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Found 16,772 results

  1. Which one of y'all is this afhhxjsjd I'm SCREAMING "BECAUSE I'M THE ****ING QUEEN" The hag just sitting there recording and telling them that she's not allowed to have the car
  2. I'm catching up on seasons 18 and 19 now after not watching them the last couple of years. BB18 is pretty boring so far tbh. Also keep spoilers in tags!
  3. I'm not listening to anything except for the sound of my own tears falling down my face.
  5. Discussion & Conversations for us living in Scandinavia!!
  6. Young Sheldon is a spin off of The Big Bang Theory that started in September. Its premiere had 17M viewers, and since the 2nd week the show has been stable at 11-12M. Why?
  7. We discuss manga and Anime in here.
  8. I've been to 71 countries in total. What about y'all? Find out here:
  9. Sistrens, I'm in desperate need of some advice. There's this guy I met at the park and we had seen each other a few times before, but recently we just introduced to each other. Like, one hour after that, he added me on IG and sent me a DM (I already know what y'all are thinking, and yes bitches, it happened). He then asked me for my phone number so we could chat better, and I gave it to him. The thing is we were talking and everything was chill, with casual flirt coming from both parties (without me knowing he was straight/bi/curious; but bitch what straight guys adds you on IG just after 5 minutes of talking to you at the park) and then the topic of sexuality came on and I told him I was gay (btw I'm proud of myself because nobody but my family knew that, but since he is a stranger I figured I didn't give a f**k what he thought). Turns out, he told me he wanted to confess something to me because I seemed like a trustworthy person, so he told me he has had sex with women many times, but he also feels attracted to men, and he hooked up with a guy once. Then he said the reason he told me that was because HE WAS INTO ME, and he wanted to know if I felt the same. He is kinda hot so obviously I said yes. He supposedly wants us to get to know each other, and he is open to what comes next, but doesn't want me to tell ANYONE, because he is afraid of it coming out. So I don't know sistrens, should I go for it and get my life with his D without expecting anything romantic coming from it? Or should i just end it? I mean, it's kinda hard for me too because I'm out to my parents only, but none of my friends know, and he wants to keep it lowkey and I'm fine with that, but I don't know if it will hurt me in the end, given it's the first time I'll do anything with a guy. He says he doesn't want to rush things and blah blah, but I know the minute we f**k he'll jump from the ship faster than you can say witness flopped hard, cuz he is deep into his bisexual or heterocurious closet.
  10. I know some of y'all like to play around and create covers for your desired albums, post your favorites that you've created! don't be shy girls, post your own, no hate will be tolerated here, I'm ready to report any rude comment towards anyone
  11. Created by the 3 winners in a fan contest enjoy them when they come out
  13. Source Also confirmed on the So happy President Trump acknowledges LGBT individuals and understands the value they bring to his administration apparently he agrees President Obama chose a competent, capable candidate for the position
  14. Asking for a friend
  15. for me it feels like it is, everyone around me knows this and grew up with this, even my little cousins already love it and said that they show this at kindergarten etc. i feel like everyone knows this. what do you think?
  16. The law is hoping to define marriage as ‘a solemn contract by which two people, of the same or different sex, unite themselves, and for life, in order to live together, to procreate and to help each other.’ Fundación Iguales (the Equality Foundation) is one group calling on the Senate to not delay and pass marriage equality quickly. ‘It is good news for the country that we begin the discussion of a project that is important for many Chileans, and that seeks to end structural discrimination against lesbian, gay and bisexual people,’ Juan Enrique, the CEO of Fundacíon Iguales said. ‘We hope that the procedure will be expeditious and respectful, and that sooner or later, we will have equality in the marriage contract for all people.’ President Bachelet also supports a bill that would allow trans Chileans to legally change their name and sex without surgery, hormonal treatments and psychiatric or psychological evaluations. Bachelet also backs efforts to strengthen hate crime and anti-discrimination law against the LGBTI community. X
  17. I recently had an amazing dream and I tried to think about it again, but it’s slowly drifting away from my memory. I can’t remember all of it anymore.
  18. This one triggers me every time.
  19. Każdy może rozpocząć jakiś nowy temat rozmowy, czy to będzie polityka, czy muzyka, czy filozofia, czy cokolwiek innego. Serdecznie zachęcamy do dyskusji. Zasady: 1. Bądźmy mili dla siebie. Chociaż mody generalnie raczej tu nie zajrzą, bo polskiego nie znają, to mimo to bez przesady. 2. Mówimy po polsku, jeżeli ktoś uczy się polskiego - też śmiało może pisać Jeżeli będzie jakiś ogólny konsensus co do zmiany zasad, to zawsze można coś dodać albo zmienić. This is a thread intended for conversations in Polish. You are free to join us if you're a Polish speaker or learn Polish and want to have a chat. Feel free to start a new topic.
  20. I played Soccer, Basketball, and I even competed as a swimmer in High School. You?
  21. J A N U A R Y F E B R U A R Y M A R C H HALLOWEEN HORROR MOVIES RATE 2017 Click on the following image: Send your ballots.
  22. Any ATRLers into crypto? If so, what do you hold? I've invested in close to 20 different coins and already made a few thousand dollars profit. This market is going to explode in 2018, I suggest you look into it.
  23. To its fans, FX has offered some of the most compelling television of recent years, with "The Americans," "Atlanta," "Justified," and that O.J. dramatization everyone couldn't stop talking about. To watchers of the Disney-Fox merger, the cable network offers something else: a giant enigma. With FX among the 21st Century Fox assets sold to Disney, a question has percolated through Hollywood: Can the network and its beloved programs survive? "FX has been some responsible for some really great television, but these are shows that, relatively speaking, don't get a lot of viewers," said Cory Barker, a pop-culture writer and expert who closely follows the cable space. "And it seems everything Disney continues to do is move toward its big-property, profit-maximization strategy," he added. "It's hard to see where FX fits in." Disney on Thursday announced it was spending $52.4 billion to buy nearly all of Rupert Murdoch-led 21st Century Fox besides the Fox broadcast network and its news and sports operations. Many Fox divisions are expected to be consolidated under Disney in the new structure, and executives could be looking for new jobs. Fox's film operations, including its animation and specialty film units, and even top executive Stacey Snider, may not remain in the new combined company. Conversely, its TV studio, responsible for hits such as "Modern Family" and "This Is Us," is thought safe since it regularly churns out the broad hits Disney covets. And FX? No one seems to know where it will fall. Under its longtime president John Landgraf, FX owns one of the most prestigious track records in all of cable - a point underscored by its eight Golden Globe nominations earlier this week and record-setting 18 Emmy wins last year. But it is also a niche channel that rarely scores more than a few million viewers for its shows and regularly engages in the kind of critic- and award-friendly material Disney has shown little appetite for. The network helped usher in the era of original cable programming with early 2000s hits like "The Shield" and "Nip/Tuck." It drove a subversive comedy renaissance with "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and (before controversy engulfed its creator) "Louie." And it launched the modern anthology craze with such franchises as "American Horror Story." [...] "If I'm Disney I want to over-invest in FX because of who they are," said Ross Fremer, a finance specialist at the independent entertainment company Cinetic Media. "What the network can do with Disney's money and scale would be huge." At the same time, he acknowledged that moving in a bigger direction might mean FX losing at least some of its identity. "I don't know that they exist as a cable brand known as FX anymore." At least for now, executives are saying the right things. Disney chairman Robert Iger alluded to FX among a range of 21st Century Fox properties that "we think will be of great use" in selling directly to consumers. Read more: X @Mr Greenbird @Playa Playa @Maddox #ProtectFX
  24. What do you think of having a finsta/the finsta community? PSA if you don't know what finsta is, it means "fake instagram", basically a second instagram account where you only let people close to you follow you & you post funny/personal things about your daily life.