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Found 7,892 results

  2. J A N U A R Y F E B R U A R Y M A R C H
  3. Welcome to the Fitness + Diet Thread! Summer is here! What are your goals for the rest of 2017? Apps to track Food and Calories: MyFitnessPal Cronometer Free Workout Videos: Fitness Blender (No Gym required! Besides a few dumbells. They are all on YouTube!) You can also check "What I Eat In A Day" videos on YouTube.
  4. Why do you need education when you can be an Internet Personality? Having your on channel and an Insta where you can post pointless videos and photos of yourself and get famous while advertising brands? Seriously you make millions and you don't have to work hard and stress yourself. Live your dream life and get money
  5. Link to the old thread
  6. I would like to since it's more grammatically correct, but I know it makes me look like an asshole. So I tend to overuse exclamation marks to seem more friendly.
  7. 1. Supernatural: Season 1: 4,518 million viewers Season 2: 3,290 million viewers Season 3: 2,910 million viewers Season 4: 3,185 million viewers ( + 0,275 million viewers) Season 5: 2,666 million viewers Season 6: 2,242 million viewers Season 7: 1,732 million viewers Season 8: 2,130 million viewers ( + 0,398 million viewers) Season 9: 2,190 million viewers ( + 0,060 million viewers) Season 10: 2,023 million viewers Season 11: 1,775 million viewers Season 12: 1,677 million viewers 2. The Flash: Season 1: 3,838 million viewers Season 2: 3,532 million viewers Season 3: 2,843 million viewers 3. The Vampire Diaries: Season 1: 3,660 million viewers Season 2: 3,167 million viewers Season 3: 2,806 million viewers Season 4: 2,639 million viewers Season 5: 2,231 million viewers Season 6: 1,540 million viewers Season 7: 1,143 million viewers Season 8: 0,991 million viewers 4. Arrow: Season 1: 3,206 million viewers Season 2: 2,616 million viewers Season 3: 2,763 million viewers ( + 0,147 million viewers) Season 4: 2,489 million viewers Season 5: 1,755 million viewers 5. Supergirl: Season 1: aired on CBS Season 2: 2,355 million viewers 6. Legends Of Tomorrow: Season 1: 2,126 million viewers Season 2: 1,810 million viewers 7. The 100: Season 1: 1,849 million viewers Season 2: 1,540 million viewers Season 3: 1,325 million viewers Season 4: 0,953 million viewers 8. The Originals: Season 1: 1,984 million viewers Season 2: 1,313 million viewers Season 3: 0,931 million viewers Season 4: 0,949 million viewers ( + 0,018 million viewers) 9. iZombie: Season 1: 1,756 million viewers Season 2: 1,330 million viewers Season 3: 0,871 million viewers 10. Reign: Season 1: 1,573 million viewers Season 2: 1,084 million viewers Season 3: 0,970 million viewers Season 4: 0,700 million viewers 11. Jane The Virgin: Season 1: 1,199 million viewers Season 2: 0,955 million viewers Season 3: 0,958 million viewers ( + 0,003 million viewers) 12. Riverdale: Season 1: 1,043 million viewers 13. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Season 1: 0,869 million viewers Season 2: 0,563 million viewers
  8. I'm not listening to anything except for the sound of my own tears falling down my face.
  9. Which salad dressing do you prefer? Blue Cheese or Caesar
  10. I've been trying to let go of someone for months but he's constantly trying to talk to me and he doesnt get that I want nothing to do with him.... What now? Ive tried it all and my heart cant take it anymore..... It so intense and there really is a constant tension between us rn... We literally have all my classes together and I see him 5 days in a week.... How do yall let it go? help pls
  11. I'm 20 but everyone seemes to think im 16 or something i cant never go out without I.D what about you?
  12. As the thread title is saying, I'm interested to know the most accepting and developed city (in terms of education, salary etc.) european city . xoxo Prince Lightning
  13. TV General Thread June 2017 Premiere Dates GLOW (Netflix) June 23 Playing House (USA) June 23 90-Day Fiance (TLC) June 25 Power (Starz) June 25 Preacher (AMC) June 25 Prime Suspect (PBS) June 25 POV (PBS) June 26 Tales (BET) June 27 Big Brother (CBS) June 28 Cleverman (Sundance) June 28 Hood Adjacent (CC) June 28 Huang’s World (Viceland) June 28 Younger (TVLand) June 28 Battle of the Network Stars (ABC) June 29 Wags Miami (E!) June 29 Who Killed Tupac? (A&E) June 29 Zoo (CBS) June 29 All Or Nothing (Amazon) June 30 Danger & Eggs (Amazon) June 30 Gypsy (Netflix) June 30 Killjoys (Syfy) June 30 Masters of Illusion (CW) June 30 Need to track your shows? TV Time is the #1 series app for iPhone and Android. TV Time is a global community of TV fans tracking our shows, reacting with others, and sharing the moments that move us. It's that shared love of watching TV. Never missing an episode. Reacting to moments with tears, laughter, intrigue or general WTF. Sitting with others, turning to them and saying at exactly the same time - "Wait, what? Chandler and Monica?" Then the world changed. People's watching habits became fragmented, different. The TV universe got bigger... and yet felt smaller at the same time. Mobile phones, tablets and other devices allowed us to watch from anywhere. Entire series were released in a day. 10 channels became 1,000. TV just kept getting better, and bigger, and better. And more than ever, we wanted to stay on top of our favorite shows. We got enraged when anyone even hinted at a spoiler. And finding our tribes, those like us, to share moments and react to, at the moment we felt it, became so vital, so enriching, so core to our daily routines. And so we created our own multi-platform, virtual TV tracking community of millions so that we'd never lose, only grow, that emotional pull we shared and loved when we first heard those words - "It's TV Time... 'Friends' is on." TV Fanatics on TV Time Wicked FutureHive DancingShoes Mr Greenbird Pozeidon Lee!! Changes ainadalkaz
  14. The global sensation "Yu-Gi-Oh!" --which literally means "King of Games" in Japanese-- started as a manga of the same name, which was published for the very first time on September 30th, 1996 on the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine in Japan. After the success of a chapter containing a Card Game (back then known as Magic and Wizards), Konami created the OCG. The first OCG Booster Pack, Vol. 1, was released on February 4, 1999. After the success, Konami created the TCG for non-Japanese speaking countries. The very first TCG Booster Pack was released on March 8, 2002, titled "Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon". The Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (OCG/TCG) is right now the most sold card game in history, as it has already surpassed the previous king of card games "Magic the Gathering". Yu-Gi-Oh! got the Guinness Records for the Largest Card Game Tournament ever and for the Best Selling Card Game ever. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links ATRL ID's Domination: 560-461-666 Gagamon: 266-535-648 Harly: 794-892-816 Hunter_13: 117-032-858 Porygon2z: 717-467-944 RihannaRTT: 751-392-331
  15. Discussion thread for atheists and agnostic members of ATRL. Bookmark this thread to get the latest updates/notifications on your top right side List of some Atheist & Agnostic YouTube channels:
  16. ... for the 5-day weekend. It's gonna do well in China of course but those US #s... For comparison, Transformers 2 opened with $62 million in one day.
  17. LGBT legend
  18. serious question is it fake? Ive wtached MMA (mixed martial arts) and the althletes are bleeding mess i dont see that in WWE
  19. We discuss manga and Anime in here.
  20. The good sis Wonder Woman continues to hold amazingly well with a -35% drop on its 4th weekend. It's already gonna make more money than BvS and Suicide Squad, Guardians, it's very likely that it does more than Deadpool and if it really holds well, it could even rival Guardians 2 The audience sending a message to DC that if they put out quality films, they can slay hard.
  21. I'm feeling a bit depressed today and decided to take it out on a random thread, but then I decided to edit my post and make it more positive! Do you try to spread love and positivity even when you're in a bad mood? Or do you lash out?
  22. So after playing a game of Stellaris and discovering and reading Larry Niven's Ringworld, I've become fascinated with the concept of Ringworlds, how cool would that be to live on one? Would you live on a Ringworld? given if Humanity suddenly discovered one out somewhere in place and took into production, colonizing them.