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Found 10,176 results

  1. I seldom use Spotify and only need to when I need to find some film scores and soundtracks. I generally just have digital songs on my trusty iTunes which is cute.
  2. I just saw a video of a girl caking her face with the pink-ass foundation or whatever it's called and then she did another layer of the skin color one on top of that and put loads of make-up on it, and I think she could have avoided the pink part. Why?
  3. Are you going to see it? I will be in Tennessee I hope there won't be too many clouds. Some sites you may want to look at for info: Eclipse: Who? What? Where? When? and How? See How the Solar Eclipse Will Look From Anywhere in the U.S. Here's a Weather Update for Solar Eclipse Day (Aug. 21, 2017) Turn Your Smartphone into an Eclipse Tool Kit with Essential Apps Watching the eclipse without glasses? Want a hole in your vision? Are you going to see it?
  4. I'm curious to see how ya'll meet other guys. Apps? Mall? Bar? And how do you know the other guy is gay?
  6. Who is your email provider? I kind of want to switch to AOL My hotmail email has got to the point where literally all my emails are sent to the spam/ trash folder automatically and I can't seem to fix it
  7. How long does it usually take for you to remember most of the lyrics to a song? To remember 40% lyrics, it mostly takes me 4-5 days. To remember mostly all the lyrics to a song takes about a 1 1/2 - 2 weeks. It kinda really just depends on how much I play the song.
  8. I just came across this video on Facebook. It's not the first time I've seen this woman being despicable.
  9. Here you can mingle with your fellow conscious eaters!
  10. The global sensation "Yu-Gi-Oh!" --which literally means "King of Games" in Japanese-- started as a manga of the same name, which was published for the very first time on September 30th, 1996 on the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine in Japan. After the success of a chapter containing a Card Game (back then known as Magic and Wizards), Konami created the OCG. The first OCG Booster Pack, Vol. 1, was released on February 4, 1999. After the success, Konami created the TCG for non-Japanese speaking countries. The very first TCG Booster Pack was released on March 8, 2002, titled "Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon". The Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (OCG/TCG) is right now the most sold card game in history, as it has already surpassed the previous king of card games "Magic the Gathering". Yu-Gi-Oh! got the Guinness Records for the Largest Card Game Tournament ever and for the Best Selling Card Game ever. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links ATRL ID's Domination: 560-461-666 Gagamon: 266-535-648 Harly: 794-892-816 Hunter_13: 117-032-858 Porygon2z: 717-467-944 RihannaRTT: 751-392-331
  11. I hope we can have a mature discussion about this. I really don't understand this. How can people who are not African Americans determine or make judgment about how an African American should feel about any kind of racial issue or topic involving their group? Like, what gives you the right? You can't identify with what it is or what it means to be African American, so how can you say an African American shouldn't take offense or be upset about certain statements a white person or any other person whom is not African American says? As an African American, I feel that it shows a sense of entitlement, and disrespects who we are as a people, and our outlooks on the issues of society involving us as a group. Please explain, because I'm totally puzzled by this.
  12. Will you switch it up for NüATRL? Anyway, you know what this thread is for.
  13. I think we can all agree that Season 1 was the iconic pinnacle of gay TV, but why did Season 2 fall of so badly?
  14. When many people think of Israel, it is often in terms of modern war or ancient religion. But there is much more to the Jewish state than missiles and prayers. In his debut as a documentary filmmaker, adult-film entrepreneur and political columnist Michael Lucas examines a side of Israel that is too often overlooked: its thriving gay community. Undressing Israel features interviews with a diverse range of local men, including a gay member of Israel’s parliament, a trainer who served openly in the army, a young Arab-Israeli journalist, and a pair of dads raising their kids. Lucas also visits Tel Aviv’s vibrant nightlife scene—and even attends a same-sex wedding—in this guided tour to a country that has emerged as a pioneer for gay integration and equality.
  16. The superior 100 is back Welcome, once again to our annual rating, this is the 6th time we are going throug this. It has been more than one year since Superman won this rate. Who will come for him? I literally have no idea since I have been so absent of the pop culture due to my work but I'm back because I know you are thirsty and we also have a low budget ala American Idol because I have no idea who makes banner and stuff around here anymore. Here's the list of the previous year, just in case you can't complete your list: 2016 #100 Chace Crawford #99 Andrea Denver #98 Jon Korjarena #97 Arthur Nory #96 Jaden Smith #95 Douglas Booth #94 Chance The Rapper #93 Aaron Taylor Johnson #92 Jesse Williams #91 Armie Hammer #90 Jack Antonoff #89 Dev Patel #88 Scott Eastwood #87 Orlando Bloom #86 Tyler Posey #85 Trai Byers #84 Big Sean #83 Gerard Pique #82 Charlie Hunnam #81 Tom Hardy #80 Nico Tortorella #79 Shemar Moore #78 Lucien Laviscount #77 Flume #76 Jake Miller #75 Broderick Hunter #74 Tom Holland #73 Cameron Dallas #72 Gregg Sulkin #71 Sam Asghari Due: 08/05/2017 or August 5th, 2017.
  17. There are so many interesting BLOGS!!! To name a few: Satan's Hotspot @Marnie awesome gifs and discussions @Elliot Makeup tutorials and inspirational videos and much more WHY ARE BLOGS FLOPPING SO BAD? Is cause they're not visible at all? EVERYONE WAS PERCHED FOR THEM IN THE PAST DONT HAVE A SHORT ATTENTION SPAN AND GO READ/SUPPORT EVERY BLOG WOULD U BE HERE FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS?
  18. TV General Thread August 2017 Premiere Dates Disappearance Of Natalee Holloway (Oxygen) Aug. 19 Halt And Catch Fire (AMC) Aug. 19 Love Thy Neighbor (OWN) Aug. 19 Spider-Man (DXD) Aug. 19 Caribbean Pirate Treasure (Travel) Aug. 20 Dice (Showtime) Aug. 20 Endeavour (PBS) Aug. 20 Episodes (Showtime) Aug. 20 Great Food Truck Race (Food) Aug. 20 Last Ship (TNT) Aug. 20 Survivor’s Remorse (Starz) Aug. 20 WAGS Miami (E!) Aug. 20 Shattered (ID) Aug. 23 Worst Cooks In America (Food) Aug. 23 Ice Road Truckers (History) Aug. 24 Kiss of Death (ID) Aug. 24 There’s … Johnny! (SeeSo) Aug. 24 Disjointed (Netflix) Aug. 25 Tick (Amazon) Aug. 25 Black Love (OWN) Aug. 29 Guilty Rich (ID) Aug. 31 Need to track your shows? TV Time is the #1 series app for iPhone and Android. TV Time is a global community of TV fans tracking our shows, reacting with others, and sharing the moments that move us. It's that shared love of watching TV. Never missing an episode. Reacting to moments with tears, laughter, intrigue or general WTF. Sitting with others, turning to them and saying at exactly the same time - "Wait, what? Chandler and Monica?" Then the world changed. People's watching habits became fragmented, different. The TV universe got bigger... and yet felt smaller at the same time. Mobile phones, tablets and other devices allowed us to watch from anywhere. Entire series were released in a day. 10 channels became 1,000. TV just kept getting better, and bigger, and better. And more than ever, we wanted to stay on top of our favorite shows. We got enraged when anyone even hinted at a spoiler. And finding our tribes, those like us, to share moments and react to, at the moment we felt it, became so vital, so enriching, so core to our daily routines. And so we created our own multi-platform, virtual TV tracking community of millions so that we'd never lose, only grow, that emotional pull we shared and loved when we first heard those words - "It's TV Time... 'Friends' is on." TV Fanatics on TV Time Wicked FutureHive DancingShoes Mr Greenbird Pozeidon Lee!! Changes ainadalkaz
  19. I'm not listening to anything except for the sound of my own tears falling down my face.