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Found 2,712 results

  1. President Donald Trump has announced a peace deal between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, the first deal of its kind between Israel and an Arab nation in more than 25 years. The leaders of the U.S, UAE and Israel "spoke today and agreed to the full normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates," according to a joint statement by the three nations published Thursday by the White House. "The historic diplomatic breakthrough will advance peace in the Middle East region and is a testament to the bold diplomacy and vision of the three leaders and the courage of the United Arab Emirates and Israel to chart a new path that will unlock great potential for the region," the statement said. "All three countries face common challenges and will mutually benefit from today's historic achievement." "Today's announcement is a significant advance for the region and for diplomacy. It immediately stops annexation and the potential of violent escalation. It maintains the viability of a two-state solution as endorsed by the Arab League and international community," UAE ambassador to the U.S. Yousef al-Otaiba said in a statement. "It creates new dynamics and possibilities in the peace process," he added. "It bolsters the stability of Jordan." Jordan, which borders the partially Palestinian-administered West Bank territory currently subject to Israeli discussions of annexation, was the last Arab country to strike a peace deal with Israel in 1994. The only other Arab country to do so was Egypt in 1979. "Although the peace treaties between Israel and Egypt and Jordan have not yet fulfilled their full potential, since the 1978 Camp David Accords and the 1994 Wadi Arava Agreement, we have witnessed significant economic development in Egypt and Jordan, an unmistakable dividend of peace," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement. "Today's normalization agreement between Israel and the Emirates holds similar potential and the promise for a better day for the entire region. The United States congratulates Israel and the Emirates for their important achievement. Blessed are the peacemakers. Mabruk and Mazal Tov," he added. Currently consisting of 22 nations, the Arab League waged war with Israel upon its 1948 creation, which was accompanied by a mass displacement of Palestinians, many of whom settled in other Arab countries. Those nations fought two more major wars with Israel in 1967 and 1973, and Palestinian movements have continued to this day to clash with Israeli forces. But countries of the Arabian Gulf, such as the UAE, have increasingly viewed Iran as their top threat in recent years as the Islamic Republic expanded support for allied groups abroad and advanced its missile capabilities. Earlier this month, UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif recently held a call in what was seen as a tensions-easing development between the two Persian Gulf states. The UAE has also expressed support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, an Iranian ally and longtime foe of Israel.
  2. Welcome to everyone to this Rate! Hello everybody again, last time we chose ATRL´s Favorite Anime And now in this rate you will submit a list of your favorite anime characters of 2 options Level: Casual (Top 20) or Fan (Top 40) Who would be the winner? We will discover in August. Last day submission: July 25th, 2020 August 2th, 2020 The results will start in: August 3rd, 2020 Top 20 Top 40
  3. Kisuke


    We discuss manga and Anime in here.
  4. The Progressive Politics Thread is a space for fellow ATRL progressives to congregate and discuss progressive politics. It's overarching purpose is to maintain and expand the progressive movement outside of and past the 2020 election with the group consensus that this is an ongoing project and lifelong commitment. The objective of this thread is to provide a solace for Social Democrats, Democratic Socialists, Justice Democrats, and various other shades of the progressive movement to engage in constructive discussions exclusively within the plane of progressive politics without unproductive interruptions from outside politics. It is not intended to be an echo chamber, but rather a point of focus for the sake of political productivity. The progressive movement can only excel when its participants are unified and unifying. We respectfully ask that you try your best to engage in discourse in a productive, respectful, and well-intentioned manner. Blatantly hostile, personal, and intentionally malicious attacks are not permitted. Please respect that this as a space for progressive ATRL members. Questions from non-progressives about progressivism and the movement are permitted, as long as they are relatively brief and in good faith. Anti-progressive flamebait and trolling will result in a thread ban. This is not a place for progressive vs non-progressive debate. Progressive vs. non-progressive debate can be had in the 2020 US Presidential Election thread. All other ATRL Rules apply.
  5. Bathomet

    Do farm animals actually suffer?

    It's a common argument against the meat industry (and for veganism) that it causes considerable suffering to animals. But how is that possible that - at least here in the EU - there are extremely strict rules and directives when it comes to animal wellfare like freedom from hunger and thirst, discomfort, pain, injury and disease, to express normal behaviour, from fear and distress etc and these regulations must be strictly enforced in case of farm animals. Also farms animals must be stun before slaughering so they feel absolutely no pain when dying. Is the suffering of farm animals insignifcant or is the meat industry really evil and we are being lied to?
  6. manwhore

    Republicans love Kamala as VP

    I have seen several Republicans praising Joe's choice for VP. *ignore the daily caller, only place on twitter that had it up I quote, "I would describe her as Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez but smarter and without the bartending experience." Imagine thinking that. Why are establishment Republicans in love w/Kamala?
  8. In early 2019, GMMTV's very own Ohm Pawat and Singto Prachaya came together for a supernatural, romantic series that would prove without a doubt they're two of only a handful of talented actors to rise from the company. More known for being one-half of a more popular "ship," Singto went into this project with a little more to risk (should his diehard fan base disapprove—and they did). Ohm, not as established at the time, and still living life in his teens, proved that his age and lack of experience, popularity, etc. in comparison would not deter him from making a mark of his own. Mes/Mase, Singto's character, battled with a heart disease that ultimately cut his life short; and his spirit remained at his grave sight, longing for the days he could be seen or even more, reincarnated. A young Thun (played by Mac Nattapat), locked eyes with Mes on one fateful day, and they managed to create a bond that would follow them for the years to come. Having stopped visiting for a while, Thun (Ohm), now a college student, returns. With a promise to help solve the mystery shrouding Mes' death, he takes Mes away from the grave sight and into his home. The acting and chemistry—how natural and easy it came for the two leading men was compelling enough on its own. The storyline was the icing on the cake. Seeing them behave as friends, protectors, caregivers, and lovers all wrapped up in a 8-9 hour adventurous tale evoked smiles, laughs, tears, anxiousness, and sense of sincerity needed for an audience to connect. Thun's heartfelt statements, humor, flirtatious remarks, witty comebacks, and courageousness coupled with Mes' brilliant, emotive delivery, naivety yet willingness to learn—take all that and mix it in with the obvious love in the air—it was brilliant. They were the ones to watch from beginning to end. An underrated, yet acclaimed piece of art if I must say so myself. Just as I was encouraged to do so, I encourage others to watch it once. Hell, watch it twice or a dozen times if it feels right. I found a moment of happiness throughout it all and wanted to hold on to that feeling even after its ending. I can say without a doubt it's one of the top BL series ever, and I looked forward to the day Ohm and Singto are paired up again. - Keith (JonginBey) Going into this series, I was not expecting it to end up in my top 5 best BL series of all time. But by the end of that last episode, after it got me crying like a soppy git, I can say with conviction that He's Coming to Me is one of the best BL series ever made. First of all, the plot is unique. It's a BL series mixed with fantasy/supernatural elements. It's a far cry from the typical BLs where the drama revolves around college students. Given, one of the leads is a college student but the way they mixed his story with the supernatural makes this a unique and interesting show. Second, the acting on this show is superb. On one hand, you have Singto Prachaya who is half of the BL power couple Peraya. On the other, you have the young prodigy Ohm Pawat. Before the series, they have been involved in other BL projects and paired with other actors. However, their chemistry as undeniable right off the bat. And as separate actors, Singto and Ohm has proven their acting chops in this show on several occasions. Lastly, the overall production is just stellar. The direction, cinematography and musical score of the show is just perfect. That combination makes the show one of the best productions of GMMTV. No wonder it got an 8.7 rating in MyDramaList, making it one of the highest rated BL series on the website. It has been a year since He's Coming to Me was shown and I am hoping that GMMTV can give as a follow up to the show. Or just even another OhmSingto show. Nonetheless, I hope that this show gets the recognition it deserves especially among BL fans. - @touya kinomoto *Refer to @wolfaire for link to the series *For series that were announced but either haven't gone into production or still in the production process. TharnType 2: 7 Years of Love My Bromance: 2.5 Years Later Miracle of Teddy Bear Oxygen the Series Love By Chance 2 A Tale of Thousand Stars Between Us Manner of Death 2 Moons 3 My Engineer 2 Absolute Zero Our Last Day Motorcycle The Series ATRL’S BL King 2020 Results Best Kiss Rate/Couple Ranking
  9. ziam

    Talk That Balkan Talk

    Link to the old thread
  10. By far the smartest thing the who has done in years. Its a response to :
  12. ReverseWarholian

    Grace Randolph

    Surprise bitch. I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me. Welcome to the grand re-opening of the Grace Randolph base of ATRL! BREAKING: Another round of Grace Randolph's army the Gracists vs the ATRL mods is around the corner, and whether you’re planning on spamming #FreeGrace til Error 503 or subscribing to YouTube channel sensation Beyond the Trailer, you need some fresh Grace motivation.mp3 to get you ready for the battles ahead. And Grace Randolph has got you covered with her simul-smashing YouTube shows Beyond the Trailer and Movie Math. Grace is massaging your ear drums with her reverberating, warm speaking tones in tons of weekly video uploads. Not even Camila is serving that many gifts for the fans! And you know she knows a thing or two about movies. Unless your YouTube recommendations have been broken for a hot minute, you know Grace just made a best supporting actress nom worthy performance in Zombieland: Double Tap! And red haired, Oscar WINNING legend Emma Stone is low key BFFs with Grace now. We just know Jessica Chastain is sobbing into her nonexistent trophies as we speak. We know you want to hear Grace's thoughts about all the ways Joaquin Phoenix just dad-dicked Ryan Reynolds as Joker surpassed both Deadpool box office runs (poor Blake Lively!). Which is why you’ll love Grace's new videos. YouTube's been moist AF for Grace as Beyond the Trailer has surpassed 860k subscribers. And would YouTube lie to you, bitch? But perhaps the piece de resistance (that’s French for “Wig SnatchT”) is her giffable AF past that's been recently unearthed. Grace previously did skits and in person interviews, and let's just say the new gifs have the Imgur view counter shaking. We know, it’s a little bit #Icringed, but also, am I chopping onions right now or are those tears rolling down my face? I’m not crying, you’re crying. And as always, our Rotten Tomato certified reviewing NYU grad QUEEN who boasts a $1.5 million dollar networth didn’t just come to play — she came to slay. A man loves a hexagonal threat: She’s an actress, host, journalist, filmmaker, comedian and beauty (in any hair style or color wig she chooses... we can't help but laugh at Brie Larson's Captain Marvel Bieber cut along with Grace). So, we must fight for our #Gracist base. Her post count is currently #BreakingTheInternet in @AvrilLaQueen's Pop Culture Thread which is just unfair to the other lessers fighting for attention in that thread. No moderation without Grace baseation! On your marks, get set, GO bitch! The Gracecar is leaving the station and the admins better get on board. Be on the lookout for more surprises very soon as the inevitable Grace Base looks to dominate the base Entertainment section and beyond in a landmark 2019-2020 campaign. Gifs by @ReverseWarholian OP written by @Walk_Away21
  14. How she was not only nominated but won for Shakespeare in Love? Not to mention the guy actually playing Shakespeare in that film totally snubbed for a nom lol
  15. “Relentlessly gay”
  16. Saw this tweet pop up in the timeline and couldn’t help but wonder, is Florence Pugh who FilmTwitter wanted Chloe Grace Moretz to be?
  17. I never got to play in a ball pit I was obsessed with ponies and went to camp just so I could ride horses, and on the last day they made some BS excuse and cancelled the horse riding
  18. Feather

    Good Gay Movies (Part II)

    Re-creating the original Good gay movies since the original one is archived since last year, and since I haven't watched any gay movies in four years (due to work) and I actually have some time now, would like to catch up on some LGBT films
  19. Feetree

    Xbox Boss PRAISES Nintendo

    Xbox Boss Phil Spencer recently gave an interview in an Animal Crossing talk show saying how Nintendo’s 1st party games are the best in the industry. Did he lie?
  20. White liberals can stop with this now
  21. Talking Fish

    Which Ivy League school is the best?

    Also any of y'all are attending one of them? Tips on how to get into a Harvard masters programme?