
  13. Disney's Bob Iger has stated they are soon starting stories for the Star Wars movies being released after Episode 9. Star Wars 9 is slated to premiere in 2019, but Bob Iger has confirmed new Star Wars movies up until at least 2034. The new movies will continue to focus on the battle between the Jedi and the Sith.
  14. Well? What are some TV shows that you've stopped watching? I used to keep up with The Strain. The theme was interesting and even though the writing and acting were never outstanding, I enjoyed it for what it was. Last season was terrible tho and I don't plan on watching next season. Ditto to The Walking Dead. I gave AHS a shot with Hotel and stopped there. Came to the conclusion that Murphy-lead shows are awful
  15. TMusic Simulation Games Current Version: Download Windows Version Download Mac Version Download Real Life Mod For Music Wars Rebirth Current version: 1.38 Buy Full Game Download Real Life Mod For Music Wars Rebirth 2 Demo Version: 1.37 Download Demo Current Version: 1.06x Download Buy On Steam Download Real Life Mod For Music Wars Empire Music Wars Forum Here Music Wars Facebook Page Code For Justice Website Current Version: Download Here The Road 2 Success Forum The Road 2 Success Website Other Games Download Music Wars 3 Download Chart Wars 3 Buy Rock Tour Tycoon Download Band Manager (I think) Play The Rockstar Game Online Rock Band Sim - Web Flash Game Play Rock Band Sim How to install mods for Music Wars Rebirth 1/2/Empire Where to extract files / / For artists images, replace the Acts folder Once you have extracted the files - Open Music Wars Rebirth 2/Music Wars Empire - Go into Editor - Choose the Mod from the drop down menu - Exit Editor - Start a new game CREATE YOUR ARTIST You have 850 points to create your artist and compete in our friendly game. E.g. Singing - 85% = 85 points used Economy Settings (NOT FINAL) Trick to editing settings without creating a new game Step 1: Go into your "Files" folder(the place where you keep the RLmod and Default Database) and cut the database your using and place it somewhere you can go back for it. Step 2: Cut and paste your save game(all 4 files) into the Files folder. Open MWR2 and go into Game Editor and edit what you want. When you're finished close MWR2. Step 3: Cut and paste your save game and place it back into the "Saved Game" folder. Step 4: Take the files from (Step 1) and place them back into the "Files folder" and start up MWR2 and Happy Playing. Note: If you're adding new festivals and stuff to your save game remember you have to add them to the original database too.
  16. This is my current top 3 anime right now. They're slaying my/our entire existence currently. Do you agree?
  17. I can't really type well rn bc I'm on my phone but basically, a bunch of black and latina girls have gone missing with a lot of these cases happening just in one recent week. you can read more in the link. black lawmakers want the FBI to investigate this. there's also a lot of outrage about this on twitter, about how these girls aren't being really covered by popular media.
  18. Don't know if this has been discussed but I was looking at the section "Where people listen" in some profile pop artists on Spotify and Mexico City is on the #1. These are a few artists I saw. Beyoncé: Britney Spears: Christina Aguilera: Gwen Stefani: Lady Gaga: Madonna: Nelly Furtado: Shakira: Shakira numbers.
  19. And this pertains to the first movie ONLY!!! not the sequels, not the TV show. Drew's death >>>> Queen Tatum >>>>> everything about this film >>>>
  20. Discussion thread for atheists and agnostic members of ATRL. Bookmark this thread to get the latest updates/notifications on your top right side List of Atheist & Agnostic YouTube channels:
  21. So I've already watched a few gay movies like North Sea, Texas, Jongens, Shelter, I Killed Mother, Drown, etc. but I'm looking for other, juicy and maybe not so well known gay movies. Obviously the criteria here is that it's watchable, good, not campy (none of that Eating Out stuff) and has hot/cute actors.
  22. Every time an islamic extremist attack happens I always see muslim people say "he's not muslim" or "he's not a real muslim" To me, when people say "*islamic extremeists name* isn't muslim" it's like.......he is muslim...he follows a version of Islam that 99.9% of muslims don't follow...but he is following a version of islam and calls himself a muslim and that makes it a muslim problem. The issue lies with the far left labelling anyone who dare call islamic extremism a muslim problem as a racist, bigot or islamophobe. This is a problem because the root cause can never be dealt with because the community who the extremists claim to be from don't want to take responsibility for the issue. Of course not all muslims should feel personally responsible for attacks carried out by muslims but instead of saying these extremists aren't muslims and acknowledging that they are following a version of islam which is dangerous is surely the first step to battling islamic extremism. Wether moderate muslims like it or not islamic extremists follow a certain version is islam 99% of others don't and they do identify as muslim.
  23. So your friends ex boyfriend( or gf) who you think is FINE AF hits you up. You may not want a relationship but at the least you want to get sum . Are your friends exes off limits or are they fair game. I mean they are an ex after all.