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Found 21,224 results

  1. Do you feel that the modern day sex-ed needs to be changed? For me, I've been especially thinking about it, since I'm doing work with queer youth. I feel like we often get swept under the rug when it comes to sexual education, and that leads to some more long term effects (not knowing how to properly have gay sex, not knowing the risks involved in gay sex outside of AIDS/HIV, understanding the difference between gender and sexuality, and learning to differentiate what is sexuality and what isn't). What do you think a reformed sex-ed should look like?
  2. The Nintendo Switch is selling at record pace, having moved the most consoles in a first year ever. Analysts have made predictions, with one predicting 200M console units moved during its cycle. This would make it the best selling console ever and double the numbers of Nintendo’s best selling console to date, the Wii. Do you have a Swith or planning on getting one?
  3. Iconic final post(s) from members who decided to ditch Atrl?
  4. Which second solo single after smash single is bigger?
  5. (banner by @Crazy kid) - PLAY WITH US - - WHO IS WHO? - (ATRL Username - Ingame Username) - ARCHIVE - - Old Worlds - Old Threads
  6. I have a 2013 Challenger, you?
  7. Will you still support him?
  8. A 65-year-old man, who'd been camping outside the Dutch parliament for weeks, tried to hang himself in the parliament chamber during a debate on organised crime today. The man jumped from the public gallery after having tied something around his neck and to the railing. The man wanted the Dutch government to legalize cannabis. Members of parliament who saw it happen are shocked and the meeting has been suspended. The man was taken to hospital and is doing well considering the circumstances. Video in the link below. Might be shocking, but you don't see the man jump. You hear when he does and see how people react.
  9. Which method would you prefer and why. Sky burial doesn't count I personally would like to be cremated but I come from a religious family who prohibits cremation so
  10. Discussion thread for atheists and agnostic members of ATRL. Bookmark this thread to get the latest updates/notifications on your top right side List of some Atheist ATRLers (ask to be added or resheduled) List of some Agnostic ATRLers (ask to be added or resheduled)
  11. Some of the screenshots: Rest of the screenshots:
  13. Using morse code, the voicemail reads Then leaves co ordinates One user noted these co ordinates are near to where MH370 went missing, causing speculation the voicemail could be from the black box... Creepy as ****
  14. If Nintendo made a phone for some bizarre reason, would you buy it?
  15. Animals are shot in the head on line up, 10% squiggle their body in shock after... and just because the 10% move who's to say another 30-50% aren't conscious but can't move? I hide my vegetarianism because I know it will never change anyone. And since I was a little boy, if I have to "come out" as vegetarian, I get the "mmm bacon" response. I sent my friends a video of what actually happens in a slaughter pig house (and not PETA) and they shut me down, they spammed me til the video was out of their sight. They couldn't look at it. WHY CAN'T THEY LOOK AT SOMETHING THEY SUPPORT? I literally grew up with a pig and HATED them, it would chase me down in the yard squealing at me. I remember eating 6 slices of ham and I asked my parents what it was I was eating and they told me. They still love meat to this day lol. Even though my worst fear was pigs, I couldn't eat it. I gave up meat then and there.. and I've been vegetarian for 18 years WHY CAN'T PEOPLE FACE THE REALITIES OF MEAT? It makes me sooo mad.
  16. what do you think @cypriotpcdfan
  17. This one triggers me every time.
  19. We know you're on here Shawn. Show yourself!