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Found 1,052 results

  1. Other than Folklore, she also has 5 albums charting: Based on 4 days of data. Available here. Keep in mind Rolling Stone Charts only count pure sales from an artist's store at the end of the tracking week, hence why they have Folklore at 371K despite Billboard claiming it was already above 500K after 3 days.
  2. Invasion of Privacy: 2x platinum Bodak Yellow: 4x platinum MotorSport: 3x platinum Be Careful: Gold I Like It: 6x platinum Ring: Gold Money: Platinum Please Me: Platinum No Limit: 2x platinum Girls Like You: 9x platinum Taki Taki: 3x platinum South of The Border: 2x platinum Writing on The Wall: Gold OTHER SONGS: Drip: Gold Rodeo: Gold
  3. Fetish for MiMi

    Cardigan (cabin version) #1 On iTunes

    Looks like she really wants the #1 and she WILL get it
  4. dangerousbutera

    Artists With The Most #2 Hits in the UK

    Artists that have scored the most #2-peaking singles on the Official UK Singles Chart: 1. Madonna: 12 No. 2s (13 No. 1s) 2. Cliff Richard: 11 No. 2s (14 No. 1s) 2. Kylie Minogue: 11 No. 2s (7 No. 1s) 4. Elvis Presley: 9 No. 2s* (18 No. 1s*) 4. Rihanna: 9 No. 2s (9 No. 1s) 6. Michael Jackson: 8 No. 2s (7 No. 1s) 7. Calvin Harris: 7 No. 2s (10 No. 1s) 7. Justin Timberlake: 7 No. 2s (4 No. 1s) 9. Oasis: 6 No. 2s (8 No. 1s) 9. Robbie Williams: 6 No. 2s (7 No. 1s) 9. Queen: 6 No. 2s (6 No. 1s) 9. Boyzone: 6 No. 2s (6 No. 1s) *including re-issue singles that re-entered as separate entries, Presley has 17 No. 2 singles and 21 No. 1 singles BONUS: Female Artists With Most No. 2 Hits 1. Madonna: 12 No. 2s (13 No. 1s) 2. Kylie Minogue: 11 No. 2s (7 No. 1s) 3. Rihanna: 9 No. 2s (9 No. 1s) 4. Girls Aloud: 5 No. 2s (4 No. 1s) 5. Ariana Grande: 3 No. 2s (6 No. 1s) 5. Britney Spears: 3 No. 2s (6 No. 1s) 5. Adele: 3 No. 2s (2 No. 1s) 5. Diana Ross: 3 No. 2s (2 No. 1s) 5. Mariah Carey: 3 No. 2s (2 No. 1s) 5. Taylor Swift: 3 No. 2s (1 No. 1) if i missed anyone please let me know!
  5. BlackoutZone

    Future Nostalgia hits 2B streams on Spotify

    11 solo tracks album did that
  6. why is this?? The song is better than Memories too
  8. Pop Art

    HDD: Spotify Hits 299M Users

    Source So by the end of June, they had 299M total monthly active users, of which 139M were premium and 160M were freemium. They're getting close to having more paid than free users. Also good to note that streaming (on Spotify at least) is now back to pre-COVID levels after the initial dip.
  9. lillavend3r

    Sweater Weather certified 5xPlatinum

    + debut album "I Love You." certified Platinum. This is their only charting single in the US, peaked at #14 and #7 on the Hot 100 and Pop radio respectively, and appeared at #75 on Billboard Year-End Chart of 2014.
  10. Pikachu

    HDD: Taylor 725k-750k, 500k-525k pure
  11. iHype.

    Billboard 200 Chart History Thread

    Thread to keep track of Billboard 200 chart runs. Just request an artist and I'll get to eventually. Last updated: August 1, 2020 dated chart. Index Aaliyah Adele Alanis Morissette Alicia Keys Amy Winehouse Ariana Grande Ashanti Ashlee Simpson Avril Lavigne Backstreet Boys Barbra Streisand Beyonce Billie Eilish Bonnie Raitt Boyz II Men Brandy Britney Spears Bruno Mars Camila Cabello Cardi B Carrie Underwood Celine Dion Charli XCX Chris Brown Christina Aguilera Ciara Coldplay Cyndi Lauper Debbie Gibson Demi Lovato Destiny's Child Dido Drake Dua Lipa Eagles Ed Sheeran Ellie Goulding Elton John Emeli Sande Eminem En Vogue Enrique Iglesias Evanescence Faith Hill Fergie Fifth Harmony Foxy Brown Frank Ocean Gwen Stefani Halsey Harry Styles Hilary Duff Iggy Azalea Imagine Dragons Janet Jackson Jennifer Lopez Jess Glynne Jessica Simpson Jonas Brothers Justin Bieber Justin Timberlake Kacey Musgraves Kanye West Katy Perry Kelly Clarkson Kesha Keyshia Cole Khalid Lady Gaga Lana del Rey Lauryn Hill Lionel Richie Lizzo Leona Lewis Lil Kim Lil Uzi Vert Linkin Park Lorde Madonna Marc Anthony Maren Morris Mariah Carey Mary J. Blige Meghan Trainor Metallica Michael Jackson Miranda Lambert Missy Elliott Monica Nelly Furtado New Edition New Kids on the Block Niall Horan Nick Jonas Nickelback Nicki Minaj Nirvana Norah Jones No Doubt NSYNC Olivia Newton-John One Direction P!nk Pat Benatar Patti LaBelle Paula Abdul Pearl Jam Rihanna Sam Smith Selena Selena Gomez Shakira Shania Twain Shawn Mendes Sia Spice Girls SWV Taylor Dayne Taylor Swift Tiffany Tina Turner The Beatles The Pussycat Dolls The Supremes The Weeknd TLC Toni Braxton Travis Scott Trey Songz twenty one pilots Usher Whitney Houston XXXTentacion Zayn 112 5 Seconds of Summer 98 Degrees Records/Achievements Albums with most weeks top 10 Albums with most weeks top 20 Longest charting albums Longest charting albums [Female] Soundtracks/Cast Albums/Broadway Recordings Black Panther Frozen Series Guardians of the Galaxy Series Hairspray Hamilton Series High School Musical Series Juno La La Land Moana O Brother, Where Art Thou? Pitch Perfect Series Suicide Squad Trolls
  12. Hector

    Japan: folklore #17 2,819

    Based on three days of sales. JAPAN: 17 NE folklore 2,819 Digital album sales: 03 NE folklore 2,056
  13. Aya Nakamura scores her third No. 1 in France with "Jolie Nana", the song is also No. 42 on the Radio Songs chart. Note that is the first time, since Perfect Illusion in 2016, that a song by a female artist debut number one.
  14. Her new single Jolie Nana just went to #1 on Spotify France daily chart with over 495k streams scoring the biggest daily streams for a female ever. The MV is #1 on YouTube Trending France with over 1.3M views in only 20 hours and the audio already scored over 869k views (#2 YouTube Trending France). The song also debuted #166 on WW Spotify with 758,546 and the Djadja remix reached a new peak today on WW Spotify: #51 (+3) with 1,561,985 streams!! EDIT July 19: Outdoing her own record today on Spotify France with over 582k streams today EDIT July 21: breaks her own record today #1 with 590,110 streams EDIT July 22: outdoing herself again with 603,927 streams
  15. POP: 3 1 DUA LIPA Break My Heart 17927 16171 175682.761 +225 Spins +131 Bullet +1.156 Audience SPINS: 892 Spins ahead of #2, Harry Styles (+39)
  16. Female artists that have spent the most cumulative weeks at #1 on the Official UK Singles Chart: 1. Madonna: 29 weeks (13 no. 1s) 2. Rihanna: 25 weeks (9 no. 1s) 3. Spice Girls: 22 weeks (9 no. 1s) 4. Kylie Minogue: 16 weeks (7 no. 1s) 4. Whitney Houston: 16 weeks (4 no. 1s) 6. Cher: 15 weeks (4 no. 1s) 6. Kyla: 15 weeks (1 no. 1) 8. Ariana Grande: 14 weeks (6 no. 1s) 9. Lady Gaga: 13 weeks (6 no. 1s) 9. Leona Lewis: 13 weeks (3 no. 1s) 11. Jess Glynne: 12 weeks (7 no. 1s) 12. Sugababes: 11 weeks (6 no. 1s) 12. Katy Perry: 11 weeks (5 no. 1s) 12. Camila Cabello: 11 weeks (2 no. 1s) 12. Tones And I: 11 weeks (1 no. 1) 16. Beyoncé: 10 weeks (5 no. 1s) 16. Dua Lipa: 10 weeks (2 no. 1s) 18. Céline Dion: 9 weeks (2 no. 1s) 19. Britney Spears: 8 weeks (6 no. 1s) 19. Little Mix: 8 weeks (4 no. 1s) 19. Girls Aloud: 8 weeks (4 no. 1s) 19. Ellie Goulding: 8 weeks (3 no. 1s) 19. Adele: 8 weeks (2 no. 1s) I also did this for the most weeks in the UK Singles Chart top 10. Here's how some artists rank on both lists: Madonna -- No. 1s: #1; Top 10s: #2 Rihanna -- No. 1s: #2; Top 10s: #1 Kylie Minogue -- No. 1s: #4; Top 10s: #3 Whitney Houston -- No. 1s: #4; Top 10s: #8 Katy Perry -- No. 1s: #10; Top 10s: #4 Lady Gaga -- No. 1s: #9; Top 10s: #7 Ariana Grande -- No. 1s: #8; Top 10s: #10 Beyoncé: -- No. 1s: #14; Top 10s: #5 Britney Spears: No. 1s: #17; Top 10s: #8 Jess Glynne: No. 1s: #11; Top 10s: #12 Dua Lipa: No. 1s: #16; Top 10s: #14 Little Mix: No. 1s: #19; Top 10s: #16
  17. Usually Taylor would have the #1 song upon its release on iTunes, but, Country megastar Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani currently hold the top spot. Also, “cardigan” is already receiving light green updates. Why?
  18. infrared

    HDD: Folklore 700k+

    You already know that Taylor Swift is on track for the biggest #1 chart bow of 2020 YTD with her new Republic set, folklore. Now it looks like she's blown past initial forecasts of 650k+ and is now expected to surpass 700k with ease in her opening frame. It should be added that this is without benefit of traditional retail (which figured prominently in Lover's 885k debut last August), though Tay has a mighty set of D2C offerings. Her streams, on this intimate, adult-skewing project, have been particularly impressive; she owns the entire Spotify U.S. Top 10 at present, not to mention five of the global Top 10 and three of the Top 4 spots at Apple Music. It appears to be just what quarantined listeners have been waiting for. How big will this one get? Stay tuned. Gonna outdo lover