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Found 6,473 results

  1. The global sensation "Yu-Gi-Oh!" --which literally means "King of Games" in Japanese-- started as a manga of the same name, which was published for the very first time on September 30th, 1996 on the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine in Japan. After the success of a chapter containing a Card Game (back then known as Magic and Wizards), Konami created the OCG. The first OCG Booster Pack, Vol. 1, was released on February 4, 1999. After the success, Konami created the TCG for non-Japanese speaking countries. The very first TCG Booster Pack was released on March 8, 2002, titled "Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon". The Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (OCG/TCG) is right now the most sold card game in history, as it has already surpassed the previous king of card games "Magic the Gathering". Yu-Gi-Oh! got the Guinness Records for the Largest Card Game Tournament ever and for the Best Selling Card Game ever. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links ATRL ID's Domination: 560-461-666 Gagamon: 266-535-648 Harly: 794-892-816 Hunter_13: 117-032-858 Porygon2z: 717-467-944 RihannaRTT: 751-392-331
  2. TMusic Simulation Games Current Version: Download Windows Version Download Mac Version Download Real Life Mod For Music Wars Rebirth Current version: 1.38 Buy Full Game Download Real Life Mod For Music Wars Rebirth 2 Demo Version: 1.37 Download Demo Current Version: 1.06x Download Buy On Steam Download Real Life Mod For Music Wars Empire Music Wars Forum Here Music Wars Facebook Page Code For Justice Website Current Version: Download Here The Road 2 Success Forum The Road 2 Success Website Other Games Download Music Wars 3 Download Chart Wars 3 Buy Rock Tour Tycoon Download Band Manager (I think) Play The Rockstar Game Online Rock Band Sim - Web Flash Game Play Rock Band Sim How to install mods for Music Wars Rebirth 1/2/Empire Where to extract files / / For artists images, replace the Acts folder Once you have extracted the files - Open Music Wars Rebirth 2/Music Wars Empire - Go into Editor - Choose the Mod from the drop down menu - Exit Editor - Start a new game CREATE YOUR ARTIST You have 850 points to create your artist and compete in our friendly game. E.g. Singing - 85% = 85 points used Economy Settings (NOT FINAL) Trick to editing settings without creating a new game Step 1: Go into your "Files" folder(the place where you keep the RLmod and Default Database) and cut the database your using and place it somewhere you can go back for it. Step 2: Cut and paste your save game(all 4 files) into the Files folder. Open MWR2 and go into Game Editor and edit what you want. When you're finished close MWR2. Step 3: Cut and paste your save game and place it back into the "Saved Game" folder. Step 4: Take the files from (Step 1) and place them back into the "Files folder" and start up MWR2 and Happy Playing. Note: If you're adding new festivals and stuff to your save game remember you have to add them to the original database too.
  3. ...for their faves flop? Like, your fave only did slightly better, lol. Why can't we all just get along?
  4. I mean Queen Linda and Princess Tina that's why! Except for Louise, she's so annoying! Otherwise, perfect show!
  5. This thread wasn't saved, so I'd like to bring it back Spill the tea hennies!
  6. Canada is upping New Zealand. While New Zealand isn’t allowing anyone under the age of 18 to watch 13 Reasons Why without a parent present, some schools in Canada are just outright banning the program. Via Variety and the CBC, some Edmonton, Alberta schools “sent an email to the parents of sixth graders letting them know their students were prohibited from even mentioning the show on school grounds.” The letter reads: “The discussion that is unfolding at school is troubling. This series is rated Mature and the theme is the suicide of a high school student. This show includes graphic violence (rape) and gore, profanity, alcohol/drugs/smoking, and frightening/intense scenes. The purpose of this email is to provide you with this information. Please let your child know that discussion of ’13 Reasons Why’ is not permitted at school due to the disturbing subject matter.” But that’s not all…the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board claims on their own site that the show was “guilty of the glamorization of suicidal behavior and [depicting] negative portrayals of helping professionals.” While we don’t think 6th graders should watch the show without a parent, junior high and high school students are exposed to the issues brought to light in the show every day. 13 Reasons Why isn’t glamorizing anything. It’s showing the issues how they are and how to get help.
  7. schindler's list. the ending still leaves me shook every time.
  8. J A N U A R Y F E B R U A R Y M A R C H
  9. The Black Thread “ Introducing "The "BLACK" thread, a place we can discuss our favourite activities we like doing, as per our race. Sunder dinner, Church, cornbread, EBT, our MUSIC. – THEVOICEXTINA (ORIGINATOR OF THE BLACK THREAD/ THE PERSON WHO LET IT FLOP) „ Experiences, Fashion, Music, Television, Movies, Politics, Current Events, Relationships, Sex, Work, Food, Advice, Stories, & More
  10. is so messy and passive-aggressive. It gives off shady and layered message vibes. Why doesn't ATRL use ha?
  11. WELCOME TO THE SPINOFF SMILIE THREAD. Here you can post spinoff emoticons which I will add to the OP. This thread can be used as a reference for future use. I will also add a misc. section for emoticons which do not fall under the "spinoff" category. Please comment and contribute! -- BIBLIO JONNY DEAD BANANA ELI SMITTEN AHH RIP HALLOWEEN MISCELLANEOUS
  12. I did when I was young but not for very long...
  13. Please I am begging you she's such a nice human being this negativity could drive her into a depression! It's not even that bad she's just underperforming a bit, things will look up once the video comes out. Just please leave her alone.
  14. I'm not listening to anything except for the sound of my own tears falling down my face.
  15. 2017 POKEMONSTER AWARDS Submission Period It's a bit late for award shows, don't you think? If you're reading this, then you should know this by now, but with the Pokemonsters things either come centuries late or not at all (@Aciid). Have we ever had one of these that didn't degenerate into nothing? No. Is that going to change this year? Probably not. But here we are. Reason number one why we can't have nice things: This won't be a normal awards show. I expect sabotaj, I expect campaigning, I expect Anonymous Lemur hacking, and I welcome it. No one wants a boring awards show. Can you imagine how boring the rates would be by now if we didn't sabotage? I'm coming for you, Poki. SUBMISSIONS - To ensure your eligibility for nominations, you should submit yourself for nomination. - This doesn't mean you can't be nominated if you don't submit, it just helps keep your name in people's minds when they're nominating. (Submissions will be added to the OP) - To submit, simply post your name and ace/signature Pokemon here. If you don't see it in the OP, tell me! - Feel free to submit yourself for categories, as well, if you lack shame (@Phresh). (ex: You should nominate ceremonials for Best Ace!) - Send your submissions before Tuesday, April 25th, as that's when nominations will be announced. NOMINATIONS - Nominations aren't decided by me (directly), so you can stop kissing my ass. (@sunny) - You may nominate up to three people for each category. Of those, one can be yourself. For a majority of the awards, this should be obvious - i.e, you can't nominate yourself for Member of the Year twice. For some awards, the Couple one for example, it's theoretically possible to submit yourself twice, but don't do it. - I'm just counting votes. If there is a tie, you will vote on it before nominations are released. - Nominations will be announced on Tuesday, April 25th, so send your nominations before then. VOTING - This will work similarly to sending your nominations, except this time you can not vote for yourself. - Once nominations are released (next Tuesday), pick one winner from each category and PM them to me. - You have until Friday, April 28th to send me your votes. That's three days after nominations, so that's plenty of time! I'll PM you/@ you here if you sent nominations but not votes, so there's no excuses. CATEGORIES Tapu Lele Award - Member of the Year Mimikyu Award - Best New Member Dragonite Award - Lifetime Achievment Gengar Award - Shadiest Clefable Award - Nicest Goodra Award - Messiest Greninja Award - Best Competitive Battler Volcarona Award - Best Rate Host Zoroark Award - Best Showdownster Marowak Award - Most Missed Samurott Award - Most Underrated Nidoking Award - Most Masc Nidoqueen Award - Most Fem Meowstic Award - Cutest Couple Zangviper Award - Biggest Feud Lopunny Award - Sluttiest Garedevoir Award - Biggest Furry Machamp Award - Hottest Swoobat Award - Funniest Zubat Award - Most Annoying Octillery Award - Best Ace Weezing Award - Worst Ace Lapras Award - Best Taste Simisear Award - Worst Taste PM Friendly List: This is a preliminary list of categories. Submit your own ideas below! The shadier, the better. MEMBERS ceremonials coolcristobal Subomie Aciid C/H/A/N/E/L Hug True Skarlet Mimie Temporal DripDrip BlooRiverAnimal PhreshDiamond sunny phoenix Magikarp Corsola keshaspearsxo PokiTaurus Citrus Tom Vercetti RihannaRTT John. Florges Gourgeist AMIT Tsareena Haunter Gastrodonatella jpow
  17. Let's use this thread to figure out the origin of gifs. I'm curious about this one
  18. 4-7 going down!!
  19. 1:56, spill the tea, Trisha!
  20. If so, tell us your tale. . I read the thread about the dog being bitten by coral snake, and it got me thinking.. I've been attacked by a bulldog, bitten by a house rat, and scratched by a car, but never been bitten by a snake. Ever.
  21. TV General Thread April 2017 Premiere Dates My Cat From Hell (AP) April 29 American Gods (Starz) April 30 Need to track your shows? TVShow Time is the #1 series app for iPhone and Android. With TVShow Time, you know precisely when your favorite TV show is broadcasted and how many episodes are left. You can even comment, discuss and rate the shows as well as the actors! Pick the series you're watching in our large catalogue and have a daily reminder of your "to-watch" episodes. Thanks to the Agenda, get notified when your new episodes are out! TV Fanatics on TVShow Time Wicked FutureHive DancingShoes Mr Greenbird Pozeidon Lee!! Changes
  22. Noa is 15 years old Israeli singer Her songs are bops TBH what do you think of her music? Please try! I'm really curious about y'all opinions Her biggest HIT
  23. Will you switch it up for NüATRL? Anyway, you know what this thread is for.