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Found 1,340 results

  1. Kisuke


    We discuss manga and Anime in here.
  2. i really want a child with my partner that is both related to us (of course i have no problem adopting since i can’t have a biological child with my partner) but it’s sad that it’s something i’ll never have
  3. robotdanger

    Do you use ATRL while high/drink?

    I do and it’s so much fun. I’m about to get high and type a paper and browse the site and I can’t wait.
  4. A new Netflix show is coming out with a hot secret gay couple ft two hot in the closet guys. PLOT- Las Encinas is the most exclusive school in the country- where the Elite sends their children to study. In there, three working-class teens have just been admitted after an earthquake destroyed their school. The clash between those who have everything and those who have nothing to lose creates a perfect storm that ends in a murder. Who committed the crime? TRAILER- Premieres October 5th on Netflix. It will be our new obsession.
  5. selenachris

    Are these Rihanna’s classics?

    Recurrent streams don’t lie. Do you think these are all her signature/classic songs?
  6. Mons†erMuscle™

    Funko Pop! Thread

    Any FunKo POP! fans on here? They're my new obsession. They're so cute, and the newer versions are so much better than the initial releases imo. These figures all start at around $10 when first released, but after a year or two - especially if they've been vaulted (no longer in production) - their value can leap into the thousands. A vaulted POP! originally priced at $10, sold for almost $14,000. Yes, $14,000. So not only are they cute as ****ing ****, they're a great investment. Another thing I suggest everyone do, is before you buy any, watch a review of the Pop on youtube. The professional promo photos that we find on the websites that sell them aren't photos of the actual Pop, but rather a digital rendering. For example, I was gonna buy the Pennywise Pop (with wrought iron through his head) a couple posts down in this thread, because the promo pic looks so amazing! However when I watched the review, it was so less impressive in person and the paint job (especially his teeth) wasn't great at all.
  7. So, in the past I had this very close friend of mine, he's 10 yrs older than me, my type. I have daddy issues, unfortunately. He's straight, I guess. So I figured out he wouldn't like me on a different level no matter how much I spend time or put effort for him. I think, he got annoyed at me one time bc I was acting like his boyfriend. Anyway, he still continued to see me oftentimes. We were "bros" you know! So, we became very close bc every week the two of us would always ride on his bike. Most of the time he would drove it and I was just at his back sitting while watching how beautiful he was and the nature we passed by. We would eat meals together when we get hungry. We would go to beaches and rivers from time to time, just the two of us, just with our boxers. We also usually had deep talks about many things in this world. He even told me that he was never as open to anyone as to me. It was only me whom he could talk about his deep thoughts. I thought I was somewhat special to him. Those moments were so magical to me. I felt like i couldn't ask for more when we were spending time together. Not sure if he really liked me or he was just being nice to me but he still continued to see me every week. Our friendship lasted for almost 2 years and we did the same routine every week, unless he would go back to Canada or Europe to work for a couple of months then came back here to enjoy this tropical country. My feelings towards him really became very deep that I would always think of him every minute and that I would always make reasons to stay in his apartment (like I would pretend I would go somewhere nearby his place early in the morning so I would ask him if I can stay overnight in his place). Most of the time he would let me stay overnight in his place. But, my dumb self kept repeating the same excuse and would go to his apartment very frequently and he got annoyed by it and told me directly that he didn't want me to stay in his apartment frequently, because he needed more privacy. I was hurt but I understood his feelings and apologized to him. I realized he didn't really care for me as much I care for him. I asked him if he could be my best friend but he said he didn't want to, he had so many friends that he would also spend time with and he didn't want to put more attention to a certain person. In other words he didn't want commitment. I guess, he was just being nice to me after all. I figured out he was always nice to everyone, he treated all of them like his brothers and sisters. I really thought I was somewhat special to him but what he said confirmed I wasn't. That really hit me hard. At one point we had a really harsh fight and that pushed me to think of going somewhere far away from him. I also realized I became so obsessed with him and the only way I could avoid him was to go to another city, far away from where he lived. I actually told him he should not be worried anymore bc I ain't going to bother him again and that would be the last time I would see him. He just nod and said goodbye. Before I left, we had a talk with one of our mutual friends and she revealed to me that he actually cried on her while telling her about that tough fight we had. I didn't know if it meant anything but deep inside I was touched by the fact that he cried bc of me, which he never did just bc of his friend. I was about to cry after hearing that but I acted strong in front of her and told her "okay". I still didn't believe he cared about me. Without even properly saying goodbye to him, I left my city and moved to another one. It's been 2 years now since I left my city but I still can't forget him and all the beautiful memories we shared together. I know that he doesn't really care about me. He's just a nice person to everyone. But deep inside, there's something telling me that he actually cared about me and that our feelings were mutual. That's why I can't get him off my mind. Whenever I check my instagram or facebook, sometimes his face would pop out on my feed and just by looking his pictures melts my heart and I want to be with him again. He's really my ideal best friend. We really clicked to each other and can relate to many things. I never got bored of seeing him frequently. I could spend my whole life with him, and I haven't found anyone like him yet. It's killing me inside that I can't be with him again. No matter how busy I am there are still times that he would suddenly appear on my mind. Ugh, is there a way to acquire amnesia purposely? Like a drug or something. I just want to be set free from him emotionally and have peace.
  8. Cute

    Canada talk

    Canada Talk What part of Canada are you from?
  9. Nextobitorius

    Are you flopping or having a hit era?

    What era are you in right now, in your life?
  10. St. Charles

    What are you listening to right now?

    I'm not listening to anything except for the sound of my own tears falling down my face.
  11. Iceland

    6 Ă· 2 ( 1 + 2 ) = ?

    Can 100% of ATRL correctly solve this math equation?
  12. frenchyisback

    Is Gaga Mania 2.0 coming ????

    https://pro.boxoffice.com/long-range-tracking-star-born-hunter-killer-johnny-english-strikes/ When ASIB slays the boxoffice, the soundtrack kills the pure sale game, and they shut down the award shows.... WILL GAGA BECOME BIGGER THAN SHE WAS DURING THE FAME MONSTER?
  13. Dynamo

    Favorite Classic TV Shows?

    What are your favorite Classic TV Programs? A.K.A 1900-1996 Tv Shows. Tv Shows with that classic vintage feeling Some examples: Epic Drama Sitcom Fantasy Sitcom Animated Comedy Thriller My favorite are Lazzie and Friends I was a big Looney Tunes fans too Your Turn
  14. For those of you who live in big cities or in the suburbs would you move to a small town? For example fictional small towns to give you an idea like: Pawnee (Parks and Rec) Rosewood (Pretty Little Liars) Dillon (Friday Night Lights) Capeside (Dawson's Creek) Mystic Falls (The Vampire Diaries) Sunnydale (Buffy)
  15. selenachris

    Have you ever been in love, truly?

    I havent tbh. I think it was just lust
  16. Interesting documentary, I was SHOOK at the old asian american lady speaking in such a southern accent. Any asians who live in Louisiana/Mississippi/Alabama?
  17. I've been an atheist for about 5 years, but my parents still think I'm catholic like them. Do you ever plan on exposing the truth to them? Why or why not?
  18. Revolution

    What if Spain was Muslim?

    What if the Reconquista never happened and Spain was Muslim? Would the Americas still be conquered and be Muslim too? Would Latino gays be wearing hijab?
  19. Little Dark Age

    ZERO Charts for Last.fm | User List in OP

    Not sure if this has been posted about before but this is a cool site that quickly makes weekly charts out of your Last.fm data. You can check back archives all the way back to when you first joined Last.fm and customize the chart layout, length, etc. Sign up List of users to add cdschart Glassmouth LCTV RihsUmbrella chrysolite Tom Vercetti TattooedDreams ctrclub Renan90 Chevysus 666 Arcane_Sky moonlight. Invisibility Temporal JGibson blurryface Clauss TheLament Lazuli Pendulum Yomaku Pipero BGood2Me touch Wes willmcclure9 Kxvk OreGuy Lukey americanlife heidimontag HausOfGerard jomarr Tiziano's Boy Blv2012 Gimmie Love M!X Imaginary Friend pearlmercury Kevin2803 sxmescudi DancingShoes Johnathon Liquorice snowo Maxi Underdog Solarie Rico Shameless v2 J03Y calvinharrisfan ArianadelRey Jackson tomorrowneverdies based Satan Sandcastles PettyExcellence WillieMonroe AMIT ManDown lipes Oxygen Pedro Legend E 2NE1Kmagic Denis Stoff Ant
  20. moijejoue

    Are you jealous of Canada rn?

    Weed is finally legal. Why does all the good things happen in Canada?
  21. Phantom

    Any Coders on ATRL?

    What's a good place to start? I have an old account on codecademy and I remember it was a pretty good site, but I wanna know - are there any better sites?